This is the current maps of the game world.  I will probably be updating this slightly as time goes on.
Upper left corner is the badlands Steppe

Some farms and a small kingdom

The swamps and the green grasslands are next down.

Then there is the desert 

Next in the upper corner is are woodlands and foothills 

There are some woodlands that moves gradually into the great mountains

Next in the upper corner are the poisoned lands.  This land is completely devoid of normal life only the most harsh magical creature can fluourish here

Next in the upper corner is the swamps and soon afterwards comes the great lakes  These are followed by moderate wilds

Next up is the various wetlands and swamps in the steppes. which are followed by moderate wilds with small villages dotting the landscape.  It gradually becomes harsher woodlands as you move downward

Rivers cover the continent and connect up near the ocean.

Dark Pink 
Human Kingdom 
modelled off of a twisted version of an Aztec society LE alignment

Light purple -- Thrallin Empire 

Dark Purple -- The plains barbarians, the animal men and the halfling and thrallin tribes.

Brown -- desert nomads, humans with incredible skills with horses.

Blue -- Dwarves

Medium Puple -- Gnomes

Dark Green -- A'arn Empire

Brown Green -- Elvish lands

Medium Green (near mountains) -- Goblin, Hobgoblin kingdom