Lord Dru --
Lord Dru has several mystical abilities.  Including the ability to absorb lifeforce by the use of ritual.  He seldom uses his magic and appears to have advanced training in weapons.

Tres -- Female Wereleapord age 12
The newest of Lord Dru's people.  She is short stocky and appears to have a crush on Lord Dru.  The only weapon she has been taught to use is the knife.  She spends a lot of her time lounging around in animal form.

Bridget --Female Werecat age 15
Bridget is fiercely protective of her sister but other than that you don't know a lot about her.  Her only weapon other than her own claws is 2 knives and a club.  Bridget has dark black hair and green eyes in human form.  Her feline form is a black cat.

Dee -- Female Werebat age 17 -- Currently traveling though Reighne doesn't know that
Sneaky scout.  She is often gone communicating with mysterious others for Lord Dru. You don't really trust her she can lie incredibly well.  Dee is also deadly with her throwing knives.  Dee has a very dark complexion that almost disappears in the light.  Her skin is an dark brown color.  She has straight white hair that she keeps tied and covered with a dark cap whenever she is "workin"

Jadon -- Male Human Necromancer Apprentice -- age 19
Jadon looks a lot like Lord Dru.  He has sandy blond hair and plots to some day take Dru's place.  He wants something from Lord Dru badly though you don't know what that is.  It keeps him very loyal.  Jadon has a mean set of knives but concentrates primarily on defensive spells with a few especially viscious necromancy spells.

Dani -- Male Wererat age 11
He and Tres are brother and sister.  He is much less enamoured with Lord Dru but stays out of loyalty to Tres and he will fight because he fears Lord Dru.  He is the closest thing you have to a friend in this outfit.  He might be willing to betray Lord Dru if Tres wouldn't find out and they could get away without harm.  He uses a viscious little knife and bare claws in most battles.

Fingerbone --Male Goblin Necromancer Apprentice -- age 22
Wears a fingerbone around his neck.  Fingerbone is viscious but also quite cowardly.  He sometimes uses his favorite spell rot on people just to annoy them.
Rot causes an existing wound to become infected.  He uses a knife and then the spell.

Scorpion -- Male Half-Goblin Warrior, Weapon Crafter, beginning Necromancer Apprentice -- age 25
Scorpion talks very little.  He specializes in the creation of especially viscious and painful weapons.  His personal favorite is a sword with a hook on the end and in the center.  He also has a set of adapted crossbow bolts.
Scorpion loves to fight and hurt other beings.  His necromancy is just beginning.