General Merits and Flaws
    This list of merits and flaws is used for anyone in the WOD.  There will be text availible for each major creature and cultural group.

Mortal Society

    The psychological merits and flaws deal directly with the psychological makeup of your character, and may describe ideals, motivations, or pathologies.

Anachronism -2 flaw (VPG)
    You have been alive for some time, and are unable (or unwilling) to keep up with the modern times. An intelligence roll is needed whenever you have to deal with something from a later period than your original lifetime roll INT (difficulty 10). If the roll is failed subtract 5 from any rolls to use this technology.
    Characters with this flaw generally will have been changed for at least 50 years. This flaw is worse depending on the number of points the character has in the age background.  Also the flaw will get worse depending on how much time passes during the Chronicle.

Berserker +2 merit (VPG)
    The character has the ability to willingly enter a beserker state.  While berserking you may ignore wound penalties and add 4 to all combat rolls except for dodges.  However, once the beserking rage is over the character pays the price for wounds taken.  You can take no complex actions other than combat, dodging, or running when berserking.  Characters with Beastial cannot take this merit since the Beast has overcome the berserker rages.

Code of Honor +1 merit (VPG)
    You have a personal code of ethics which you strictly adhere. Even when in frenzy or otherwise out of control you will attempt to obey it. This gives you +10 for rolls that require you to break your code. This roll is made no matter what requires you to break your code.  However, if the charcter willingly breaks the code subtract 2 from willpower until they have made peace with themselves over the transgression (Storyteller discresion).
    It also will assist a character with Beast controlled psychic gifts that are out of control.

Compulsion -1 flaw (VPG)
    You have a psychological compulsion of some sort, which can cause you a number of difficult problems. Your compulsion may be for just about anything. A compulsion may be temporarily avoided at the cost of a willpower point.

Dark Secret -1 flaw (VPG)
    You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, would be an immense embarassment to you and would cause you no end of problems. It will affect your dealings with the social group you value or need most.

Driving Goal -3 flaw (VPG)
    You have a personal goal, which sometimes compels and directs you in startling ways. the goal is always limitless in depth, and you can never truly achieve it. Because you must work towards your goal continually it will get in your way and may get you in trouble.  Storytellers may lower gained IP if the character is not roleplaying their driving goal well. The character cannot take the higher purpose merit with this flaw.

Flashbacks -3 flaw (c2nd)
    You are prone to flashbacks anytime you are in a stressful situation or in a situation similar to the flashback situation.  Either positive or negative stimuli can cause a flashback.  Good flashbacks can be as danagerous as bad flashbacks.
    During the flashback you are not aware of people or situations around you.  Even people speaking to you will appear to be part of the flashback.  To you reality has shifted and you have returned to the moment of the flashback.  These flashbacks occur at the GM's discretion.  The player must tell the storyteller what caused the flashbacks and what sort of experiences are contained in them.
    For a system method of determining flashbacks.  The player must roll a Will roll difficulty 8 each time they are placed in a stressful situation to avoid the flashback.  The player must roll a Will roll difficulty 10 each time they are placed in a similar situation to what caused the flashback.  Both of these rolls are of course subject to situational modifiers.

Hatred -3 flaw (VPG)
    You have an unreasoning hatred of a certain thing. This hate is total and largely uncontrollable. This hatred may be just about anything but it must show up reasonably often. You must make a Will roll to avoid harming the hated object each time you are near it.  Also if you are subject to frenzy you must roll to resist frenzy each time you are faced with the object of hatred. You constantly pursue opportunities to harm the hated object.

Higher Purpose +1 merit (VPG)
    You have a goal that drives and directs you in everything. You do not concern yourself with petty matters and casual concerns, because your higher purpose is everything. Though you may sometimes be driven by this purpose and find yourself forced to behave in ways contrary to personal survival, it can also grant you great personal strength. You gain +5 on all rolls that have anything to do with your higher purpose. The higher purpose must be decided. This merit cannot be taken with the flaw driving goal.

Intolerance -1 flaw (VPG)
    You have an unreasoning hatred of a certain thing. This may be just about anything but it must be something that will come up somewhat regularly. The difficulties of all dice rolls involving helping or social rolls involving the hated thing are raised by 4.

Lazy -1 flaw (SPG)
    You are simply lazy. You do not like to do anything that requires a lot of effort on your part. You prefer to let others do the hard work. This flaw works best when well roleplayed. Whenever you had to spend a great deal of time and effort you add 2 to the difficulties of any social rolls due to all the attempts to quit doing it and constant complaining.

Lifesaver -3 or -4 flaw (c2nd)
   -3 You believe that human life is precious and will not take a life in all but the most extreme of circumstances.  You may not even knowingly endanger life or participate in killing.  You have no difficulty killing animals (for the right reasons) and may even participate in the killing of evil and inhuman creatures (character must define "evil").  Senseless death in all its forms repulses you.
    -4 version of this flaw believes that all sentient life is sacred and will not willingly take part in the killing of any sentient creatures.  Black spiral dancers, wyrm creatures would count.

Low Self-Image -2 flaw (VPG)
    You lack self-confidence and don't believe in yourself. You have +5 difficulties in any situation where you do not expect to succeed.  (storyteller discretion). At the storyteller's option you may be required to make Will rolls to do things that require self-confidence.

Multiple Personalities -4 and -5 (BCB)
    The character's personality is different depending on situation and time of the month or year.  The character's basic beliefs desires and nature may alter.  Roll a die each day to decide which personality is in control (equal chance for each) also anytime a stressful event occurs (storyteller discresion roll a Will roll difficulty 10) if the roll fails the character must roll for the change.  The character may chose a few days of the year that has a particular personality..
    The -4 version of this flaw means the character has knowledge of the differences in personality.  Though they may often create elaborate ruses where each personality has its own identity.
    With the -5 version the character has no knowledge of the other personalities.  Create seperate character sheets (Statistics may vary by 2, do skills separately with overlap (no more than 20 points in skills may vary between personalities).)

Nightmares -1 flaw (VPG)
    You experience horredous nightmares (or daymares depending on when you sleep) every time you sleep, and memories of them haunt you during your waking hours. Sometimes the nightmares are so bad they cause you to lose one die on all your actions for the next waking period. Some of the nightmares can be so real that you mistake them for reality.

Obsession -2 flaw (C2nd)
    There is something about which you like, love or are fascinated by to the point where you disregard common sense to cater to this drive.  You react positively to anything related to your obsession, even if it is not in your best interests.  Your entire life also shows the obsession in some way.  If you are obsessed with poodles you have little poodle toys around bugging your friends.  You spend all of your money on poodle plates and poodles who are all around your house.

Overconfident -1 flaw (VPG)
    You have an exaggerated and unshakable opinion of your own worth and capabilities -- you never hesitate to trust your abilities, even in situations where you risk defeat. When you do fail you will find someone else to blame.

Pack Mentality -2 flaw (WPG)
    You pride yourself on being a member of "the pack". Your identity is strongly tied to membership in some group or organization. You recieve a +3 to any rolls when working with your chosen group, however, when not with your chosen group you recieve a +3 difficulty on all rolls. This also sometimes prevents you from acting without your group at storyteller discretion you may be asked to make a Will roll or spend a willpower point to act on your own in times of stress. You must spend a willpower point to go against your chosen group.

Phobia mild -1 flaw (VPG)
    You have an overpowering fear of something. You instinctively and illogically retreat from and avoid this thing. You must make a Will roll whenever you encounter the object of your fear. The difficulty of this roll is determined by the Storyteller. If you fail the roll you must retreat from the object. The object of fear must be something reasonably common.

Phobia severe -3 flaw (VPG)
    You have an overpowering fear of something. You must make a Will roll to not run screaming everytime you face the object you fear. The difficulty depends on the circumstances. If you fail the roll you run in terror. If you make the roll by less than 5 you will not approach the object of fear without spending willpower. The phobia can be of anything but must show up reasonably often  If the character is subject to frenzy the character is subject to flight frenzy anytime they are exposed to the object of fear.

Plagiarist -1 flaw (1)
    You cannot help it. All of your academic achievement were stole from the work of others. Now you live in constant fear of being found out. You try to do proper research, but whenever presented with a shortcut, you cannot resist taking it. Sooner or later you will be found out unless you change your ways but you don't seem to be able to beat the temptation.

Routine -3 Flaw
    This merit is most appropriate for long lived beings of various sorts.  The character tends to go to the same places at the same time of day, week, month, or year.  If others have studied you they have a bonus to surprising you (depending on the circumstances from +3 to +10 to their roll).  Also add +2 to all rolls when the character is unable to follow their routine for any length of time.

Sadism/Masochism -2 flaw
    You are excited either by causing pain or by recieving it.
    A sadist must make a Will roll  (difficulty 7) to stop combat (modified by how much you are into the combat and how much pain you are getting to cause).  If you fail you are so caught up in the event that you do not notice anything else around you.  The sadist must also roll a Will roll to avoid hurting someone.  The difficulty is based on how easily the consequences can be avoided.
    A masocist must regularly recieve pain.  Occasionally the recieving of pain gets out of hand and does real health levels of damage.  Once per week  if a luck roll difficulty 8.  On a failure roll a d6 damage.

Sensation Junkie -2 flaw (BCB)
    To you everything is an endless source of stimulation and sensation that you want to continue to experience.  You stop and smell the flowers, or make love to a beautiful woman.  Whenever you are offered a chance for a new or wonderful sensation make a Will roll (difficulty depending on how dangerous it is and how badly you need to be elsewhere).  The character may still chose to experience the new sensation but that is up to the character.

