The World of Dimness mummy is quite different from the original concept.  I decided to examine a completely different type of Mummy that would allow for the legends of the mummy.
    It is possible that other creatures helped create these legends.  The Samedi are the best example of this possibility.  There is also a possibility of a creature rather like Anne Rice's mummy being created for my world.


    The mummy is a special being who transcends death in a search for the ultimate meaning of life and death. The Sons of Thoth (a religious order) search and have found potential mummies for more than 5000 years.
    Once a potential mummy is found the Sons cast a long and complex ritual upon them. When that person dies they are then reborn at the age of that first death.  This cycle will continue throughout eternity.  The ritual itself generally includes a ritualistic killing though this is not part of the casting.  Not even the mummies know why the Sons of Thoth chose as they do.  Perhaps it is a special psychic gift that makes them capable of surviving the ritual.  All mummies are chosen when relatively young.

    A mummy is in a continuous cycle of life. They grow old die, spend a few years dead, then spend a few years in a half-life state.  After this is done they are reborn at the age of first death with slight alterations in appearance.

    The ritual that creates the mummy has Awakened an aspect of their spiritual self that they call the Ka. The Ka contains aspects of both the Avatar and the Beast but is not completely either.

    Mummies may only be killed by completely obliterating the body.  Though the more damage a mummy takes the longer he remains dead.

    When a mummy is killed they die and become a spirit for a while.  Afte their time as a spirit is done they enter a half-life state explained afterwards.  The length of time they remain spirit depends on many factors most important of which is the severity of the damage.  The mummy who takes an additional 1/2 their total hits moves down the chart 1 level.  Dying of Old age takes 1 month to enter into the half-life state.  If the mummy is at less 1/2 again hits then it takes 3 hours to recover. The chart below defines the levels of damage.
Damage taken
Length of 
time dead
Damage taken
Length of 
time dead
x1.5 - 1.9 total hits 1 day Burned at the stake x3.5 - 3.9 total hits 25 years Liquified
x2.0 - 2.4 total hits 1 month Chopped into small pieces x4.0 - 4.4 total hits 100 years Being eaten completely by one creature
x2.5 - 2.9 total hits 1 year Chopped into small pieces and mailed around the country x4.5 - 4.9 total hits 500 years Eaten completely by many different creatures
x3.0 - 3.4 total hits 5 years 3/4 of body eaten x5.0 - 
total hits
actually dead Dropped into a volcano

    The mummy once they have recovered from death enter a half-life state.  The half-life state lasts the same amount of time as death (chart above).  Though  dying of old age requires 5 years in the half-life state before rebirth.  (If they commit suicide five minutes before they die of old age consider it to be dying of old age and count the points that way since it is the rebuilding of the body that is relevant.)
    The halflife state alters the mummies attributes as follows: Body Type +6, Reflexes -2, -10 to all social rolls, Appearance 0, Intelligence +2 Technical +2 Magical +4

    Mummies have a special list of Gifts that they can learn due to the way that their Ka is Awakened. Mummies may create new disciplines the same way a vampire creates disciplines (Giftedness Factor 7 gifts). At the beginning of the game Mummies may begin with 4 dots to place in Ka gifts.

    Mummies cannot possess psychic gifts and if they were psychic before the ritual they are not afterwards. Though many mummies who have lost gifts in this way create new Ka gifts for themselves that mimic their former abilities when possible.

    Mummies may only bear or sire children during their first lifetime

    Each time a mummy dies they come back looking slightly different. (eyes may be a different color, hair lighter or darker, facial structure very slightly different etc)

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Mummy Ka Gifts

The Sight
    This aspect of awakened Ka allows perception beyond the normal.

o The Knowing
    The mummy may percieve in a dream like way any room in a house they are in. The difficulty is decided by the size of the house. Small house difficulty 10 Gigantic Skyscraper difficulty 25.
    The more successes gained the clearer the picture. Flubbing the roll gives a completely false but believable picture.

oo Spirit Sight
    You can sense the aura of other beings, the colors of which indicate their moods, identities and levels of hostility. This power also allows you to recognize (and in some cases identify) other supernatural creatures. The character makes a Empathy + auspex roll (difficulty 15). 

Successes Effect
Flub The Storyteller makes it up.
1 success Only the brightness of the Aura can be detected. (vampires glow dimly, werecreatures and magus glow brightly there are other examples) 
2 successes The Auspex practitioner can distinguish the color as well.
3 successes The Auspex practitioner can recognize patterns.
4 successes The Auspex practitioner can notice subtle shifts in the patterns.
5 successes The Auspex practitioner can identify mixtures of color and pattern.
ooo Greater Ka
    This allows the mummy to examine a person's Ka closely. The mummy may discover supernatural origin on at least one success. With each success the mummy is also able to tell aspects of the creature's power and curse. Example: with this you would be able to tell in very general terms some of the disciplines that a vampire has.
    Roll empathy + sight difficulty is equal to the target's will and occationally modifiers added by the storyteller.

oooo The Others
    This allows the mummy to percieve, and talk to spirits and fairy as if they had a common language.
    Also anytime someone is hidden from sight, or changed by a special power (obfuscate, werewolf gift, etc) make a perception + sight roll. The difficulty is decided by the power of the ability. Base difficulty is 15 +2 to difficulty per level over 2 of the gift or affect.
    Example: someone with obfuscate 5 would require a difficulty 21 to see through while a fourth level werewolf gift would require a difficulty 19 as would a fourth level thamaturgical ritual.

