Magic Items Charkra Notes
Wizards Robes Solar Plexus Fly up to 8 hours per day split up (free action to activate), Natural DR 2 Magical DR +3 Resistance +4 (all Saves) Energy Resistance +15
Belt of Battle Groin Trick Leather Girdle 5 lbs +4 str, dex, con when wearing, +3 Deflection, +3 Luck, +3 Intuition, Freedom of movement 
Prayer Ribbon Heart As long as worn +2 Blessing on all rolls
Traveler's Friend clasp for cloak (necklace) Chakraless Endure Elements spell, Sustenance (as ring of sustinance) doesn't need to eat or drink, can be rested on 2hrs/day (note not to get spells back) must wear for 2 days to take affect
Mask of Sight Third Eye See Invisible purge invisibility 3/day skill bonus spot +10 search +10, Listen +5 
Circlet of the mind Chakraless Intelligence +6 Wisdom +4 Charisma +4, +10 Use magical device
Steel Wagon of Flying No Charkra Fly for up to 8 hour/day used in small steps, Energy Resistance +15
Ring of Spells Right Finger 2 spells extra /level, bad luck
Boots of Travel Heels Haste at Will, Lesser Teleport at Will, Teleport 1/day, Expeditious Retreat always on
Worry Stone   Detect evil at will when rubbing
Eureka Book   Book from Lenil when he figured out how to make sentient constructs (now a copy
Potion of Heal    
Bag of Holding    type IV
Jerico's AC ring   insight +2 deflection +2 luck +2
Tattoos Number Spell Level Caster Lvl
Minor Energy Bolt Shock 1/day 1st 2nd
Feather Fall 1/day 1st 1st
Darksight 1/day 2nd 3rd
Expedicious Retreat at will 1st 1st
Staff Abilities  Number Spell Level Caster Lvl
Radiance  At will zero (days spent 25) 1st
Lesser Arcane Bolt  At will 3rd (days spent 750) 5th
Darkness  1/day 3rd (days spent 75) 5th
Mirror Image  2/day 2nd (days spent 60) 3rd
Blur  2/day 2nd (days spent 60) 3rd
Death Watch at will 1st (days spent 50) 1st
Spectral Hand 2/day 2nd (days spent 60) 3rd
Cure/Inflict IV 5/day 5th (days spent 1125) 9th
Caster level bonus two levels (+2) caster level +2 (1200 days spent) Lvl +2
Spell Focus higher DC +1 DC +1 level higher (800) DC +1