Home Schoolers Transition to College

The purpose of this page is to assist homeschooled student's transition to a traditional college environment.  Unfortunately there are few rules deciding exactly what a homeschooled student's status is with a university or scholarship board.  At this point there are few resources for homeschoolers who want to go to college.

The biggest deciding factor for many homeschooled students is whether your state considers the home educated graduate to have recieved a valid high school diploma and whether you can produce a valid high school transcript.  Look at your state's legal status. (this page is on about.com homeschooling website)

This section will include lists of links explaining some of the general admissions criteria and with links to homeschoolers status in the state.  This section is probably going to be widely varied by the particular state and college involved.

This section will probably be least different.  The primary difference will probably involve the age of the student if you attend college early.

This section will vary vastly.  Each scholarship has its own requirements and some will allow homeschoolers to qualify and some scholarships will not allow homeschoolers to apply.

Financial Aid
This section is the easiest to do.  There are federal requirements for financial aid and you have to meet these requirements.  The primary difference will be what the difference in status you have as a home schooled student.

Funding an Education
This section will include information about other ways to fund a higher education that do not fit into any of the other categories.  It will include information on Americorp, Peace Corp and Fellowships and Grants.

This is a list of general links for all college students and general information about home schooling.

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