Short Fuse -2 flaw (VPG)
    You are easily angered. The character adds 3 to the difficulties to avoid frenzy (if subject to frenzy) or losing control of your temper.

Shy -1 flaw (VPG)
    You are distinctly ill at ease when dealing with people, and try to avoid social situations whenever possible. The difficulties on all rolls concerned with social dealings are increased by 2  Also the difficulties on any rolls made while you are the center of attention are increased by 4.

Smug -1 flaw
     A character with the smug flaw must always be right and look the best.  This adds 2 to the defficulty of their social rolls when being smug and with selected individuals always.  This is primarily roleplayed.

Soft-Hearted -1 flaw (VPG)
    You cannot stand to watch others suffer. If you are the direct cause of suffering, and you witness it you will experience grief and sickness from it. You avoid situations where you might have to witness suffering, and will do anything you can to protect others from it. Whenever you must witness suffering, difficulties of all rolls are increased by 5 for the next hour.

Speech Impediment -1 flaw (VPG)
    You have a stammer or some other speech impediment which hampers verbal communication. The difficulties on all relevant rolls are increased by 5.

Superstitious -2 flaw (CBG)
       The character has misconceptions about being a supernatural.  The character for some reason completely buys a different set of legends about his capabilities.  The flaw is temporary but severe.  The storyteller should not allow this flaw for any supernatural that does alter the entire perception of what the character can and cannot do to such a point that it would become immediately obvious.     The player should expect aspects of this flaw to last a while because the character's subconscious is trained to accept the truth of their way of viewing the world.
    Examples of suitable vampires:  Forever Knight (repulsed by garlic, difficulty limiting drinking, psychosomatic burns from holy items), Dracula (can't enter dwelling without permission, the young give better blood, fascination with opposite sex), Buffy the vampire slayer vampire (can enter the day to a limited extent, must get permission to enter a home, crosses repulse, you have no soul, limited extra powers)  or Lost Boys (can't enter dwelling without permission, must protect sire or will die).
    Examples of werecreatures:  Werewolf (old Fox show), Native American Legend, or European Legend.

Techno Fetish -1 flaw
     The character with Techno Fetish has just that. Everything must be the newest thing and at the forefront of technology. If the music requires guitars, make the sounds with a synthesizer. Use e-mail not snail mail. Play digital tapes, not analog. Get a computer. This further exhibits itself as an inability to function outside of the city.
     Cybers must have the newest and the best for this reason money is difficult to save for them.  A typical cyber will have a few hundred dollars to pay rent but will go and get the brand new dual screen TV instead because they think it is neat.

Territorial -2 flaw (VPG)
    This flaw is not suggested by player characters.
    You are extremely territorial. You do not like to leave your territory, nor do you like to have strangers in your territory. In fact you get nervous and disoriented while outside your territory. All difficulties are increased by 3 when outside your territory.

Tortured Artist -1 flaw (CBT)
    You must suffer for your work. Your work is never good enough to suit you. You often suffer ennui for extended periods of time, preventing you from working steadily. In addition, you constantly find yourself in heartbreaking positions subconsciously leading yourself into these situations.

Untamable +5 merit (WPG)
    You are a wild creature at heart. You are immune to effects which directly take control of your mind, emotions or actions. Your emotions can be manipulated (by seduction etc) but you cannot be supernaturally forced to act against your own wishes. Some of the most powerful affects may require a Will roll to resist.

Vengeance -2 flaw (VPG)
    You have a score to settle. You are obsessed with wreaking havoc on an individual (or perhaps a group), and make revenge your first priority in all situations. The need for vengeance when the opportunity arises can only be overcome by spending willpower points, and then only temporarily. Someday you may have your revenge but for some reason this is a difficult revenge to enact. (example: the object of your revenge is under the protection of a powerful group.)

Wyld Mind -2 flaw (c2nd)
    Your mind is extremely chaotic and unpredictable.  As a result you have difficulty concentrating on any extended task.  You must make a Will roll (dif 8 if the character's Will is over 8 raise the difficulty for this action until it is 3 over the character's Will rating) for every extended action roll after the first roll to accomplish that task.

    These merits and flaws deal directly with the mind; its strengths, weaknesses and special capacities.

Absent-Minded -3 flaw (VPG)
    This flaw may not be taken with the merit concentration. You forget names, addresses, and when you last ate. In order to remember anything more than you own name and the location of your haven, you need to make a INT roll, or as a last resort, spend a Wllpower point.

Amnesia -2 flaw (VPG)
    You are unable to remember anything about your past, yourself, or your family. Your life is a blank slate. This occurred within the past year. You may if you chose take mystery flaw points and storyteller can decide what those are. If this option is taken the storyteller will make the points in flaws worth one less than the number of flaw points given minimum points 3.  You may also give the storyteller additional merit points and skills.  Any points spent in this way will be more efficient approximately add 1 point for every three spent.

Blasé +3 merit (CBT)
    You are not easily impressed by others. This makes you highly resistant to effects that manipulate your emotions (both supernatural, technological or social). The most powerful abilities may require a Will roll.

Calm Heart +3 merit (VPG)
    You are naturally calm and well-composed and do not easily fly off the handle. Add +5 to any rolls to resist flying off the handle if the character is prone to frenzy lower the difficulty by +5 for those rolls as well.

Celestial Attunement +1 merit (VDA)
    You have an innate sense of the passage of the heavenly bodies. You don't know exactly how you do it you just do. This gives you a natural knack for astrology as well as allows you to instantly know whether the tides are up or down in a given area. You also instantly know when sunset and sundown is and approximately what stage of day you are in. If you have a general knowledge of astrology it is possible to do general charts in your head.  If this ability also works on more than your home planet add +1 to the cost.

Concentration +1 merit (VPG)
    You have the ability to focus your mind and shut out any distractions or annoyances. Any difficulty modifiers added due to distractions are lowered by 3.  Also such difficulty modifiers are limited to +8 no matter what the distractions.

Confused -2 flaw (VPG)
    You are often confused, and the world seems to be a very distorted and twisted place. Sometimes you are simply unable to make sense of things. You need to roleplay this behavior at all times to a small degree. This confusion gets worse when there are many things going on at once. You may spend willpower points to temporarily override this effect.

Curiosity -2 flaw (C2nd)
    You are a naturally curious person, and find mysteries of any sort irresistable. In most circumstances, you find that your curiousity easily overrides your common sense.  To resist the temptation requires a Will roll versus a varying difficulty depending on the task.
    Golly what is in the cabinet is a lot less difficult to resist (dif 7) than Gee that hole glows magically I wonder what could be special about it (dif 15).  The roll may be altered slighly depending on the circumstances.  If the king has just ordered all the guards to kill anyone who looks you could gain a +4 or +6 to the roll but it the guards are looking the other way you might suddenly lose it.

Eidetic Memory +2 merit (VPG)
    You can remember things you have seen and heard with perfect detail. By gaining at least one degree of success on an Intelligence roll (difficulty 6), you can recall any desired sight or sound accurately, even if you heard it or glanced it only once. Five degrees of successes enables you to recall an event with perfect accuracy. Difficulty is decided by the circumstances.

Eye for Beauty +1 merit (CBT)
    You are a natural critic. Reduce all difficulties for art appreciation or recognition of art works by three due to your strong appreciation and memory for art.

Gifted +3 merit (CBT)
    You are a gifted creator of whichever art forms you practice. This has little game effect but gives you contacts in the community of the art you produce and you can always impress someone with your art pieces. Subtract 3 from die rolls for all social dealings in the artistic community of your choice also consider yourself to have various contacts within that community.

Ignore Pain +2 merit
     Character's with this merit have an uncanny ability to ignore pain of all sorts.  Ignore the minuses to rolls for damage.  There may also be other incidental affects.  Note they still take all the damage and they may injure themselves more while acting.

Iron Will +3 merit (VPG)
    When you are determined and your mind is set, nothing can thwart you from your goals. Your mind cannot be controlled except by incredibly powerful abilities.

Light Sleeper +2 merit (VPG)
    You can awaken instantly at any sign of trouble or danger, and do so without any sleepiness or hesitation. You can use all of your dice ignoring all penalties for being awoken at an inconvenient time.

Lightning Calculator +1 merit (VPG)
    You have a natural affinity for numbers and a talent for mental arithmetic. The difficulties on all rolls are decreased by 3. Also any basic mathematical equations can be done in your head in a few moments as long as you have the formula.

Refined +2 merit (CBT)
    You are a member of the elite. You are at home in high society and never feel out of place around this crowd. The difficulties on all etiquette rolls involving high society are reduced by three.

Self-Confident +5 merit (VPG)
    When you spend a willpower point to gain an automatic success, your self-confidence may allow you to gain the benefit of that expenditure without actually losing the willpower point. You do not lose the point when you spend it unless you gain no natural successes on the roll. This merit may only be used when the difficulty of the task is 10 or higher.

Speed Reader +1 merit (1)
    The possessor of this merit is able to read five times normal speed and still retain the same comprehension of the subject matter as if they had read more slowly. This merit combined with eidetic memory allows the character to gain a great deal of information quickly.

Time Sense +1 merit (VPG)
    You have an innate sense of time and are able to estimate very accurately the passage of time without the use of a time telling device. You can accomplish this whether you are concentrating or not and even when asleep. You can estimate the time within a minute or two as long as you know what time zone you are in. You can always estimate the passage of time unless you were knocked unconscious.

