Nadalia's Character History

Nadalia won't exactly say that her mother was a foolish girl who had her when she was too young.  Tel was young but then most whores were when they started out.  Tel had been working at a tavern when two cloaked figures had come in from the cold.  No one had really been able to see what they looked like and they had made sure no one saw any patch of skin.  It was only when the bar was going to close that one of the men had approached Tel to spend time in her company for the night.  Always one to earn some extra coin on the side, she had taken him up to her room.

He had insisted that all the lights be out and as he was a paying customer, she wasn't going to argue about a little light.  She had patrons ask for stranger things.  By morning, there was no sign of the two mysterious sign except one that would arrive 9 months later.

As the pregnancy became more evident, Tel had less and less customers to warm her bed.  No one wanted to bed a pregnant whore who didn't look at all attractive at that moment.  Tel wasn't ready to take care of a baby that she hadn't intended on caring for.  It wasn't part of the lifestyle that she had been enjoying.

When the babe was finally born, it was with some relieve that Tel didn't need to feel huge anymore.  Of course, that changed when it revealed what the traveler had been that night.  There was no other race that had the blueish-white hair and the pale skin other than dark elves.  The fact that the drow had been in the tavern didn't sit well, the fact that one had slept with one of the girls and had touched her was........disgusting.  She couldn't get any more customers because they thought she was diseased. If she didn't want anything to do with the babe, she wanted even less now.  Tel could have cared less if it starved to death.  She wasn't touching it.  It was the cook, Lena, that had stepped in and took the baby under her wing.

Nadalia was raised by her and her husband, Fin, who was the blacksmith of the town.  There were people who demanded that they kill the baby or else they would no longer bring their business, but it never lasted long as Fin was a large man and he could be intimidating.  If the people of the town wanted to go out of their way to get a horse shoed, then so be it.  They would move away and the town would suffer without a blacksmith close by who would be amiable to when people were low on money to pay for the services. They wouldn't find another blacksmith who would work on trade to help out someone.

It was hard to hide her drow parentage when she got older as she found it hard to work outside in the daylight and then her skin would always burn. She was lucky if her skin would get a light tan.  No one wanted to come near her and no one had a kind word for her if she had to go out into the town for her adoptive parents.  Nadalia would always help Fin with the horses and learn how to be a blacksmith.

People still came to Fin after his ultimatum got around and she would go into the tack room and stay out of the way to make things easier for him. As her parents had told her, they had little minds and didn't think that she had a mind of her own and that she didn't ask to be what she was.  All they know is that she is a symbol of something they are afraid of, therefore, she was an accessible target for them to take their aggression out on.  But they would move, if it got to difficult.  Fin had made a sizable amount of money adventuring that he always kept hidden and no one knew about.  They would use that.

Both knew though, that they couldn't protect Nadalia all the time.  There would be times when she would be by herself so it was brought to her that she learned how to wield a sword.  After she was done helping Fin in the smithy, he would go around back and teach her various weapon displays and how to defend with a sword.  He had various swords accessible so she leaned with both one and two handed as well as short and long.  He even taught her how to look for quality swords that wouldn't break on the first strike against another sword.

She had a long day ahead of her daily, getting up early to take care of the horses and training till late at night with the sword.  She didn't suffer though, as she never seemed to need a lot of sleep and she did work better once the sun was down.  She conditioned herself to be sturdy and she refused to let the thoughts of other people let her think that she was less than worthy to walk upon the land.  She didn't ask to be like she was, nothing she had done deserved this.  But she learned quickly that people had very little minds and little could change it.

Fin had decided it was time for her to train horses as well as she had a light hand and actually preferred horses to people.  There was a gelded dapple grey that he had taken in payment for a long tab, it was conditioned as a light warhorse was and it had spirit but was not completely unruly.  He let Nadalia hand it and let her train it to sit under a saddle rather than a backhoe to plow farms.  He figured that it would help for her to have something to call her own.  He had sent an order into the next town over to have a saddle and bridle tooled for her.

