Rudin's Equipment
Equipment Item Weight Number Total Weight Equipment Item Weight Number Total Weight
Battle Axe  20  1 20  collapsible gappling hook  2  1
Javalin  2  4  8 silk rope 50 ft  5  1  5
Great Axe  20  1 20  silk rope 10 ft  1  1
Banded Mail  45 true weight
30 counted
 1  45
spade  8  1
Dwarf Outfit  1  8 parchment  --  2 -- 
Rations  1 scrollcase  1/2  1  1/2
Waterskin  4  1 gnomish ink pen  --  1 -- 
Backpack  2  1 ink flask  --  1 -- 
cooking and eating utensils oil flask -- 2 --
Large Towel  2 1  2 hatchet 2 1 2
cooking pot 5 1 5 jeweler's kit 5 1 5
flint and steel -- 1 -- bedroll 5 1 5

Dwarven Outfit
Consisting of a hooded full, fur-trimmed, cloak, layered sweaters,gloves, boots, fur-trimmed leather pants, the outfit is meant for the dwarf who wishes to survive in many environments, and is easily customized for different weather just by undoing the cloak and taking off different layers of sweaters.  The cloak includes many pockets, as well as a hankerchief, belts, belt pouches and other clothing essentials for a travler.

Collapsable grappling hook
The collapsable grappling hook is a gnomish invention.  The hook contans 3 sharp tongs that fold down to the main shaft covering the sharp edges.  The tongs expand outward and are levered closed.  It takes 1 round to set up the hook for use.  Each tong has 3 joints

Gnomish inkpen.
The inkpen resembles a normal inkpen in most ways except there is a large tube to hold in, a small pumping bulb and a very small thin tube that moves down to the edge of the writing surface.  The large tube is refilled and closable with a stopper.  The small pumping bulb is pumped whenver you want to write and a small amount of ink moves into the smaller tube.  This ink is then written with.

Both the collapsable grappling hook and the gnomish ink pen were gifts from a minor leader from the gnomish kingdom.

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