Vulgar -1 flaw (CBT)
    You will never fit into high society. You are crude, rude, and socially unacceptable. This affects all social rolls with high society +1 difficulty for all social rolls in high society or those who are trying to pretend to such high society.

Weak-Willed -2 flaw (VPG)
    You are highly susceptible to supernatural affects that affect the mind as well as intimidation. You may not freely use you willpower to avoid these effects. In fact you may only use Willpower to avoid the affects when survival is at stake or where it is appropriate to your nature.

    These merits and flaws involve perception or the lack thereof.

Acute Hearing +1 merit (VPG)
    You have exceptionally sharp hearing. The difficulties of all dice rolls that are related to hearing are decreased by three. However, load noises tend to annoy you.

Acute Sense of Smell +1 merit (VPG)
    You have an exceptionally keen sense of smell. The difficulties to all dice rolls related to smell are reduced by three. However, really strong scents tend to annoy you.

Acute Sense of Taste +1 merit (VPG)
    You have an exceptionally keen sense of taste. The difficulties to all dice rolls related to taste are reduced by three. You are also able to make precise distinctions between taste. However, particulartly strong unfavorable tastes tend to annoy you.

Acute Vision +2 merit (VPG)
    You have an exceptionally keen sense of sight. The difficulties to all dice rolls related to sight are reduced by three. However, particularly strong visual clues will tend to distract you.

Bad Sight -2 flaw (VPG)
    Your sight is defective. The difficulties of all dice rolls related to vision are increased by three. This increase can be lowered to one by the wearing of corrective glasses (contacts won't work). This may be defined as Nearsightedness, Farsightedness or a Stigmatism.

Blind -6 flaw (VPG)
    You cannot see and automatically fail any dice rolls involving vision. You can still possess the ability to "see" the spirit world.

Clear Sighted +3 merit (HH)
    You can see through supernatural hiding or disguises on an Magical + Awareness/Notice roll against a difficulty of the level of the ability +6.

Color Blindness -1 flaw (VPG)
    You can only see in black and white. This has various affects since you can perceive color density and shades but that is all. This does not affect the aura perception ability since that is perceiving the spiritual self.

Deaf -4 flaw (VPG)
    You cannot hear sound and automatically fail any rolls that require hearing. You automatically start with a sign language as your primary language (if writing is the norm chose a written language).  However, do not automatically start with a spoken tongue.   There is a minus 4 to all communication die rolls in any other medium but sign language. Normally this does not matter but if you are in a hurry this can matter a lot.

Greater Colors +3 merit (CBT)
    You can see colors more distinctly and with greater definition. The world is far more colorful. The difficulty for perceiving the colors in an aura is reduced by 5. Also the player may ask one specific question about the person's personality or magical nature (something that could be concievably be in the person's aura) if you successfully roll your aura read  check.

Hard of Hearing -1 flaw (VPG)
    Your hearing is defective. The difficulties on all dice rolls related to hearing are increased by three.

One Eye -2 flaw (VPG)
    You have only one eye -- chose which during character creation. You have no peripheral vision on your blind side, and add +6  for any feat requiring depth perception. This includes missile combat.

    These merits and flaws establish special capacities and abilities for your character or modify the effects and powers of your character's other traits.

Adept Scholar +1 merit (1)
    You are an especially talented student and researcher. Lower the difficulties of research rolls of any sort by three.

Ambidextrous +1 merit (VPG)
    You can use either hand equally well. There are no penalties for using the off hand. To use both hands is +2 difficulty for both hands (instead of +2 for main hand and +5 for off hand).

City Boy/Girl -2 flaw (1)
    You rarely left the confines of the city and are unused to even the most basic facts of nature. Difficulties of any rolls related to wilderness or wild creatures of any sort are three higher.

Computer Aptitude +1 merit (VPG)
    This ability is only viable in a game that has computers.
    You have a natural affinity for computers, so the difficulties to repair construct or operate them are at three less.

Crack Driver +1 merit (VPG)
    This ability is only viable in a game with motorized vehicles.
    You have a natural affinity for motorized wheeled vehicles. The difficulties of all rolls requiring risky or especially difficult driving maneuvers are three less.

Cultural Knack +3 merit (BCB)
    The character has an inherent understanding of cultural graces.  The character has no penalties applied to social rolls due to cultural difference.  With incredibly extreme difference there might be a small modifier (a human talking to the treants of alpha centauri).

Daredevil +3 merit (VPG)
    You are good at taking risks, and are even better at surviving them. All difficulties are three less when you try something particularly dangerous, and anytime you roll a one reroll on a 5 or lower count the one as a flub otherwise it is not a counted as a flub.

Eat Food +1 merit (VPG)
    This merit is only viable for a supernatural that could not normally eat food.
    You have developed the capacity to eat food. You gain very little food value from it but can digest it.

Gossip +2 merit
     Characters with Gossip are especially adept at gathering information through social means.  Add three to any roll of this sort.  A gossip may alternatively create a rumor about another.  This will subtract 4 from their social rolls until the rumor fades (storyteller discretion)

Graceful +2 merit (BCB)
    You've got a natural flair.  Your movements are hypnotic and its impossible for your character to look awkward.  Anytime there is a chance to make a good impression add +5 to your social rolls.  This doesn't apply to threats or brute force.

Graceless -2 flaw (BCB)
    You lack natural flair.  You always look clumsy no matter what you are doing.  Anytime there is time to make a bad impression add +5 to the difficulty of your social rolls.  This may apply to threats or brute force (depending on whether you just tripped and fell or not).

Illiterate -1 or -3 flaw (VPG)
    Through lack of education or as a result of a condition like dyslexia, you are unable to read or write.  This is not a flaw but a merit literate in any timeperiod when reading was very rare.  In any timeperiod where reading is common but illiteracy is not that uncommon it is a -1 flaw.  In any timeperiod when everyone can read but you and those freaks then it is a -3 flaw.  Subtract one from the flaw points if you can read a particular language but it is not the common one in the area.  Chinese man who reads Chinese who lives in Natchitoches, LA.  This flaw can be bought off.

Inept Scholar -1 flaw (1)
    Despite your brilliance, you just were never good at research of any kind. All such rolls are at a difficulty three higher.

Jack-of-All-Trades +5 merit (VPG)
    You have a large pool of miscellaneous skills and knowledges, obtained through your extensive travels, the jobs you've held, or just all-around know-how. You automatically have two points in all Skills and Knowledges that are not supernatural (Discipline skills, psychic skills etc). This is an illusionary level and the first two points must still be purchased to go to 3 points in that skill.

Linguistic Talent +3 merit
    The character has a knack for languages that goes well beyond the norm. This character simply learns languages easier and faster. To represent this in system: the character can purchase language skills for 1/2 the IP it costs anyone else.  Also at the beginning of the game any points spent on languages gives you twice as many points.  Both this merit and Natural Linguist may be combined.

Literate +2 merit
    You can read in a timeperiod in which it is exceptionally rare.  You learned in the Church or simply found an old book and learned.  Illiterate is a flaw except in these timeperiods.

Mechanical Aptitude +1 merit (VPG)
    You are naturally adept with all kinds of mechanical devices (this aptitude does not extend to electrical devices or computers). The difficulties of all dice rolls to understand, repair, or operate any kind of mechanical device are 4 less. This merit does not help you with stunt driving of a vehicle only with the very basic operation.

Natural Leader +1 merit (SPG)
    You are gifted with a certain charisma hat sets you apart from the rest. You have a natural ability to lead others. Add +5 to all leadership rolls.

Natural Linguist +2 merit (VPG)
    You have a flair for languages. Add +1 to all language skills you possess.  Also add +3 to any required dice rolls to understand or recognize a language.  This merit is most useful for understanding related languages.  Both this merit and Linguistic Talent may be combined.

Perfect Balance +3 merit (c2nd)
    Your sense of balance has achieved great heights by constant training or inherited traits.  It is very unlikely that you will ever fall during your life.  You may trip, but you will always catch yourself before you fall fully, loose you footing or your handhold.
    The character to take this merit must have at least average Reflexes (5).  The character's die roll is +5 for tightrope walking, crossing ice,  climbing mountains, climbing walls or any other similar actions.  This merit is also constantly roleplayed as well.

Pitiable +1 merit (VPG)
    There is something about you that others pity. This causes others to care for you as if you wer a child. You need to decide what it is about you that others pity this will affect who it affects.

Poison Resistance +1 merit (c2nd)
    You have for some reason or another become resistant to poisons.  Anytime you need to make resist the effects of a toxin (unless it has been specifically designed for your system) add +5 to the roll.

Poor Taste -1 flaw (CBT)
    You can never have an art appreciation skill. You are forever known and prove yourself to have bad taste in your clothes and the decorations you use anytime you decorate.

Technology Jack of all Trades +3 merit
     The character simply has a wide array of knowledge of technology and how it works.  They are considered to have two free points in all technology related abilities.  This is an illusionary level and the first two points must still be purchased to go to 3 points in that skill.

Urban Survival +2 merit
     Characters with this merit have an uncanny ability to survive in the add +5 to scrounging, streetwise, survival roll or any other applicable roll at the storyteller's discretion in an urban setting.

    These merits and flaws are different kinds of supernatural benefits or detriments.

Ancestral Ally +1 merit (WPG)
    The character has an incredibly strong ally in one of his past lives.  This past life has similar goals and aspirations to the current incarnation and helps the character.  (Character must have past life merit or background to possess this merit).  Subract 4 from the difficulty to channel that past life.  Create the character with storyteller strong input and limitations.