The horse had a streak of stubbornness that it wasn't afraid to hide and it took some cajoling and bribery with an apple or sugar to get him to change. She began watching the horse's movements, as it would indicate if he would be difficult to work with or not.  Usually if he was pawing at the ground whenever he saw her with a saddle, she would have her work cut out for her for the day.  If he butted her in the shoulder whenever he could and tried to nip and was overall being playful, she would work with him and put him through his paces.  She started to call him Prankster, because he would get in her way if she was working with something else and then would give a whiney when she would finally pay him any attention, as if laughing at her.

By the time she was 15, she was proficient in many weapons and could even disarm Fin in their spars.  The first time she had done that earned her a bear hug from the giant man.  He had never let up on her just because she was his daughter.  She had needed to learn and learn she did.

She stayed with Fin and Lena until she was 20.  She wanted to see the things Fin had when he adventured and to see if she could find a place that would accept her for what she was and not be against her.  Fin had warned her that she might not ever find a place but if she didn't look, she would never find it and where she was with them didn't exactly open any opportunities for her.

It was an emotional time when she left them and she had promised that she would visit them as often as she could if she was nearby.  She wouldn't forget her parents who raised her as their own and looked beyond the appearance.

Each town she went to was against her once they had seen her's hard to hide hair like hers and claim that it was something she was born with.  It was hard for her to get any kind of jobs and there were more than one occasion that she has had to fight just to get out of a city.  She knew better than to go into bars without some cover or else she would have drunken people swinging at her.  It was in one town that she wound up killing someone because he was attacking her.  She had tried to get out but he and his buddies kept blocking off her routes.  She didn't want to but they would give her no choice.  They kept calling her 'beetle
dung' and 'drow offal'.  They weren't going to let her live.  She left 3 men dead in an alleyway while she left in the dead of night.  Once she was safely away, she had to rein in Prankster because she was sick.  She had never had to kill anyone before and it made her ill.  She had to learn another way to get around towns.  She didn't want to kill anyone if she didn't have to.  It was a waste of life.  During the fight she had taken some hits and now had a ragged scar along her ribs that she almost died from.   She had to bandage up her own wound or else die by the side of the road and riding hadn't made it easy.  She had another scar, though this one
was minor, along her left forearm.

She started to go into a town with a cover over her hair and once she got the general idea of how they felt about drow, she would dye her hair.  She would gather berries and squish them into a paste and rub them into her hair.  Once she realized that the color would wash out of her hair, she would dye it again.  There was nothing she could do about her skin except keep her daytime exposure at a minimum and work at night.

Nadalia now goes around constantly wary and waiting until the people around her prove themselves to her before trusting them enough that they won't stab her in the back when she isn't looking.  It's not exactly a confidant way to go around so she can get the jobs she wants but she has long ago listened and heard people's  opinions off how they feel about drow.  Even half, as she is, she would expect to get the same end of the stick they do and she is merely protecting herself and others from needless violence.

No matter how tired she is or what she has been through the night before, she has a habit of getting up before the sun rises.  It has taken extreme exhaustion to keep her sleeping till after the sun has been up for several hours.  It's part of her own self-defense against being taken in by law officials that think they are apprehending a drow.  They think that they have time while the sun is up to capture her.  She had narrowly avoided it once before and decided to keep to the schedule.

She's been taking jobs whenever she can to earn money so she can open up her own smithy in a town where she can work freely and not have to worry about
having her throat slit in her sleep.  She wants to save up money so she can have Lena and Fin live with her and take care of them like they took care of
her.  They are her true parents, despite no blood shared between them.  They took her in when they didn't have to, raised and clothed her and made sure
she had food in her stomach.  They taught her skills that would be useful and how to defend herself.  She wants to take care of them now.  It's their
turn to take it easy and not have to worry about where the money was coming from.

One day she will achieve her goal.  She just needs to be a little patient.

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