Deceased NPC's of Note

Andre Felrin (Lordling)
Home: Village in the Swamp
Apparent age: 22 years of age
Race: Vampire
Purpose: Lordling who has agreed to heal Jen

Andre is a handsome prince with lordly manners hiding in a nearby town while his brother rules the nearest town with an iron fist. He has strange powers of healing that the party doesn't know its source.
Andre appears to have some sort of mystical connection to his brother Lord Du Felrin.  There are also hints about him being older than he appears. Andre was a vampire who sacrificed his unlife to save Jen and to help defeat his brother.

Dru Felrin (Lordling Necromancer)
Home: Tower beside the Village in the Swamp
Apparent age: 22 years
Race: Vampire
Purpose: Lordling Necromancer

Dru is the primary enemy that you have met so far. He has been slowly bleeding a town dry gathering power so that he can escape into larger lands. He appeared to have the ability to make a person Beastcalled and has used this ability to create followers that make powerful allies.
It has recently been discovered that he is supported by some sort of powerful being working behind the scenes.  This powerful being has withdrawn her support.
Dru was killed by the party.

Home: In the Swamp
Apparent age: 16
Race: human
Purpose: Priest of Moure

Welin is an unknown factor his a priest of an unknown god that does not appear to involve himself overmuch in the affairs the village. Welin and Andre do not get along because of his lack of involvement. He lives in an unknown location in the swamp. Welin was a long ago lover to Andre Dru

The following characters the party met and had some interaction with but do not know the character's name.