Animal Affinity +1, +2 or +4 merit
    The character has an affinity for a particular species (+1), family (+2) of animal.  Or she has an affinity for all animals (+4).  The animals will treat you as a friend and companion.  They will listen to you as a trusted mate (even if the species does not normally have trusted mates).  You cannot speak to animals.

Animal Tongue +1, +2 or +3 merit
    The character can speak to a particular species (+1) or family (+2) of animals or he may speak to all animals(+3).  This does not make them trust you any more and the concepts that can be brought across are different depending on the species of animal being spoken to.  This speech is mental and the animal must be within 10 feet.

Bard's Tongue -1 flaw (c2nd)
    The character speaks the truth with uncanny accuracy.  Things you say tend to come true.  At least once per story you will make an uncomfortable truth almost without control and it will come to pass.  To avoid speaking the prophesy that you have requires a Will roll difficulty 12.

Beast Within -5 flaw (HH)
    This flaw may not be taken by any supernatural creature who already has the Beast Awakened in them that causes them to frenzy.
    The Beast is Awake in you. You possess a permanent Beastial rating of 1 and gain Beastial as normal (for a demonkin or vampire).  The character may take the Beastial Merits and Flaws as normal.

Can't Cross Running Water -3 flaw (VPG)
    You cannot cross running water unless you are at least 50 feet above it. "Running Water" is any body of water more than two feet wide in any direction and not completely stagnant.
    Note: however, you can still travel by boat by flying fifty feet above the water and landing directly on the boat and doing likewise to leave the boat. This can, to say the least, cause problems explaining.

Cast No Reflection -2 flaw (SPG)
    You actually cast no reflection in mirrors, just like the vampire of legends. This can have a very detrimental effect when trying to pass as human (or prove yourself human if you are). This has one advantage associated with it. It is impossible to catch the character on film or pictures of any sort except by painting it.

Charmed Existence +5 merit (VPG)
    Your unlife is somehow protected, and you do not face the perils that others must. It is a very powerful and specific form of luck. Anytime a botch is rolled reroll and use that roll instead.  If a botch is rolled a second time the botch counts.  This makes you less likely to fail or botch even on the most difficult tasks.

Cursed -1 to -5 flaw (VPG)
    You have been cursed by someone or something with supernatural or magical powers. This curse is specific and detailed, it cannot be dispelled without extreme effort, and it can be life-threatening. Some examples:

Danger Sense +2 merit
    This gives the character a supernatural awareness of when he is in danger. The Storyteller rolls Int + Awareness/Notice + d10 on a difficulty varied by the subtleness and immediacy of the danger.

Eerie Presence -2 flaw (SPG)
    Other people get a strange feeling when they are around you. You seem to make others very uncomfortable, especially animals and mortals. You have a difficulty 5 higher for any social actions that don't involve frightening or intimidating others.

Enchanting Voice +2 merit (SPG)
    You have an almost magical voice, beautiful beyond words. You add +5 to any rolls directly involving the use of your voice.

Faerie Affinity +2 merit (VPG)
    You presence attracts fairies and you are naturally attuned to their ways. You are able to enter Arcadia provided you can find an entrance. The character may also possess the Mythceria discpline (if they are a supernatural that can normally learn discplines). They may learn other things that are fairy related at storyteller discresion.

Fetish +1 to +7 merit
    This is an item that possesses special powers due to its connection to the spirit world and its connection to you. This item can be stolen though you always know where it is and only you can make it function. Examples:

Points Example item
+1 a talisman that adds +3 to all difficulty rolls to have magic cast upon the wearer. 
+2 a knife that can strike intangible creatures. 
+3 a pair of glasses that when worn make the character able to see invisible creatures on an intelligence roll. 
+4 a ring that allows the character to affect intangible creatures with any abilities they possess. 
+5 a crystal that allows the character to leave his body and travel short distances as a spirit.
+6 a lamp that can call a weak genie who will obey your commands (6 points mage spheres). 
+7 a talisman that allows the bearer to enter the umbra even if they cannot normally do so (even precurse Cainites)
Fist of God +7 merit (HH)
    Any character who wishes to have true faith must purchase this merit first.
    You can deliver blows to those harmed by holy objects that are aggravated. You are literally the fist of the church that you worship. Any damage you normally do is aggravated as long as you use your body. You do not do damage to them unless you wish to but it will cause those normally harmed by holy things to feel nervous around you. This merit can be lost by actions against the God you worships. Though it may regained by true worship

Foe from Past -1 to -3 (WPG)
    The character does not have to possess the past lives background or merit to have this flaw but that means you have an enemy that you have no idea why they hate you.  An enemy from a past life wants to do you harm.  A -1 version of this flaw is approximately as powerful as the pc while -2 is approximately twice as powerful as the PC while a -3 foe is incredibly powerful.  The enemy does know why they hate you.

Geas -1 to -5 flaw (c2nd)
    You are under some sort of command or ban.  With a ban the character cannot do something while the geas is some sort of quest or accomplishment that must be done.  The quest must be long-term and not easily accomplished.  The geas may be a family duty or curse.
    The more the geas or ban affects your life the more valuable the flaw is.  An example of a  -5 geas You must offer aid to any  who are in need that you encounter.  An example of a -5 ban You cannot sleep in the same place more than one night.

Ghoul +5 merit (HH)
    You were previously turned into a Ghoul by a Vampire. This gives you the ability to heal yourself with Kindred blood, you also have the ghoul flaw of your original blood sources clan and may learn other disciplines up to level 2 if someone teaches it to you.  You have either the clan discipline of your clan or potence level 1 (Ghouls who constantly have different blood "donors" would have a dot of potence). Your aging is also retarded as long as you keep a steady supply of Kindred blood (you must keep one point of kindred vitae in your system or age again). Vampiric Vitae is removed from the system every 30 days mystically even if the character managed to not spend the blood. The character may spend freebie points to buy vampiric disciplines that they were taught in the past.
    The mortal buying this merit starts at the beginning of the month with two points of vampiric vitae in their system. The character may buy the Age background though it probably should be limited to 1 or 2 dots.  If the character does not buy the mentor background they do not have a regular supply of vampiric blood.

Gift +1 to +7 merit
    This is an item that possesses special powers due to its inherent magic. These items can be stolen but are approximately 1 point more powerful than a fetish of equal powers. Magical objects tend to be more physical in nature while fetishes tend to be more oriented towards the spirit. This is not always the case but it is a general tendency.

Haunted -3 flaw (VPG)
    You are haunted by a spirit that you can see and hear (whether you have spirit sight or not). It actively dislikes you and enjoys making your life miserable by insulting, berating, and distracting you. It also has a few minor powers GF 4 -7 at level 1 or 2 to use against you. Yelling at the ghost will sometimes cause it to leave but it will cause pretty young men in white coats to come a calling instead.

Immortal +5 merit (c2nd)
    This merit is only suitable for those supernaturals who age normally.
    The character does not age for some reason.  You can be injured normally but the ravages of time does not affect you.  As a side effect some wounds that would not normally heal will heal for you at an incredibly slow rate if you can live long enough.  You are also not killed by disease though you can still be marred by them.  The character may freely take the age background if they wish.

Immune to Wyrm Emanations +5 merit (WPG)
    You have a special gift. You are immune to the toxins of the Wyrm, Demons, and other spirits closely associated to the Wyrm. You are also immune to possession by creatures who gain their power from any of the named above.

Inoffensive to animals +1 merit (VPG)
    This merit may only be bought by those that animals normally fear or distrust due to their supernatural nature.
    Animals do not fear or distrust you but instead treat you as they would any mortal and do not shy from your touch.

Invisible +4 merit (HH)
    Your very nature makes you very hard to notice. This acts as level one obfuscate (see vampiric discipline) though you cannot develop further obfuscate.

Light Sensitive -5 flaw (VPG)
    This affect is different for different supernaturals depending on how naturally sensitive to sunlight and flame the supernatural is.
    Sunlight causes double normal damage to any supernatural who normally takes damage from sunlight and clear direct moonlight causes half normal damage that is not aggravated to the supernatural.
    If the supernatural is not normally harmed by sunlight at all the creature takes nonaggravated damage from sunlight on all but the cloudiest of days.
    Bright light is painful to all light sensitives though this can be lowered by wearing sunglasses or hoods.

Luna's Blessing +5 merit (BCB)
    Luna or Seline blesses you whenever the moon is full.  This can have many different effects depending on the character's situation.  Each time the moon is full the storyteller will spend 15 freebie points on the character depending on what the future holds for the character.  The character can ask Seline for particular blessings though how completely these will be followed is up to the Storyteller.  The character does not always know what form the blessings take.

Lunacy -2 flaw (SPG)
    You are affected by the phases of the moon. On nights of the new moon you are extremely passive, but on nights of the full moon you are extremely emotional or volatile. During the waxing moon you are pleasant and more focused on your tasks. During the waning moon you are a little apathetic and touchy.
    This flaw is most effective if roll played. Depending of the moon phase you add 4 to the difficulties to all rolls that go against the mood you are in and add +3 to all rolls that are strongly within the mood you are in.

Lunar Influence +1 merit (SPG)
    The moon ha an unusually strong effect on you. During periods of the new moon subtract 3 from your Body Type and Reflexes.  During periods of the full moon add +3 to your Body Type and Reflexes.

