Creatures Collection

This page is here to put creatures and races that you meet during yout travel.  It might also include legends of creatures that you don't actually meet but of course the information will be less complete
Anytime no pc knows the name of a creature then they will be given a descriptive name.

Animates are animated normal objects.  The power and ability of the object depends on how difficult it is to defeat.  They are programmed with a set of simple commands by the mage who created them.  The animates that the pc's met were Chandaliers.

Bottled Human
The bottled human was a human male split up into a collection of bottles and kept magically alive.  He was taken by Moure and allowed to truly die.

Goblins are a crass, clever race of small humanoids.  There own culture is low bronze age in technology but they will steal and scavenge from any other race.  They can often be found in the employ of a evil men since they are very cheap to hire.

Jill is a werecreature that can change into a humanoid arachnid and a mass of spiders.  She can climb like a spider and produce webs.  No one knows exactly what she is.

Mage Storm
The mage storm is not technically an entity it is a meteorological phenomenon.  Mage storms have been a part of the weather on this plane for centuries.  A mage storm is formed when two winds meet correctly near the border of a change in mana area.  The magic itself gets tangled into the duststorm and expands it so that it strongly resembles a tornado.  The mage storm combines the ambient magic in the area to produce random magical affects both from within the swirling winds and from lightning that flashes out of the storm.

Mist Woman
The mist woman appeared out of a bottle as a mist and gave the characters a message.  Know one knows what else she may be.

Mixuped Men
In the undercity their lives a tribe of creatures whose bodies are made up of pieces of many species.  They are all vaguely humanoid there the similarity ends they might have a bird's foot with a rats snout.  They can see in total darkess.  They are mentally very slow and have a loose tribal society.

Plant Zombie
The plant zombie is an animated corpse created to serve the needs of a sentient plant.  They create more zombies by secreting their pollen into the blood stream of victims and recently dead.  The zombies are slow but practically impossible to destroy creatures with little to no intelligence.  The claws of the zombies grow long and viscious and their blood is replaced with a green ichor.  The green ichor also drips from the claws and teeth.

Living in the undercity there are creatures that feed on the lifeforce of others.  They are trapped in the undercity by some spell but they feed on the mixed up men and spirits that also wander the undercity.  No one has seen one closely enough to be able to describe one.

Swamp Humanoids
Swamp humanoids live within the swamp and have a very simple hunter gatherer tribal culture.  They wear simple furs and leathers and only use stone age weaponry.  Their favored weapon for both hunting and protecting themselves is a short spear with a sharpened stone point.
They have brownish green skin and are about 3 1/2 feet tall with human proportions. They don't appear to speak the common tongue

Swamp Ants Giant
Giant swamp ants come it two varieties that you have seen so far.
The worker ants are about 2 feet long with a long viscious stinger at the end of their abdomen.  Their forelegs are delicate for grasping objects.  They have 6 legs  2 which double as hands.  They always attack with their stinger as it is their only defense.
The warrior ants are about 3 feet long and proportionally taller.  They have 6 legs the two front legs have been adapted into a hollow tube inside of the tube are small darts that they can fire that are coated with a damaging poison.  Its unknown exactly how many of those darts they can fire but they don't appear to have a range much more than 20 feet.  The warrior ants also have armor shielding part of their eyes and sensitive underbelly.

Vampires are contagious creatures who create more of their number by draining the blood of a living mortal and sharing some of their own blood with them.  They are very difficult to kill, do not age, and share none of the needs of humanity.  They also have the ability some truly amazing extra abilities by steady practice.  Therefore, the oldest among them can have a multitude of mysterious abilities.

A werecreature is a human who can change from human to a specific animal form and several forms in between.  Werecreatures also heal very quickly and appear to have some sort of extra abilities related to violence separate from their animal forms.  They also have difficulty controlling their anger.

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