Nadalia's Character Notes

Nadalia is the child of a human prostitute and a drow traveler.  The drow traveler snuck in during the night produced her and left.  The prostitute abandoned her.  She was rescued by a cook and a blacksmith who raised her as their own.

Natural Mother's name: Tel
Age at Nadalia's conception: 16
Tel was a barmaid and part time prostitute in a tavern.  She could not work as a prostitute after the conceptiong and hates Nadalia for it.
Natural Father's name: unknown
Nadalia has absolutely no information on her father's line.

Adoptive Mother's name: Lena
She was the cook in the tavern that Tel worked in and out of.  When Tel abandoned the child Lena took her in.

Adoptive Father's name Fin
Nadalia's adoptive father is a blacksmith with a stubborn streak 3 miles thick.  He decided he was going to treat this child right and nothing would change that decision.  In truth this stubborn streak slowly grew into love and since he and Lena never had children Nadalia is the heir to all he has.  He was also a former adventurer (fighter)

Nadalia has a light warhorse named Prankster.
It is a gelded light dappled grey horse.  Prankster is a moody horse who had to at least in the beginning be coaxed to do what Nadalia wanted her to do.  Prankster also likes attention.  He has been very uphappy due to the limited time he has gotten to spend with Nadalia.

Nadalia feels a deep debt to her adoptive parents and a deepening sense of annoyance at the way others treat her due to something she has no control over.

Nadalia originates from the kingdom you are actually in now.
See altered map link for where she grew up and where she as traveled.

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