Magic Resistance +2 +4 merit (VPG)
    (+2)You have an inherent resistance to magical spells and rituals. However, if you possess this merit you may not possess any type of magic. The difficulties of all spells (beneficial and malignant) are 5 higher. (+4) You can have magical abilities though beneficial spells and malignant spells cast by another are still at 5 higher difficulty

Magic Susceptibility -2 flaw (VPG)
    You are especially susceptible to magical rituals and spells of various sorts. The difficulty to cast any such effects upon you is 5 lower than the difficulty to cast the same ritual on another.

Mark of the Predator -2 flaw (WPG)
    Herbivores fear you and carnivores see you as a threat. Animals will shy away from you are growl at you to try to keep you at bay.  The character cannot take this flaw if their supernatural nature already makes them frightening to animals (vampires, demonkin).

Moon Mad -3 flaw (BCB)
    Your character becomes quite mad during one of the phases of the moon.  The character is the victim of dreams, nightmares and portents during the full moon.  The character has a great deal of difficulty controlling themselves (add +10 to any rolls for the character to control impulses +5 to resist frenzy if a frenzying supernatural has this flaw).  The character is violent and irritable.  The character's aura blazes with a white hot flame during this period.

Mystic Prohibition/Imperitive -1 to -5 flaw (c2nd)
    This flaw works much like a geas except a character cannot break a geas however a mystic prohibition can be broken or ignored there are just differing consequences.  Both the Prohibition and the consequences are worth points.  This flaw may be taken more than once (with a completely different prohibition/imperitive.  The storyteller should carefully consider whether they want this flaw in the game on a case by case basis also the storyteller ultimately defines the number of points the total flaw is worth. 

points example of vow/ example cost of breaking
-1 vow: never break bread with a redhaired man
-2 vow: stop and pet every cat you see
-3 vow: never back away from a fight
-1 cost: flub the first highly significant roll in the story
-2 cost: bad luck for the entire story (add +5 to the difficulties of all actions also things just tend to go wrong for you)
-3 cost: bad luck for the rest of your life also your life will just go wrong.  See effects above
-4 cost: lose all your friends and worldly possessions
-5 cost: die
Natural Channel +3 merit (WPG)
    This merit may only be taken by those naturally able to enter the umbra on their own.
    You find the Gauntlet between the spirit and physical realm thinner. Add +5 to any rolls to step sideways also spirits react to you at +2.

No Required Sleep +5 merit
    You do not require sleep at all you must relax for an hour or two each day.  You make the perfect guard and you can work on projects a great deal longer.  You still suffer fatigue but only require relaxation to remove it.  In truly desperate times you actually can work 20 or 23 hours a day with no difficulty.  Add the difficulty modifer for no sleep each 5 days of nonstop work.
    All IP awards given for personal study are increased by 1/2 (round to nearest).  The character may also use multiple teachers to use even more effectively the extra time they have.

No Required Sustenance +3 to +9 merit
    For some reason you do not require either food (+3) or drink (+3) or air (+5) to survive.  This merit may be purchased more than once.  If you purchase two subtract 1 from the cost of the second.  If you purchase all three subtract 2 from the normal total cost (making it cost +9)

Occult Library +2 merit (VPG)
    You possess a library of occult materials, of which you are not certain of everything that is found there. This library is an invaluable source for research of all types.  The extent of the occult library is dependent on resources (though having the merit at all assumes the character has a room stashed somewhere with an extensive array of material even if the character has no resources).  At level 5 resources the occult library is literally a library.  The character may also assume a level 5 resources for purposes of this if they have the mansion merit.

Offensive to Animals -1 flaw
    This flaw may only be taken by one who is not already supernaturally offensive to animals.  Animals fear and distrust you.  Animals will see you as a threat and deal with you as they would any other threat.

Pale Aura +2 merit (HH)
    Anyone using aura perception of any sort on you will believe you to be a vampire unless they make their aura perception roll by +15 or more  This has a lot of the same advantage as Resemble Kindred.but only for those able to percieve auras

Past Life +1 to +7 merit (concept from C2nd)
    You can remember 1 or more of your previous incarnations.  This allows several extra abilities.  The character must define one past life per point placed in this merit.  The character will occasionally know things that he could not know because he knew it in another time and body.
    The character may also attempt to do things  that their ancestor was good at.  Roll Past Life rating x2 + d10  difficulty 8 once per game session.   For each 3 over the difficulty the character has they may gain two skill points from this other self (rolling over 8 counts as 1).  For each roll after the first add +2 to the difficulty.  Skills require the storyteller's ok.
    Werecreatures take the past lives background instead of this merit. 

Points Description
+1 the character gets occasional flashes of information about some situations.  This normally occurs in life threatening situations.
+2 the character remembers a few bits of information in a more clear form and may recognize persons met (despite body differences) 
+3 the character can now occasionally do things that they normally could not.  They remember details of 10 to 15 lives and feel expecially connected to three. 
+4 the character has intimate knowledge of 20-25 lives and feels especially close to many key points in history.
+5 the character lived history and feels a close connection to many things. 
+6 the character is a walking history of his lives having many connections to others. 
+7  the character has an almost unbroken knowledge of the passage of lives back to the beginning in various forms 
Powerful Retainer +5 merit (CBT)
    This is a particularly powerful retainer. The retainer may be a revenant, powerful psychic, immortal, construct, or a particularly powerful ghoul. The character is built at the player's power level and may gain over time. The retainer is loyal to the character (due to blood binding or some other reason as significant). Appropriate methods may alter this loyalty though it is difficult to lose.

Psychic +5 merit
    The character is a psychic and may spend freebie points to gain psychic gifts. If this merit is not bought the character cannot become a psychic. Werecreatures cannot be psychics spirits have access to psychic gifts without buying this merit.

Psychic Vampire -5 flaw (c2nd)
    The spark of life in you is dying and must be constantly fed.  Each day you go without feeding you lose two points of health.   To feed you must willingly allow yourself to drain the lifeforce around you.  When doing so plants wither and die and a touched human will take one health level of damage (though this health level will heal in one day).  The psychic vampire needs at least one health level from a human, a humansized tree (which will die), or the plant life in a relatively crowded area.
    The character must make a Will roll when the day nears ending and they have not fed (difficulty 8 + Body levels lost) to avoid feeding anyway.

Regeneration +7 merit (c2nd)
    For some unknown reason the character regenerates naturally.  Normal wounds regenerate at a rate of one per hour of rest while aggrevated wounds heal at a rate of one per five hours.

Repelled by Crosses -3 flaw (VPG)
    You are repelled by sight of ordinary crosses (just as if they were holy).

Repulsed by Garlic -1 flaw (VPG)
    You cannot abide the smell of garlic, and the smallest taint of scent will drive you from the room. The full force of its pungent odor will bring tears to your face and render you nearly blind, while its touch will cause you boils and even open wounds.

Ruse of the Beast +2 merit (CBG)
    This power is availible to any supernatural that can change their shape to that of an animal.  In their animal form they possess the Baby Faced Merit.  In addition the Beast in them is hidden supernaturally as well.  It becomes very difficult to detect the Supernatural's true nature (add +10 to any such roll's difficulty).

Sanctity +2 merit (SPG)
    For some reason, everyone considers you pure and innocent, though certainly not naive. You have a saint-like quality that is hard to put a finger on, but others tend to see it in you. You are trusted, even if you are not trustworthy. You tend to receive less severe punishment than others who commit the same crime.

Silence +1 merit (SPG)
    You have an unusual ability to move quietly that goes far beyond the norm. Reduce the difficulties on any Stealth roll involving moving quietly by +5.  You are even able to move quietly over things that normally make noise (such as dry leaves).  This gives up to an additional +5 to the roll to remove modifiers due to surroundings.

Silver Tolerance +5 to +7 merit (WPG)
    May only be bought by those who are normally harmed by silver.
For five points you can soak the damage silver does with your BTM but it still causes aggravated damage. For seven points, the damage done to you by silver is no longer aggravated and may be soaked normally.

Slip Sideways -1 flaw (WPG)
    This flaw may only be taken by those who can normally enter the Unbra under their own power.
    You can't always control your passage into the Unbra. Whenever you pass a mirror you may accidentally slip into the umbra. Make a Will + Occult roll to avoid this affect.
    You must still pass the Gauntlet of the area you are in or your are trapped in between the physical and spiritual world until you can find your way completely into one or the other realms. You cannot leave the area of that Gauntlet until you manage get back into the physical realm or pass the gauntlet.

Special Rapport +2 merit (SPG)
    You have a special bond with another being that extends beyond any type of bond you know of. You may not love the other creature, but you have a special link to her. This link allows you to always know when she is in trouble, when she is in pain, when she is lying, and when she needs you. In return, she knows the same about you. Both characters must buy this merit. The other creature is of approximately the same power level as the pc buying this gift and may in fact be another pc.  The one's with the special bond often have to help one another just to avoid the difficulties associated with this bond.

Spirit Companion +2 to +6 merit
    The character has a spirit as a companion. This companion may be the spirit of a human, animal or other. The companion can offer advice and often see things you cannot. The character does not have to have the Medium advantage to have a spirit companion though that is the most common.  Werecreatures may buy this merit as a pack for one spirit companion.  This merit may be bought more than once. 

Points Description
+2 The companion can speak to you when close. But otherwise only perceives the spirit realm. 
+3 This companion can speak to you when close and can perceive the physical world as well.
+4 The companion can speak to you within fifty feet and has minor special abilities. 
+5 Can speak to you within one mile. Has special abilities.
+6 This companion can speak to you within 10 miles. Has powerful special abilities 
Strong Aura -5 Flaw
    The supernatural or person radiates a particularly strong and unique aura which is automatically sensed by most supernaturals with any abilities at detecting supernatural forces.  Upon closer examination the aura looks unusual and powerful.  Any attempts to read the character's aura has a +4 chance of success on every aspect but supernatural nature which is +4 to the difficulty.  This  tends to make said supernaturals very suspicious of the character.  Note: the character is sensed by immortals whether they are immortal or not.  If they are immortal an immortal can sense them twice as far away as a normal immortal.  You do not have the same advantage.
 Strong Life Force +1 to +5 merit
    The character has extra vitae in their vitae pool. +1 freebie point per +1 vitae.

