Reighne Character History

Name: Reighne

Reighne is a young girl of 15 standing 5'6" and still growing. The youngest daughter of a comfortably well off sheepfarmer, she was apprenticed to a crochety old merchant, who works as the village apothecary and sells miscellaneous or rare items. He also acts as the village's outside contact to the world since he buys, sells, and trades with merchants from other cities. Reighne spent most of her rather happy childhood with her family and two older brothers who she followed around like a puppy despite the fact that her mother dispaired at her ever mastering the feminine skill of weaving. Her best friend is a mutt who is half wolf/half dog that she raised as a puppy. He's now old and losing his fur but still enjoys having his tummy scratched. Her father's name is Kannas Liebson, her mother Marva Liensdotter. Her full name is Reighne Kannasdotter. Her mother is currently pregnant with her forth child. Her brothers Andrew and Artfiel are both still at home although Andrew (the older brother) is engaged to be married and set up his own household within the next 2 months. Artfiel is still helping his father with the sheep and the farm. Reighne did have one person whom she cares for dearly and who served as her role model growing up - her maternal grandmother Heida - a wise old woman with a penchant for gambling and an extensive knowledge of cooking. Before the character entered the story she was happily living with the merchant doing his cooking and caring for him while learning to read and write. She was taken in the middle of the night on her way home to her family by a man and has undergone the change to that of a raven.
But that's another story. Reighne is strongly lawful good. She is highly moralistic: no murder, no stealing, and no relations without marriage - that she learned from her family and her grandmother especially - and she'd do a lot to reinforce her beliefs. Her most unusual habit is her penchance for making potions. Most people tend to find it amusing or annoying. She finds most people interesting if slightly odd mostly because she tends to psychoanalyze people. She doesnt believe in murder but will not hesitate to defend herself in any fashion or way.
Reighne is well liked in the village she lives in which is small enough that everyone seems like family. She is also familiar with many of the merchants in the surrounding area and nearby cities that trade with the old merchant Harlow. Besides her family, she has close relationships with some of the village youths, particularly Achyra and Laine, her best friends. She has no enemies that she is aware of. She trusts people easily and is very friendly and loving. Its not to say she's not cautious but more that she gives people the benefit of the doubt.

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