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Learn about Homeschooling
These links are designed to introduce Administrators to homescholing and some of the issues in the homeschooling community.

About.coms Homeschooling site
This site is a very good information source for homeschooling both general and specific.  This will give you a good idea of the issues in homeschooling and the education that they give their children.  This is a good first step to understanding the homeschooled student.
the main site is:

Help for College
These links give general information about attending College.


US. Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education
This site has links and information about higher education provided by the federal government.

The College Board
This site provides information about admissions, testing, as well as information about finding the right college for you.  This site also has information specifically for home-schooled students, however, the only way to find it at this point is to do a site search for "home schooled".

About.coms Homeschooling site
This site is a very good information source for homeschooling both general and specific.  For home schoolers wanting to attend college the state by state look at home schooling regulations is very helpful.  Link to the community section on the site to find the state legal regulations about home schooling.  Currently the site is:
the main site is:

About.coms College site
This site is a very good information source for college attendance both general and specific.  It gives a lot of information about applying to colleges, scholarship information and applying to college.  Most of this site is geared towards the traditionally educated student but it can be adapted to assist the homeschooled student.

Financial Aid The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid
This site is designed to make since of the financial aid process.  It takes a very straightforward approach to funding the college experience.

This site includes the federal student aid handbook for financial aid administrators.  There is a link on this page for the federal student aid handbook.  The handbook is probably 300 to 400 pages long but the chapter you are interested in is the information about student eligibility and school based requirements.  It is volume 1 chapter 1 in the 2001-2002 handbook.  This is what administrators use to decide whether a student is eligible for aid.  Individual schools may have there own policies but it must fit within these regulations.


Fellowship and Scholarship Link
This site has a list of fellowships and scholarships offered by various businesses and foundations.

State Specific Links
    These links will be organized by state.  Some states have state funded college grants and loans.  The states that I have will be in alphabetical order.  As I get more information from other states this section will improve.  I live and work in Texas so Texas is currently the only information I have.  Please e-mail me at with additional links to add.


Adventures in Education
This site is maintained by the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation.  They are a private guarantor for Federally Supported Education Loans.  This site offers information about college funding as well as information about college planning.

Texas Tommorow Fund
This site describes the texas tommorrow fund a program that allows you to pay for college early therefore freezing many of the costs.

College for Texans
This site is owned and maintained by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and has a searchable index for college funding opportunities unique to Texas residents.  It also includes information about college planning, choosing a college and career planning.  Make sure to check out the library section as well it has HTML booklets that have a lot of useful information.

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