Hawk Character History

Name: Hawk

Hawk's birth was not one that his parents could ever forget.  It was during the worst storm that anyone could ever remember.  The lightning was so plentiful that it almost appeared to be daylight.  Hawk's mother endured a full 12 hours of labor before finally delivering.  Within minutes of his birth, the storm ceased to rage the skies.  His mother told him the story of his birth many, many times as Hawk never tired of hearing it. She told him that she felt that he was a gift from Vitae herself, thus explaining the disruption in the natural forces at that time..

Hawk's childhood was unfortunately even more eventful.  When he was 12 years old, he lost both his parents.  His mother and father had gone out as part of a scouting party, which met up unexpectedly with a raiding party of Drow.  In the conflict that ensued, his father was slaughtered and his mother was taken prisoner, to no doubt be used as a slave in the vast underground domain of the Drow.  A lone survivor was able to escape and tell of the disaster.  This began Hawk's never-ending hatred of the murderous Drow elves.  He will do whatever it takes to rid the world of even a single individual of that race.  Even more patient than the norm for his race, he will bide his time to pick just the right moment to destroy his foe.

After the loss of his parents, the clan Druid, Darius, adopted Hawk.  Darius took on the responsibility of educating Hawk in the teachings of Vitae as well as those of survival.  Hawk excelled in all of his studies, especially those of combat and religion.  Many times during those years, Hawk considered entering into the priesthood, as he has become quite familiar with the many practices involved.

Now that Hawk has reached the age of maturity, he is eager to venture out into the world and most importantly seek revenge on the hated Drow.  He realizes that the chances are extremely slim that his mother would still be alive, but he still needs to make sure.  His journey is now beginning, where will it go?

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