This is page for notes that affect the entire party.  These will change over time and may also contain some of the same information that personal notes have when the overall game is affected by their personal information.

The cystal they are carrying to Rivers'End.

The cystal glows with pure magic with one ambiant mana level.  There is also a very small trickle of magic flowing through the crystal.

You couldn't quite resist looking at Alea who glows with Jade green magic that has a metallic sheen.  She also is holding a pouch that glows with yellow and ruby red magic.

Message from the Mist woman
 "Who seeks the mask of Nystara?" The form looks over at Ty. "Do you have the discipline to wear the mask? Do you have the ability to change the world? The box will open when he who weilds it chooses its path instead of his own."

Message from the Skull (presumably from the goddess Moure)
The head looks confused but his face suddenly blanks out and a look of peace comes over him. It begins to speak with a holy light bathing the skull and all its
parts. "There is no Lord only a Lady that rules the castle. The one with the Heart of Dark seeks the Mask so she can recreate the Age of Magic with its power. Her pawn lives in the castle but she has withdrawn her support and he will fall. You are only the method his brother spends his power to weaken them both. The minions never truly served him and now they fear him not. Storm the gates and they will not defend him with their life for they fear him less than death. The Mask is dangerous
to its user but only in the way that a choice is dangerous to its bearer. The Mask creates more choices but leaves only one. Remember this hint. The box is its own
key. The Mask hides its presense so as long as you move Heart of Dark should not be able to find it. The Mask hid the presense of this one who was given a fitting
punishment. He tried to use it and was forced to wait until the chosen one came."