Alternative World of Dimness
Author's Forward
    This timeline is created for the express purpose of adding a sense of history to the path of the human race.  The creation of this work is my last act.  However, I don't believe that this work will ever be truly done until the human race is done.  Hopefully someone will eventually take the task of taking the other races and species.  Making this as long lasting and complete a history of the Galaxy as possible.
    This timeline left in New Alexadria's library also chronicles the mystical aspects including the history and end of Earth and the continuation of the parts of Earth that remain.                 -- Jean D'Ardeno 10,100 CE

Editor's Forward
    Immediately after writing the last words of this volume the Author who is arguably one of the oldest living being in physical existence walked into the sunlight.  He was born in 1958 CE and began his unlife 20 years later.  In his almost 10,000 years of existance  he created one of the most extensive Encyclopedia's of supernatural phenomenon in existance and updated it every 25 years attempting to take into account the supernatural of the many new worlds we encountered.
    The timeline project began in 2200 CE and with extensive spiritual help to trace earlier history and has been worked on between his primary projects since. He simply decided that the history was now complete enough for someone else to take the task and stopped. In the early centuries he published a mundane version of this project this mundane project is still considered an incredible feat of scholarship.
                --  Dala Jmson 1,125 GA

Editor's Forward second edition
    This project has become one of the standards by which the Alexadrians are judged as the possessors and diseminators of knowledge.  The importance to giving a feel for the history of the human race cannot be calculated.  This project has also been the basis for several other similar projects.
               -- Dala Jmson 1,200 GA


Before Christian Era - beginning at approximately 10,000,000 BCE to 0 counting upwards.
    This era was a powerful era of magic where the boundaries between the mundane and supernatural world were almost nonexistant.  Many creatures thought to be legend actually roamed the Earth and appeared publically to groups.

Early Christian Era - 0 to 500 CE
    In this era magic still remains a powerful source of magic.  Civilized man is becoming more and more common.  The growth of the Romans are taking over many areas of Europe and Africa.

Dark Ages - 500 to 1400 CE
    The Christian era has given way to a time when the Roman Catholic Church has taken control.  A long period of cultural stagnation begins.  Powerful magics still abound but the working of magic is becoming harder.

Renaissance/Beginning Age of Science - 1400 to 1700 CE
    The old rules begin to fall.  The Age of Reason begins and starts to explain things in strictly scientific terms.  Magic has been reformed the old ways stopped working.

Age of Reason - 1700 to 1800 CE
    Just about everyone is a believer in Reason as the path to take.   The old ways of magic are pretty much forgotten and most don't believe in the new ways of magic.

Technological Age - 1800 to 1950 CE
    This age is defined by a belief in mechanical objects for the way to do things.  Strong advances occur in the mechanical world.

Time of Confusion - 1950 to 2000 CE
    This age is defined by incredible advances in technology including the advent of the earliest human machine interfaces and the computer.  However, these changes occurred so fast that society did not adjust well.

Editors Interlude
    At this point there is a second set of volumes chronicling a completely different history.  Perhaps Mr Ardeno discovered a way to exchange information with an alternate self in another universe or perhaps he simply lost a portion of his sanity.  However, Volumes 20 to 45 have two differing copies.  An index to both sets of volumes are included.

1st History

Cyberpunk Era - 2000 to 2075 CE
    The time of confusion leads way to an a time of turmoil where society was in many ways breaking down.  The human machine interfaces are still being perfected.  However, despite that society forms a cultural value on possessing enhancements.  Humanity near the end of the era established a permanent space station mars and moonbase are close behind. (Cyberage)

Early Space Flight Era - 2075 to 2199 CE
    Humanity begins to learn technology that allows representatives to travel to the planets in the solar system though it still takes weeks and months to travel to the planets.  There are bases established on most of the planets in the solar system.  Near the end of this era indestructable Space Bubbles are created from materials found on Jupiter.  Humanity begins to populate the solar system.  Near the end of this era the Gravitational drive makes travel between a matter of days and weeks instead of weeks and months.  It also makes travel much cheaper. Most of these worlds are still considered to be colonies of the Earth.

Solar System Era 2200 CE to 2400 CE
    Humanity travels and populates the solar system building complete lives on their planet of origin. The gravitational drive is revolutionizes both the star travel and the Bubbles allowing the population of all the all the planets instead of simply the moons.  This era lead way to the Ion drive (allowing travel between stars in months or years instead of centuries) and the PsiGate travel method allowing instantaneous travel between Stars as long as there was a prime (powerful psychic) and a Boost Tower on each end.

