Spell Lists   Spell lists   Spell Lists  
6th level   6th level   6th level  
Dispel Magic greater 6th Energy Bolt Greater Cold 6th Polymorph Greater 6th
Arcane Bolt 6th Video Tape Spell 6th    
Baleful Ray Greater (all) 6th Energy Bolt Greater All 6th    
5th level   5th level   5th level  
Ray of Energy Greater (fire) 5th Ray of Energy Greater (all) 5th Cure/Inflict Wounds IV 5th
Break Enchantment 5th Lightning Arc Greater  5th Plane Shift 5th
Greater Clairsentience 5th Teleport 5th    
4th level   4th level   4th level  
Analyze Dweomer 4th Animate Scrolls 4th Invisibility Greater  4th
Arcane Eye 4th Baleful Ray Essence Black 4th    
Baleful Ray Undead 4th Baleful Ray Mammal Sentient 4th    
Baleful Ray Essence Water 4th Circle of Binding 4th    
Dimensional Anchor 4th Energy Bolt All 4th    
Polymorph 4th Freedom of Movement 4th    
3rd level   3rd level   3rd level  
Cone of Energy Fire 3rd Greater Unseen Serv 3rd Darkness 3rd
Arcane Bolt Lesser 3rd Resist Energy Gr All (5) 3rd Displacement  3rd
    Tongues 3rd Dispel Magic 3rd
Tiny Hut 3rd Teleport Lesser 3rd Lightning Arc 3rd
Circle Against Void 3rd Flight 3rd Clairsentience 3rd
Radiance Continual 3rd        
2nd level   2nd level   2nd level  
Summon Ally II 2nd Cone of Energy Fire 2nd Hide from Shadow 2nd
Greater Arcane Sight 2nd Energy Bolt Less Fire 2nd Acid Orb Lesser 2nd
Summon Ally I long dur 2nd Boost Strength 2nd Resist Energy (all) 2nd
Invisibility 2nd Boost Intelligence 2nd Blur 2nd
Detect Thoughts 2nd Dark Vision 2nd Animate Scrolls 2nd
Locate Object 2nd See Invisibility 2nd Rolling Sphere 2nd
Polymorph Lesser (alter self) 2nd Baleful Ray lesser (all) 2nd Mending Greater 2nd
Energy Bolt Lesser (all) 2nd Message Greater  2nd    
1st level   1st level   1st level  
Lightning Arc Lesser 1st Death Watch 1st Feather Fall 1st
Floating Disc 1st Floating Disk 1st Endure Elements 1st
Summon Ally I 1st Comprehend Language 1st Lesser Enlarge 1st
Minor Energy Bolt (all) 1st Shield 1st Mage Armor 1st
Expeditious Retreat 1st Boost Ability Lesser Int 1st Disguise Self 1st
Arcane Bolt Minor 1st Silent Image 1st    
Cantrips   Cantrips   Cantrips  
All but special mention          
Radiance cantrip Dancing Lights can    
Acid Orb Minor cantrip Mending can    
Baleful Ray Minor vermin cantrip Read Magic can