Supernatural Companion +3 or +5 merit
    The character has a supernatural companion of some sort. This companion is any sort of companion that the character may be close to (other than the spirits which are handled elsewhere). The companion is approximately as powerful in her world as the character is in his own. This relationship is two ways the companion may occasionally need help and information as well. The companion has her own goals and needs and is not always around. However, the companion is more powerful than a powerful ghoul. Both characters must buy this merit.
    To get a companion that is not frowned upon by either two groups is a +5 merit. Examples are: a werecreature (child or Gaia) and a Vampire, a Magus and just about anybody, a Demonkin and a werecreature (Child of Gaia).
    To get a companion that is normally frowned upon by either two groups is a +3 merit. Examples are: werecreature (warriors of Gaia) and just about anybody, a Talamaska member and just about anybody, a weak demonspawn, a weak angelservant, or a Blessed priest.

Supernatural Spouse +5 to +7 merit
    You share a relationship equivalent to marriage (though not necessarily marriage by any other sense, it can be a particularly powerful friendship) with another supernatural. The supernatural is approximately your power level. Both of you would do just about anything for the other. Together you make a very formidable force.
    The spouse is as powerful in his world as the character is in her own. The spouse also has equal status in his world. The merit is a +5 merit if the spouse's world is a different one than the character's own (ie a magus). This takes the spouse regularly away and occasionally gets both involved in the other world's problems. The merit is a +7 merit if the character's companion is a part of the same society as the character.  Both characters must buy this merit.

Surreal Quality -2 flaw (c2nd)
    There is something about you that others find fascinating especially mundanes.  At inappropriate times, they will stare at you and strike up a conversation in the hopes of getting to know you better.  Worse still, those mortals of a less savory nature will chose you over other potential targets for their illicit acts. The character must have an appearance of 6 or above to take this flaw.

Taint of Corruption -1 flaw (VPG)
    Plants wither when you approach, and will die if you touch them.

Taint of Wyrm -7 flaw (WPG)
    You are touched by the Wyrm and corrupt in the eyes of many other beings able to sense the corruption. In addition to this the Demons will constantly be tempting you to further corrupt yourself. You suffer bad dreams as manifestations of the Wyrm. Ridding yourself of this corruption will be a major long-term undertaking and may not be possible by normal means.

Thaumaturgy Affinity +5 merit
    The character has a special affinity for the magical workings of thaumaturgy. For this character thaumaturgy is a clan discipline.  The character must chose a particular primary path that they have an affinity with.
    Thaumaturgy still costs double to buy. The usual explanation for this merit is a sire who was particularly magically adept or coming from a powerful magically active family.

Throwback +2 to +5 merit or -1 to -5 flaw (concept C2nd)
    The character is affected by several of their past lives.  They must have the past life merit or background to some extent.
    The merit gives you the ability to roll dice to gain abilities twice as many times as you normally would and lowers the difficulty to contact one particular life by one per level of this ability.
    The flaw version of this includes several affects the -1 to -2 version gives you bad dreams and occasional flashbacks (rather like the nightmares flaw but more often at -2).
    The -3 to -5 version includes a fully functional personality that works against your interests and occasionally takes you over.  The more powerful the entity the more the flaw is worth.

True Love +1 merit (VPG)
    You have discovered, but may have lost (at least temporarily) a true love. Nonetheless, this love provides joy in a torrid existence usually devoid of such enlightened emotions. Whenever you are suffering, in danger or dejected, the thought of your true love is enough to give you strength to persevere.
    In game terms, this love allows you to succeed automatically on any Will roll when you are actively striving to protect or come closer to your true love. Also the power of your love may be powerful enough to protect you from other supernatural forces at the storyteller's discretion. The true love may also be a hindrance, and require aid or rescue from time to time.

Vulnerability to Silver -2 flaw (SPG)
    This flaw may only be taken by a supernatural (or normal) who is not normally harmed by silver.
    You suffer aggravated damage from silver weapons and silver against your skin annoys you greatly

Mortal Society
    These merits and flaws deal with the character's influence, power and station within mortal society.

Academic Rival -1 flaw (1)
    You have a rival who is competing with you for the same knowledge or artifacts you pursue. Your rival could be someone from your past or someone you have never met. The Storyteller should design you rival and keep much of the information on his activities from you until the proper moment. Your rival will constantly be seeking to sabotage you or steal your work. The character must of course have a character concept that this would affect. (No Street punks with academic rival please).

Church Rank Variable merit
    Build the church as an organization (see organization creation rules).  Not necessarily all believers are members of the organization.  For most really large religions consider the church officials to be the organization members.

Church Ties +3
    Use the organization creation rules to create the organization.  (see organization creation rules).  Use the organization ties merit.

Corporation CEO Variable merit
     You are the leader of a corporation.  The storyteller will create the corporation  (from player input) (see organization creation rules).
    As leader you have access to all of the resources of the corporation.  This merit also provides membership in a rather exclusive club of corporate CEO's

Corporate Ties  (VPG)
    This merit is replaced with the Resources special ability

    You are believed because of your status as a member of a group of people.  The more widely this belief follows you and the more powerful the group is the more this merit is worth.  This gives you access to the Credibility skill (defined below).
Cost Description Example
+1 A small subgroup within society with little power Trekies, Deadheads, Natchitoches LA
+2 A large group within a society with some power Country music fans, Austin TX
+3 A nation USA
+4 International reknown Anybody could believe
Credibility skill: In the medival and early periods this might be most appropriate for a character who is a religious official or prophet of some sort while in the modern and early scientific age this might be most appropriate for a journalist to possess.  The more successes on the roll the further outside ones own social group one can go with information

Enemy -1 to -5 flaw (VPG)
    You have an enemy, or perhaps a group of enemies, who seek to harm you. The value of the flaw depends on the power of the enemy. Enemies who are slightly less powerful than you but has a lot of influence and is hard to get rid of is worth one point. A two point enemy is approximately your power level while the most powerful enemies (an archmage, a demon who dislikes you especially) is worth 5 points.

Hunted -4 flaw (VPG)
    You are personally pursued by a fanatical witch-hunter who believes you are dangerous and should be stopped. All those with whom you associate with may become targets as well but you remain a primary target. This witch-hunter is highly skilled and lucky so very hard to get rid of.

Judicial Ties +2 merit (VPG)
    You have both influence and contacts in the justice system. You know most of the judges and attorneys in the prosecutor's department, and can affect the progress of various cases and trials with limited difficulty. Though it is difficult to intervene in a case you can influence it in one direction or another. These ties can also make it easy to acquire certain legal documents (ex: search warrants).

Magazine Editor +3 merit
     You put together and distribute a full blown (though small run) magazine which now pulls in more money than it cost you. You get even more privileges than for running a 'zine as well as $500/month income. The character also has access to information in an area that the magazine is about.  Add +5 to any rolls to gather information related to the magazines subject matter.   The character can often get into shows and clubs for free and may get free merchandise from companies that wish you to review a product.

Mansion +2 merit (VPG)
    You own a large mansion -- a home with 25 or more rooms -- as well as the surrounding estate. The mansion may have servants and they are provided for. They cannot be used as Herd or Retainers without buying them as such, however. The mansion is assumed to have the best security available and adequate running expenses to feed and clothe all the people within it including yourself and your retainers and herd. The mansion may be in as poor or as good a shape as you wish.

Media Ties (VPG)
    This merit is replaced with the Credibility special ability

Mistaken Identity -1 flaw (VPG)
    You look similar to someone else and are mistaken for her regularly. Both the allies and enemies of the individual will mistake you for the other person. Also at times she will get credit for things you did and vice versa. Ultimately you will be able to straighten most things out but it is an inconvenience.

Mortal Double +2 merit (CBT)
    You have in your service someone who looks exactly like you. The double is a normal mortal (or a ghoul from your own blood if vampiric). The double can move about and be places you cannot due to disadvantages from your supernatural nature. The double does not have to be bought as a retainer but is assumed to be one.

Nightclub +2 merit (VPG)
    You own a moderate-sized nightclub, perhaps one of the hottest nightspots in the city. This club brings in enough money to support you in moderate luxury (add one to resources if under 3), more important than the money is the prestige. You may use the nightclub as a haven. The name of the nightclub, its style, design, and its regular patrons are all up to you. Owners of nightclubs often hear things that others do not.

Organization Enemy -1 to -10 flaw
    See organization creation rules.  The character has an enemy in a megapowerful organization.  They cannot devote all their effort to tracking your down but they will definately do you wrong if given the chance.  The more powerful the organization the more the flaw is worth.  The organziation is worth 1 point per 15 organization points spent in creating the organization.
    The storyteller will create the organization from a description and a number of points given to them by the character.

