The Myth

The Godmages
    In more centuries than numbers the years of an elves life the God Mages arrived in this world.  They warred among themselves and used the races of the land to fight indirectly.  The created and enslaved many races altering them at will.  They created much of the magic of the realm powering it with their essence.  However, at some point they managed to destroy the subtle balance of power that exists in the realm and left it behind for a new realm to hold their magic.

The Devils arrive
    The devils were the first to find the new realm.  The many created races found themselves easy prey to the Devils.  Soon the Devils controlled most of those peoples.  After centuries of hardship the Gods arrived to offer their assistance to the Mortals of the Realm.

The Gods arrive
    The Gods arrive from another realm.  Smiling upon many of the races offering their blessings and fighting among the Devils.  They are very powerful but seldom show themselves directly chosing to act through emissaries.  However, these emissaries are strongly blessed by the gods.

Thomas Abrahamssom - The ice tower of Ahrnfang found at

Tides of Evil