Rudin's Character Notes

This will be a page for necessary notes for the character.  It will include things like family members.  The dwarven smith you helped escape.  Things that you know about but that might come up in the course of the game.

Would you be interested in a Feat that allowed you to learn languages more easily.  It would have to be taken at first level since it is a natural talent.

Language Talent Feat -- you learn languages at an incredibly quick rate.  For each point you spend on a language you recieve two points.  This means that you can learn the spoken form of a language for 2 points and then for an additional 2 points you can learn the written portion.

Quote: "Honor is vanity without virtue.  Laws are purposeless if they are not good.  The demands of my heart forces me to take this position and the threat of exile changes nothing." Rudin refusal to his father demand that Rudin undertakes a trial to remove from his undertaking

Appearance: Rudin is tall for a dwarf, standing nearly 5 feet tall and leaner.  He has burning bright blue eyes and a manner that suggests he's trying to dominate you if he askes for something in the softest possible way.  His cragy face and plantinum beards suggests age far beyound his years.When he tries to be diplomatic, more often then not he succeeds.Personality: Rudin is very good and tries to be very true.  This means that he has a dislike for deception but is willing to make use of it, he dislikes going against the law more out of habit then anything else and when he required to make a true moral decision he only follows what he concieves of as true wisdom and not the forces of "rotten habit, and morally frail laws."
His own system however is very legal based (given the way he was raised) and
the way he follows does indeed seem based on some sort of law...

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