Organization Member variable
    See organization creation rules.  The character is a member of a megapowerful organization.  The more powerful the organization is and the more powerful within the organization you are the more the merit is worth.  All points are rounded to the nearest whole number.
    The storyteller will create the organization from a description and a number of points given to them by the character.
Member status point ratio Authority skill maximum
Beginning member 1 freebie / 20 organization points 2
Low ranking member 1 freebie / 15 organization points 4
Mid ranking member in good standing 1 freebie / 12 organization points 6
High ranking member in good standing 1 freebie / 10 organization points  8
Inner circle leader 1 freebie /  8 organization points 12
Leader 1 freebie / 5 organization points 12
Organization Ties
    See organization creation rules.  The character has close working ties with a megapowerful organization.  The more powerful the organization the more the merit is worth.  For each 30 points spent in creating the organization it costs 1 freebie point.
    The storyteller will create the organization from a description and a number of points given to them by the character.

Park Department Ties +1 merit (WPG)
    You have both influence over and contacts with the local park rangers. You can cause certain people to be ejected from the area and prevent others from entering. The connection to the park is not exact and the more it is used the less effective it is. Also due to the quick turnover in many parks the contacts must be maintained or they are lost. They may also periodically ask favors of you.

Persistent Parents -2 flaw (WPG)
    Your parents refuse to let your memory lie, and actively search for you. To take this flaw you must have recently been turned into a supernatural, be reasonably young, and must be trying to hide this from them for some reason.

Police Ties (VPG)
     This merit is replaced with the Authority special ability

Rival -1 flaw (CBT)
    You have an intense rivalry with another being. You are always competing with this individual. In besting this individual you will often go to extremes. This rival is hard to get rid of and associates and tries to best you with the society that matters most to you.

Second Class Citizen-1 to -3 flaw (VDA)
    The simple happenstance of birth has made you second class citizen in the mortal world. The existence in that class is relatively obvious. The points given for this flaw depends on the time period, location, and class the character is. Examples -1 females in the 1950s America, -2 black in the 1950's America, -3 black in medieval Europe.

Social Outcast -3 flaw (CBT)
    You have severed your ties to society. Except with social outcasts you do not fit and they will not accept you completely either for some reason. It is very difficult to remove this flaw once gained.

Underworld Ties (VPG)
    This merit was replaced with the Streetdeal special ability.

University Ties +2 merit (1)
    You have influence and contacts in the academic community. Perhaps you published several noteworthy papers, or you have made substantial contributions, financial or otherwise, to several university programs. You know how to get around the usual red tape and have access to a wide range of research facilities and contacts.

Ward -3 flaw (VPG)
    You are devoted to the protection of a mortal. This character must be a friend or relative. This mortal is either highly incompetent or is moderately competent but has a strong tendency to get in over his head. The Storyteller will create all wards from player description of him. If the character wants a competent "ward" that is handled by buying the retainer background.

'Zine Editor (1 pt Merit)
     You put together a small fanzine of some sort, either printed or xeroxed. Right now its just a hobby and takes up more money than it brings in. However you get to write about the things that you want to and get into all the shows and clubs for free. You also get tons of free records to review. The character also has access to information in an area that the Zine is about.  Add +3 to any rolls to gather information in the subject area of the magazine.

    These merits and flaws deal with your physical makeup.

Addiction -1 to -7 flaw (C2nd)
    You are addicted to some substance.
    The effects of addition vary depending on the drug you are addicted to. 

Points Effect/Addictiveness/Cost
+1 Effect: +1 bonus to Stat, Faster healing, Enhanced perception, 
+0 Effect: Carcinogenic,  Depressant, Euphoric, Aphrodesiac
-1 Effect: Hallucinagenic, Aggressive Behavior, Tremors, Paranoia, Delusions,
-2 Effect: Psychotic Rage, Irrational Fear
-3 Effect: Death, Nerve Degeneration
+0 Addictiveness: Moderate -- causes strong irritability or depression.  Primarily Psychological must be taken 1/week
-1 Addictiveness: Highly -- Body rolls to avoid taking damage (1 block per missed dose), 1 dose /day
-2 Addictiveness: Severely -- Body rolls to avoid taking a lot of damage 1d6 per missed dose 1 dose/hour 
+1 Cheap: costs you less than a dollar to get a dose
+0 Moderate: costs 5 to 10 dollars a dose
-1 Expensive: costs 10 to 25 dollars a dose
-2 Very expensive: costs more than 25 dollars a dose
     Some supernaturals are immune to normal physical addiction in that case do not allow them to take any flaws more severe than that which they can be affected by.  Any being who frenzies adds +2/missed dose to any difficulties to resist frenzy.

Addicted to Kindred Vitae -3 flaw (HH)
    This flaw cannot be taken by a character with an easy supply.
    You need the rush vampire blood gives you, when you drink it. You feel dead and listless otherwise. The longer you go without Kindred Vitae the worse off you are. This flaw adds +2 to the difficulty to all rolls for each week you go without kindred vitae. This stays steady after 1 month and then gradually receeds at the rate one die per week. If you have the opportunity at anytime you must make a Will roll to not partake (though this Will roll difficulty goes down the longer you manage to go without). If you partake the addiction is back in full force.

Alcohol Tolerance +1 merit
     Characters with this merit add +5 to any Body rolls to resist becoming drunk.

Allergic -1 to -3 flaw (VPG)
    You are allergic to some substance. This substance incapacitates you if you intake it in any manner. Simply touching the item will be enough to cause a partial reaction. If you drank or ate the substance you add 10 to the difficulty of all rolls for the next ten minutes. If you simply touched the item you add 5 to the difficulty of all rolls for the next ten minutes.  The commonality of the substance defines how much this flaw is worth.  There are also other reactions appropriate for the substance. The examples below are for modern world.  Examples:

Animal Magnetism +1 merit (WPG)
    You are especially attractive to beings who are naturally attracted to your sex and form (ie humans to human form). You have a +5 to all dice rolls involving seduction or animal attraction rolls. However, others of your sex and form may be jealous of the attention that you inevitably receive.

Animal Musk -1 flaw (WPG)
    Your smell is like an animal. This adds 5 to the difficulties on social rolls where this would become obvious. This does not bother other animals but humans find the smell strong and slightly unpleasant.

Asthma -1 flaw (c2nd)
    There are certain supernaturals that cannot take this flaw because it would have no effect or their supernatural nature does not allow it.
    You have difficulty performing strenuous tasks because you cannot breath properly.  With asthma, your lungs only pull in a fraction of the air that normal lungs do.  Any time that you exert yourself, you must make a Body roll against a difficulty of 8 or be unable to perform any action on the next round while you catch your breath. You also occasionally have attacks that can only be removed by taking an inhaler.  When having an attack the character can do little but wheeze.

Catlike Balance +1 merit (SPG)
    You possess innately perfect sense of balance. You are able to land on your feet from a fall virtually every time. You receive +5 on any rolls related to balance.

Child -3 flaw if unaging -2 flaw if aging (VPG)
    You are physically a small child. You must take the Small disadvantage if you have this disadvantage. You have many social disadvantages and you also suffer a -3 to all rolls to resist frenzy (if you frenzy)

Club Foot -1 flaw (CBN)
    One of your feet is gnarled and deformed. Your Run rating is halved.

Cyber Reject -3 flaw
    The character's body cannot abide cyberware.  Their body rejects it.  This flaw may only be taken in a game that has common availability of cyberware.  This also limits the use of much of the modern cyber age and beyond medical technique (nanotechnology does not work in your body).  Vampirics may not take this flaw.

Deep Sleeper -1 flaw (VPG)
    When you sleep, it is very difficult for you to awaken. Add 5 to the difficulty of any roll to wake up. You are never on time when it comes near when you normally get up. (That is if you slept).

Deformity -3 flaw (VPG)
    You have some kind of deformity -- misshapen limb, a hunchback -- which affects all interactions with others and also affects you physically under certain circumstances (depending on the kind of deformity)
    You cannot have an appearance over 5.  Also this deformity raises the difficulty on certain physical tasks (defined by the type of deformity) by 5.

Disfigured -2 flaw (VPG)
    A hideous disfigurement makes you ugly and easy to notice as well as remember. You therefore have a zero Appearance.

Disgusting +2 merit (CBN)
    This merit is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this merit is allowed.
    You have the ability to contort your body and face in a way that is shocking and grotesque to others. By concentrating for a turn and making a Will + (difficulty depending on the effect) you may make your body do something truly disgusting (these things have no real game affect except for the mental affect they have on others). Anyone seeing this effect must make a Will roll (difficulty 10)  They must subtract 1 for each point below 10 they roll from all dice rolls for their next action due to broken concentration.

Double-Jointed +1 merit (VPG)
    You are unusually supple. Add +5 to all die rolls involving body flexibility.

Efficient Digestion +3 merit (VPG)
    This merit works slightly differently for different sorts of supernatural. You draw more nourishment from whatever you require to survive. You get approximately 3 units of food for each 2 you eat. This can come in handy at times but is most useful and worth the points mainly for vampires or other supernatural that can only live on a certain substance.
    In the case of a vampire each 2 units of blood drank gives you 3 units of blood.

Early Riser +1 merit (SPG)
    You always seem to be the first to rise and the last to go to bed. You get about one to two hours less sleep than others and feel fine doing so. You will always get up first even if you went to bed last.

Filth -3 flaw
     Characters with this flaw are exactly what it says, filthy. Their hair is matted, their clothes and bodies haven't been washed in weeks, and their teeth are green.  A character with this flaw can not ever seem to stay clean.  Add 5 to the difficulty to any roll social roll where the other person can tell they are dirty.

Foul Blood +3 merit (CBN)
    This flaw is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this flaw is allowed.
    Your blood tastes truly awful. Opponents who bite you in combat must make a Will roll (difficulty 10) or spend the next turn retching and gagging. If you are ever cut your blood also smells very foul.

