Augment Familiar Prereq ability to summon a familiar. When the character takes this feat, his familiar improves. In addition to the abilities granted by the summon familiar ability, the base creature that the familiar is improves incrementally with the character. These improvements are normally in the form of templates or class levels, but can not exceed an ECL of half the class level that allows the familiar. For example, an 8th level wizard could have an ECL 4 base creature as his familiar (on top of which the familiar abilities would then be added normally). This feat only needs to be taken once, and it applies to later levels gained (so when the 8th level wizard turns 10th level, he could increase his familiar's ECL by +1).
The familiar can not gain templates or otherwise develop in any way which makes it incompatible with its master. A familiar who gains class levels that would qualify it for a familiar does not gain a familiar.
Bookworm The character gains a +4 bonus for library research, regardless of the topic.
Finding Time The character trains and learns more efficiently than most. The character gains 1 skill point immediately, and another skill point at each level hereafter. This stacks with the normal bonus skill point for being a human. Special: If taken at 1st level, the character gains 4 skill points initially, instead of 1.
Craft Item Can make magical items that take 66 days or less see special rules
Craft Item Staff Can charge spell staff in various ways
Craft Item Ink Scrolls, Tattoo's and Sigils.
Craft Item ii Can make magical items that take 66 more than 66 days but less than some ungodly number.
Polyglot Decipher Script useable on spoken language Decipher Script -10 to speak
Craft Construct Can make constructs
Divine Caster  Cure/Inflict IV (costs as one level higher making spell caster 5 DC based on wisdom)