Guilds in the A'arn Kingdom

This list of guilds is not all inclusive.  Each primary profession has a guild its own these are simply the guilds that are likely to matter to the pcs.  When a profession it too poor to pay the rather steep yearly guild fees (required for practicing a craft) they often team together with several smaller guilds to pay the rather stiff Guild Tax.  That tax is approximately 20,000 gold per year.
Each guild is primarily responsible for running their own guild and punishing those that practice without permission.  Generally they charge the person that practiced a fine of approximately double what it would cost to practice the craft for 4 years and purchase the pass.  Guild membership itself typically requires several proofs of mastery of the craft in question and costs considerably more.  The guild as a whole can also revoke the membership of any member.
True guild membership provides many different advantages.  First and foremost is exposure.  Being a guild member attests to the quality of your product so they command a price 2 to 3 times over the typical asking price.  Some of the more dififcult jobs (ie better paying) are not even offered unless the person is amember of the guild.  The other advantage of guild membership is the ability to petition the guild's counsel for help with a grievance.

The Bankers Guild
Membership Cost 500 gold +100/year +5% of profits
The bankers guild controls the adminstration of money.  They can offer interest bearing loans but these are relatively rare they make most of their profit as a storehouse for funds.  They gain a percentage of the profit of each person who stores their money with them.  The larger the storage cost the better protected your money is.

Boatman's Guild
Membership Cost: 100 gold +25 gold / year + 5% of profits.
Temporary membership cost: 3 silver for 1 month
The boatman's guild are those that travel the waters of the world as well as those that build the boats that travel the world.  Note this guild is the only one that is typically friendly if someones membership expires.  For any established member they will add 1 silver per month in arrears for up to 1 year extra.  Also any boatman may meet with a representative of the council to have more waived for special circumstances

Bookies Guild
Membership cost basic (100 gold + yearly area cost)
The bookies guild bet on practically anything.  Each bookie has a location and a specialty.  Each bookie bids on and buys his location and specialty each year.  The bookies are a great source of information of all kinds related to their specialty.

The Business (mob illegal)
Membership cost: 25% of take
Temporary membership cost: 5% of take
The Business is the organized crime guild.  It moves its claws outward into all aspects of the underworld throughout their kingdom.  This is where one goes when someone needs something that cannot be gotten any other way.  Or if you need someone offed or something stolen. Many local thieves guilds owe their alligence to them ultimately.

The Crafters Guild
Membership cost 10 gold + 2/year +5% of profits.
Includes all the prevalent but less wealthy crafts. A few examples are: pottery, clayworking and bricklaying,

The Enchanter's Guild 500 gold per year + 10% of profits
The enchanter's guild is by far the richest of any of the guilds.  After all they are the holders of the secrets of enchanting items.  Only the smiths among the dwarves hold a similar secret.  The enchanter's guild is probably the smallest guild.  There are probably 25 enchanters, 100 apprentice enchanters (over half are expected to die) and 25 traders in magic artifacts (225 other apprentices to the magical traders by the time they complete their apprenticeship there will probably be only 10 to 20 who live to see the true practice of their craft though they will be quite wealthy as an apprentice as well.

The Entertainers' Guild
Membership cost 10 gold + 3/year +10% or profits
The entertainers guild includes entertainers of all sorts.  Stage magicians, singers, musicians, acrobats, but also includes such things as courtesean, professional call girl, masseause.  In short it includes all those that perform both in public and in private.  This guild is very protective of its exclusive public rights to entertain but is less picky about its private performance rights.

Gladiators' Guild
This guild is fairly small and exists only in Rivers'End.  About 1000 years ago one of the kings decided to build an auditorium to help keep the peace.  During the first 200 years it was all manned by slaves and beasts and all the battles were to the death.  After that there grew up a class of people who faught in the auditorium and these battles were often deadly.  About 300 years ago the Gladiators Guild formed.  The gladiators fight professionally to the first serious injury and then have a healer on retainer to allow them to fight another day.  There are also open tournament days were nongladiators can fight for special prizes.  Sometimes a gladiator will attempt to make his fortune there but most prefer the relative safety of the gladiator circle.  Each gladiator gets a piece of the profit from any day they fight.  Unlike most guild there is no guild fee the guild fee is taken out of the profit from the auditorium.  However, to become a gladiator takes a year long apprenticeship for a fully trained fighter.  During that year the apprentice makes little or no money.
The gladiator must pay for his own healing but they have a special deal with priesthood of Zali in town.  Gladiators cannot use magic in the ring.

The Healers' Guild
Membership cost 25 gold + 10% of profit
The healers guild is where one goes if you cannot be healed magically for some reason.  They fix broken limbs, help with sickness and create medicines of a nonmagical nature.

The Jewelers' Guild
Membership Cost 100 gold +50/year +5% of profits
The jewelers guild controls all the production of jewelry.  Apprentices make most of the cheaper jewelry avalible while the expensive jewelry is made almost exclusively by them.  The enchanters guild has a contract with many of their most skilled to create jewelry for magic.

Mercenaries Guild
Membership Cost (note particular bands may have additional costs): 200 gold + 25 / year  + 5% of your take.
Temporary membership cost: 4 silver for 1 month
The mercenaries guild is made up of many different bands that associate in a loose way with one another.  Almost all adventurers technically fall under the auspices of the mercenary guild.  The mercenaries guild are all persons who: get paid to protect or harm another's property or person and all person's who attempt to profit by procurring property that formerly belonged to another but is no longer capable of making use of it.

Merchant's Guild
Membership Cost: 300 gold + 50 / year + 5% of profits
Temporary membershop cost: 10 silver for 1 month
The merchant's guild is the guild that deals primarily with trading in all its forms.  A merchant is any person who does not create an object but moves it to a new location so that it can sell for a higher prices

The Clothiers' Guild
Membership cost 50 gold + 5/year + 10% of profits
The clothiers guild is responsible for the creation for almost all items of clothing including boots and belts but not including jewelry.

The Metalworker's Guild
Membership cost 100 gold + 10/year + 10% of profits
Temporary membership 5 gold / week of sales + 5% of sales profits (available for noncitizens of A'arn who sell in Rivers'End)
Out of town cost: 5 gold + 25% of profits (available for those who practice the craft but live and work in small towns)
The metalworkers guild includes blacksmiths and weaponsmiths.

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