Party Treasure --

This is where the treasure goes that hasn't yet been claimed by anyone.
there is an (M) with any magical things

Rudin wants one of the 50 gp gems for emergencies and one of the magic lights and 100 silver from treasure chest.  He got those before he left
Many of the objects now being carried can easily be transferred to the wagon.
Wealth weight -- 
7 gems 8 gems before Rudin left -- Gavin's values (might be slightly off)
-- 1 clear gem worth 75 gp
-- 1 greem gem worth 75 gp
-- 2 ruby red gems worth 50 gp (originally 3)
-- 3 black gems worth 10 gp each 
8 gold 
25 silver 
10 copper
Additional Money info:
12 blood red gems (from the skeleton)
(Gavin thinks he can make them into a 400 gp value necklace with time)
--8 undamaged 25 gp each
--4 damaged 10 gp for the whole lot
From Treasure chests
200 silver in the first chest 
100 silver, 50 gold, 10 platinum, 
Equipment Weight:
Equipment Item Weight Number Total Weight Carried By Notes
Magic Lights (M) 1/2  5 (4 after Rudin takes 1) 2 Kazai found on the chandaliers, they emit an light spell's light - evocation
Light stone (M) --  --  Gavin found in the spellbook room - evocation 
Griffin Statuette silver 1/4  1 1/4  Ty found in spellbook room 
ant stingers 20   20 Inn from the giant ants that attacked 
gemstone 1/2  1/2  Ty owed to the Enchanter's Son in Rivers End 
murky orange liquid Hawk found on the goblins 
potions and bottles (various) 10 15  Ri'ka,Kazai, found in the magic lab.  Confirmed magic either from potions or bottles 
magic box (M) 1/2 or 5  1/2 or 5  Ty contains the Mask of Nystara 
travel spell book  (M) Ty found on Lord Dru has necromantic spell on it.
ring  --  1 --  has apportation magic on it per ty
key (red) -- 1 -- found on Lord Dru
key (black) -- 1 -- Found on Lord Dru
short bow (nice quality) 3 1 3 lord dru's nonmagical
long sword (nice quality) 5 1 5 lord dru's nonmagical
dagger (nice quality 1 1 1 lord dru's nonmagical
wagon of mushrooms 500 lbs 1 500 lbs Duagan is running the wagon Duagan and Jen are claiming primary ownership of this since it was originally their wagon and wares that became the wagon
treasure chest 30 (full) 1 30 found in Lord Dru's Room -- Money see above book see below
treasure chest 40 (full) 1 40 found in Lord Dru's Room -- money see above bolt of silver see below
"Jace's Keep" map Says "Jace's Keep but gives no frame of reference.
bone scroll case 1 1 1 holds Jace's Keep map
home spell book (M)  10 1 10 found in Lord Dru's room has necromantic spell on it
Small bolt of silver in treasure chest it is dark blue and probably enough to make 2 to 3 suits of clothes for an average sized person.
Book in treasure chest it is a picture and theorized biological study of several incectoid creatures

Expanded Notes on Equipment where necessary

Magic Lights -- The magic lights are small globes of light glued to a stick.  The globes appear to be made of a hard glass.  The light given off is the equivalent to a small torch.

Light Stone -- this is another magical light source.  This is a small clear crystal stone it is wrapped in a dark black cloth that covers the light.

potions and bottles
there are 15 potions 5 blue, 3 orange, 2 yellow, 2 red, 1 black and 1 green and 1 clear.
The party has drunk 5 healing potions 3 blue 1 orange and 1 yellow,
The red potion has alteration magic on it
the remaining potions are:
2 blue -- alteration magics
2 orange --
1 yellow --
2 red --
1 black --
1 green --

magic box
The box appears to be able to alter its size to a 3x2x2 chest or be a small chest about the size of a human hand.  --
the magic box has a dynamic map of the planet etched on its surface.  If you look carefully at the map you can see that the map moves slightly.  There is an indention of on the surface that appears to be where a small ovaloid key would go.
During your careful examination of the box you notice that the places on the map are indeed recognizable. The box includes a map of the entire world on its six sides. Other unknown continents are included as are islands. Any location viewed seems to grow in perspective allowing the characters to examine a specific area more closely. (the prespective is still large scale (think map of normal sized states or European countries)). It is easy to see areas you have been before it is definately your world. The box remains small but the areas you see are in sharp focus. The one exception to this is the room that the characters are in that area can be narrowed down to show each individual in the room and the layout of the room (about 40x40). The box is representated by a clear glow.

Lord Dru's Travel Spellbook
This spell book is decorated with ornate script written in some red substance mixed with gold powder.  The book is leather with waterproofed pages.  It is held closed with a clasp designed like a scorpion the two claws grasp one another holding it closed.

Lord Dru's Experimental Spellbook
This spellbook is designed with ornate script written in gold and inlayed with various gemstones.  The book is leather with waterproofed pages.  It is held closed by a clasp of some red metal and a heavy lock.

Jace's Keep Map
The Jace's Keep Map has a map of the surrounding countryside of some island.  It doesn't actually say where it is or show the internal keep but instead guides you around the island to the entrance of the keep.