Advanced Space Era - 0 to 200 AF (2400 to 2600 CE)
    This era was marked by a time of wonderful prosperity.  Primes enjoyed incredible power both politically and physically.  By the beginning of this era there were already a number of mining companies in the fringes.  Space Navy explored constantly.  Subprime towers were set up allowing smaller distances of travel.  Subprimes kept supplies fresh.  First alien races encountered.

The Great War Era - 400 to 500 AF (2601 to 2700 CE)
    A war of independence occurs in the colonies.  Instead of attacking the more powerful ships they began to assassinate the Primes so they could have freedom.  Primes are killed or disappear.  This cripples the galactic society.

The Planetary Systems Era - -1000 BGE  to -1 BGE (2701 to 3699 CE)
    This era is defined by each solar system being on its own.  Most planets of the system had been populated but completely dependent of supplies from the other systems.  Many planets died out some regressed a great deal.  Independent trading societies continued to travel between the planets (if considerably slower) and make a great profit.

The Galactic Empire Expansion Era - 0 to 500 GE (3700 CE to 4200 CE)
    It took a while and a very special discovery.  A process was discovered on one planet that allowed the opening of large permanent Gates between two spaces.  Travel between the Gates was instantaneous.  The planets that discovered this took over many of the planets that did not (at least those they could find and were valuable to them)  From this the Galactic Empire grew up.

The Galactic Empire Era 501 to 1500 GE (4201 to 5200 CE)
    The Galactic Empire is in its golden age.  The Empire is expanding at a steady rate and the most valuable planets know great prosperity.

The Fallen Empire Era - 1501 to 1700 GE (5201 to 5400 CE)
    The Galactic Empire falls into a period of decedance many of the sciences and technologies begin to fall to the specialists.

The Second Dark Ages - -3500 to -1200 BGA (5401 to 7700 CE)
    An almost religious fever about technology exists.  Most of the technology exists but almost no advancement occurs and there are priests who practice the science on most planets. The Church of the Holy Light trains technicians to repair those things that need upkeep . In 1100 BGA a war begins with another race who in this era takes over a few of the planets.

The Jakin Empire - -1201 BGA to 0 BGA (7701 to 9900 CE)
    The Jakin Empire era begins when the Jakins managed to defeat humanities center of power.  The Jakins take complete control of the Gates and ask a tribute.  The societies of the planets found it altered little in the early period but gradual changes inevitably take place.  The Jakin Empire is defeated by destroying their home planet at -300 BGA.

The Galactic Alliance - 0 to 1000 GA (9901 to 10900 CE)
    The Galactic Alliance grows up from the ruins of the Jakin Empire.  There are over 50 member races in the Galactic Alliance and many other primative races with the Alliance.  The Galactic Alliance Era begins officially when the Rules of Alliance are written.

2nd History

The Shattering 2001 to 2020 CE
    For causes unknown in the year 2000 CE a great upheaval occurred.  Fairies fled Arcadia claiming that it had been destroyed.  The remains of Arcadia showered Earth with a great energy altering the fabric of Earth and its inhabitants.  Metahumans (beings based upon fairies) by altering humans into new forms.  Shamanistic magic harnesses part of this energy and Awakens most of the remaining forest lands and it becomes very hazardous for modern man and his inventions to enter the wild lands.  Man becomes mostly restricted to cities.  The Shattering describes the first wave of Awakening.

The Awakenings 2021 to 2075 CE
    Over the next 55 years waves of power come from Arcadia.  They cause the magical nature of Earth to become more and more extreme.  Each wave created more and more supernatural creatures with more and more variety of type.  Also magic became easier by Nodes and freefloating energy becoming more common.  (High Mana and Low Mana zones come into being)  The second wave occurred in 2025, the third in 2035, the fourth in 2050 and the last known wave in 2075.  Each wave created a new time of social upheavel but nothing as painful as the first.

Early Space Flight Era 2975 to 2199 CE
    Humanity (including metahumans) travels into space.  It is learned that the waves of energy also affected our local solar system.  Magical enhancements combined with technology allow the creation of Solar System Gates between the planets as well as indestructable climate controlled bubbles to live.  A prosperous society grows up in space since Earth has become difficult for humanity to exploit.

Cross Umbral Space Flight Era 2200 to 2700 CE
    Humanity begins to make use of ships capable of creating Umbral Gates to travel into far space.  Despite its dangers this becomes the standard of travel.

The Empire Age 2700 to 3500 CE
    A new empire grows up.  This empire lasts with Sol system as its base until Earth becomes completely uninhabitable due to the magics.

The Jakin Empire Era 3501 to 3700 CE
    The Jakin Empire meets the human empire and begins a war of attrition.  The Jakin Empire takes control for a short time but because of their inability to work magics finds themselves defeated by the Metahuman forces.

The Galactic Alliance 3701 CE
    The Galactic Alliance goes out into the galaxy and takes over many planets
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