Third Eye Mask of Sight
Heart Prauer Ribbon (nice)
Solar Plexus Wizard's Robes
Groin Belt of Battle Current Caster level 11th
Wrists (shared)   D20 +level (11)  
Palms (shared)  
Left Pinky Ring of Spells (+2/lvl) Scroll level roll
Right Pinky   7th 3
Heels (shared) Boots of Travel 8th 5
    9th 7
    Cost for Scrolls GP
Needed Formulas   1st  wiz/day=1 0.5
Scroll can't cast D20 + caster level vs caster level +1  2nd wiz/day=2 3
Creating Scroll spell level x min caster level x 1/4 3rd wiz/day=3 12
Purchasing scroll .5 gold x spell level x caster level minimum 4th wiz/day=6 42
Purchasing spells 1 gold x spell level x caster level minimum (double chart) 5th wiz/day=9 101.25
    6th wiz/day=30 487.5
    7th wiz/day=50 1137.5
8th wiz/day=100 3000
Money   9th wiz/day=250 10125
Gold 1701.5
Silver 45 Creating a scroll days
Copper 1 1st 1/4th day
2nd 1.5
Honor Total = 70 3rd 3.75
Honesty 11 4th 7
Piousness 9 5th 11.25
Valour 24 6th 16.25
Community 20 7th 22.75
Stature 11 8th 30
9th 40.5
Skill Point/level  
Wizard 9/level
Aristocrat 10/level