ooooo Has Been
    Ths allows the mummy to percieve the past of an area (dif 15), person (dif Will +10), or situation (dif 25).  Roll Empathy + Sight.  The mummy always percieves this through past person's involvement. Therefore, if no living thing (under this definition any being with a spiritual self is considered to be a living being) was around in an area to percieve through this cannot be done.
    The mummy percieves over a few moments of concentration a short synopsis of significant events.
Successes Effect
Flub Completely believable but false image.
1 Very brief overview
2 A brief overview and several significant events
3 Can remember and recall a few significant names involved
4 Relatively complete history
5 May use their own special perceptions on the memories present and ask questions about the image altering when and how they percieve the rest of the image
    If the mummy does not spend at least one level of life they heal as a mortal. The mummy's Ka has been awakened to such an extent that it can affect living matter to help mend and make whole.
    Note aggrevated wounds take twice as long to heal and take twice as much vitae to heal in another. An aggrevated wound may be turned to a normal wound for the original cost of healing.
Dots Effect
O The mummy regenerates 1 hit / wound  / 12 hours
OO  The mummy regenerates 1 hit / wound / 6 hours 
The mummy can spend 5 vitae / hit to heal another.


The mummy regenerates 1 hit / wound / 3 hours 
The mummy can spend 3 vitae / h to heal another. 
The mummy can make minor modifications to their body.  (Change their facial features, their voice)  Requires and Intelligence + Life difficulty decided by situation.  Changes take 1 hour - 10 minutes per success to complete.  These changes always fade over several days unless redone. 
OOOO  The mummy regenerates 1 health level / hour 
The mummy may also spend 2 vitae / health level to heal another.


The mummy regenerates 1 health level / 30 minutes. 
The mummy may make more significant changes to the physical body.  They may add weight (though they must eat).  Physical attributes may be added on a difficulty 15 roll.  This ability takes 1 hour - 10 minutes per success.  All aspects are permanent until removed.  This ability costs 5 vitae for minor changes and 8 for major changes.  This level can regrow limbs as well as cure some sorts of blindness and deafness.  Roll intelligence + life difficulty depending on situation.  Difficulty +2 to use this ability on another 

    The mummy spent some time awakening the darker side of their Ka. This is used to manipulate the life essences of others.

o The Loss
    The mummy may make his touch harmful. The mummy spends 3 vitae and his touch does 1 hit of damage to a random location per level to all who touch him. The length of time is 1 turn / success. Roll: Self- Control + Death difficulty 17.

oo The Taking
    For each three levels of damage done with level 1 the mummy gains 1 vitae.

ooo The Twisting
    The mummy may reach out and grab another being and this being's body becomes maliable. The effect takes one full turn to accomplish and is very painful to the recipient.
    The mummy makes an Intelligence + Death vs target's Will +10. The cost of this effect is altered by circumstances but is generally 3 vitae per significant change. (remove mouth is a significant change, as is twist face and mangle hand).

oooo The Hurting
    The mummy may make her hands do one aggrevated point of damage per vitae point spent. The mummy's hands are outlined in a visible white light. The target may only dodge or block with a weapon to avoid. The affect lasts for 5 minutes.

ooooo The Unwilling Gift
    The mummy may drain vitae from another. The mummy must make an intelligence + Death roll. Difficulty is equal to the target's will +10.  One vitae is taken per success.  The target must be in clear view and within 50 feet.

    The enhancement is actually three seperate Ka Gifts and each must be paid for seperately. It is various manners of enhancing their physical abilities
    The three Ka enhancement gifts are:

The Strength
    Add 1 automatic success to all strength rolls / dot in this enhancement

The Skin
    Add 1 die to all rolls to resist damage including those that cannot normally be resisted / dot in this enhancement
The Skin functions as vampiric fortitude

The Speed
    The character may spend vitae to recieve extra actions.  Each vitae spent gives the character 1 extra action that turn.  The character may spend vitae up to the level in this gift.

    The mummy has sufficiently awakened their Ka to be able to enter and percieve the spirit world. For each dot of Ka the mummy has they may allow one additional person to accompany them on the use of their power.  (Note: Before 2005 CE the Cainite vampires could not enter the Umbra physically but they could be taken Astrally).

o The Astral Self
    The mummy may leave behind her body and go into the umbral realm though they cannot percieve or affect the physical world.  Roll Intelligence + Ka difficulty is equal to the gauntlet of the area.

oo The Knowing Self
    The mummy may leave behind his physical body and go into the umbral realm. He can percieve the physical realm though he cannot affect it.

ooo The Physical Self
    The mummy may with the aid of a mirrored surface leave and enter the umbral realm with her body. She can percieve the physical realm though neither she nor anyone she carries can affect it.
    Roll Intelligence + Ka difficulty is the gauntlet of the area to both enter and leave the Umbra.  A reflective surface is also required to leave the umbra.

oooo Umbral Passage
    The mummy requires a mirrored surface to enter the umbra but may leave the umbra without one.

ooooo The Gate
   The mummy may affect the physical world by reaching part of himself through while remaining in the umbra.
    This requires an Intelligence + Ka difficulty is the gauntlet of the area +1.
    The mummy may enter and leave the umbra without a mirrored surface.

Creating new gifts

    A new Ka gift may be created as a GF level 7 psychic gift (see psychic gift system).  To buy the gift costs 10 xp x current level.  Or 10 freebie per dot in new Gift
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