Hemophiliac -3 flaw (HH)
    This flaw may only be taken by a mortal.
    If you get cut, you will not stop bleeding without medical attention. Any Vampire who bites you will find that they cannot seal the wound with a lick.

Huge Size +4 merit (VPG)
    You are abnormally large in size, possibly around seven feet tall and around 400 lbs. Add +3 to the Body Type Statistic.  The character must have a Body Type of at least 5 to take this merit.

Immunity +1 to +6 merit
    You are immune to the normal effects of some subtance.  The more likely the subtance is to effect the character's continued existance and functioning the more this merit is worth.  Immunities may be broad  (poison), general (snake venom), or specific (coral snake venom).  An example of a +1 immunity might be alcohol while a +6 immunity might be a type of magic (ie vampiric disciplines, thaumaturgy, fairie powers).  The character simply isn't effected by any but the most powerful effects.  One who is immune to fire could survive being burned at the stake without any problem though couldn't survive anything that would melt most metals.  The character subtracts up to 10 d6 of damage from any damage from the source of the immunity. Though there may also be other side effects from an immunity.

Lack of Scent +2 merit (WPG)
    You produce no scent, or your scent is extremely faint. You are hard to track by smell. All attempts to track are at +5 difficulty. This tends to make creatures who rely on smell greatly a bit nervous (ex: dogs, coyotes, wolves).

Lame -3 flaw (VPG)
    Your legs are injured or otherwise prevented from working effectively. Your run rating is quartered

Lizard Limbs +1 merit (CBN)
    This merit is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this merit is allowed.
    When your limbs are restrained or grappled, you may make a Will roll (difficulty 12). If you succeed, you may "shed" that limb, leaving it in your opponents grasp while you escape. The limbs may be regrown normally as if it was nonaggravated damage.

Longevity +2 merit (WPG)
    This merit is useless unless you are an aging creature of some sort.
    You are extremely long lived. You do not suffer aging effects until you are 85 + years of age. You can expect to live well into your hundreds (120-130 years old) baring accidental death.

Long Fingers +1 merit (CBN)
    This merit is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this merit is allowed.
    Your fingers are unnaturally long and spidery. (around 8 inches long each). You gain one extra die to all dice pools involving digital coordination or grappling (with your hands).

Monstrous -3 flaw (VPG)
    There is something wholly monstrous about you, something that makes you incredibly hideous. You scarcely look human, but the manner in which you differ is up to you. Your appearance is zero and you suffer a +5 difficulty to most social rolls (storyteller discresion).  Samedi or other naturally incredibly ugly creatures cannot take this flaw.

Mute -4 flaw (VPG)
    This flaw is not suggested for player characters due to the game difficulties caused by it
    Your vocal apparatus does not function, and you cannot speak at all. The player may only speak to announce his actions or to communicate with another who understands the communication form the mute character uses.  The character has a 6 in sign language for free without spending any point in it.

One Arm -3 flaw (VPG)
    You have only one arm -- chose which. This wound is severe enough that is cannot be healed easily for any person who took it. For the beings with very high regeneration assume that a demon touched it and it fell off or something equally horrible to make it not heal. You suffer at +5 to the difficulty to any task which would normally need two hands to accomplish and some tasks simply cannot be done without two hands.

Oversized Fangs +1 merit (CBN)
    This merit is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this merit is allowed.
    You have long fangs which may be grown longer at will. You do an additional d6 damage when you bite someone. You may if you chose to be obvious about it add +3 to intimidation rolls.

Oversized Mouth +1 merit (CBN)
    This flaw is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this flaw is allowed.
    Your mouth is huge and you are able to open it much like a snake. For vampires this allows them to drink blood at a faster rate. Two blood points per turn instead of one. For others simply use your imagination on the uses of it.

Paraplegic -6 flaw (VPG)
    This flaw is not suggested for Player Characters.
    You are limited to a wheelchair (or special power that allows you to fly). Your hands and arms work fine but your legs are paralyzed. This flaw will affect every aspect of your character's life and functioning.

Parasitic Infestation -2 flaw (CBN)
    This flaw is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this flaw is allowed.
    You are covered with various insects due to a secretion from your skin. You cannot command or control these vermin in any way. If you are vampiric the vermin drink from 1/4 to 3/4 blood points from you a night. The insects cause a constant rash and irritation increasing by two all resistance rolls to frenzy (if prone to frenzy).
    To other types of creature the insects will do 1/2d6 generalized damage per night due to the feeding they do on you.

Patagia +4 merit (CBN)
    This merit is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this merit is allowed.
    You have grown large flaps of skin under your arms, You may use these flaps of skin to glide short distances.

Poisonous Blood +3 merit (HH)
    Your blood is poisonous to those that live on the blood of others. Every blood point that a vampire drinks from you causes 1/6d6 damage to them (this is nonaggravated damage).

Potent Blood -4 flaw (HH)
    Your blood is very potent to vampires and they will desire to drink it. Your blood is a x5 multiplier to the blood strength. Vampires who are in your presence must make constant Will rolls if they are below 1.5 blood volume points to not drink your blood.

Putrescent -3 flaw (CBN)
    This flaw is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this flaw is allowed.
    This flaw makes you constantly rot. Your BTM is reduced by one. If you are jarred or hit violently you must make a Body Type  roll (difficulty 8). If you fail one of your facial features or a chunk of your body will fall off. This damage is unaggravated unless you botch. If you botch  one of the points of damage is aggravated and a large chunk falls off (ie a limb). The body parts that fall off will regrow. In addition to this the creature exudes an odor of slightly dusty decay.

Resemble Kindred +2 merit (HH)
    You look like a vampire which can cause people who know about vampires to confuse you for one. This can have advantages and disadvantages. Anyone who thinks you are a vampire will be using methods that would harm a vampire which might or might not do as much damage to you.

Short -1 flaw (VPG)
    You are well below average height, and have trouble seeing over high objects and move quickly. Your run rating is only 1/2 its normal value.  Also the Storyteller should make sure you height is taken into account in all situations. In some circumstances, this will give you a concealment bonus.

Sign of the Wolf (Beast) -2 flaw (WPG)
    You resemble shapeshifters of legend. You have all the legendary signs of shapeshifters and monsters of legend. Your eyebrows have grown together, there is hair on your palms, your second and third digits are the same length. In extreme cases a pentagram appears on your palm near the time of the full moon. This makes it hard to hide from witch hunters and the exceptionally superstitious will avoid you.

Slow Healing -3 flaw (SPG)
    You are slow to heal all wounds. This flaw can be dangerous. Double the time or cost of all wound healing. A vampire must spend twice as many blood points to heal wounds, immortals only heal at half the rate. Any attempts to heal you by others are only half as effective.

Slimy +2 merit (CBN)
    This merit is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this merit is allowed.
    Your skin secretes slime like that of a worm or mollusk.  Difficulty to grapple you is 5 higher.  Also you have a +3 BTM for purposes of soaking fire or similar damage.

Small -3 flaw
    You are incredibly small three to four feet tall and proportional to your size. Your run rating is only 1/2 its normal value. This affect has some small advantages as well as disadvantages and should be constantly kept in mind.
In addition you cannot have a Body over 3 (for purpose of adding body later if temporary allow them to spend IP to increase their Body).  If you take the child flaw you must take this flaw.
    This flaw is worth one less point if it is a temporary thing. IE a mummy that has a time as a young child. A young mortal.

Strict Carnivore -1 flaw (WPG)
    This flaw cannot be taken by creatures who are already limited to a certain kind of food (like a vampire).
    You derive no nourishment from vegetables, and must rely solely on meat -- preferably raw. It is hard for you to subsist on desolate landscapes where hunting is scarce.

Swarm Attractor +2 merit (CBN)
    This merit is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this merit is allowed.
    You must have at least some ability to affect and control animals. Your skin excretes a grease that attracts flies, gnats, bees and other flying insects. While the insects normally buzz about you passively in a thick cloud. You may command them in a limited fashion. The bugs may travel up to twenty feet from you in a swarm and swarm about someone. The swarm does no damage, but any being caught in the swarm must make a Will roll (difficulty 10). If the roll fails, the victim adds 5 to the difficulty of all die rolls that turn. If the roll botches he may make no action at all that turn.

Teenager -1 or -2 flaw
    You have various legal difficulties due to your apparent age which is for two points somewhere between 12 - 14 and for 1 point somewhere between 15 - 16. Seventeen year olds can pass for 18.  This flaw is worth more or less depending on the time period.
    This flaw is only worth one point period if the character is aging normally.

Tough Hide +2 merit (CBN)
    This merit is incredibly obvious and makes you seem inhuman in some way. The storyteller makes the final decision about whether this merit is allowed.
    Your skin is thick and leathery resembling that of a pachyderm. You add +1 to your Body Type Modifier.

Versatile Sleeper +2 merit
    The character does not have to sleep in long stretches.  He can by simply napping 10 or 20 minutes at a time get the equivalent of a full night's sleep.  Add +5 to the daily total of IP given to the character since they do not waste the time that most do in sleeping.

    This list of merits and flaws is a catchall category that affects your social interactions with all social creatures this set of merits and flaws crosses the line between all societies of which you are a part.

Flaming -2 flaw
     Although lifestyle and sexual preference is not in itself a Flaw this social flaw defines the extent to which the social disadvantage of appearing gay.
     You appear to only like people of the same sex for sexual or emotional attachments.  Characters with this flaw are the stereotype of the Gay person.  For a lesbian they are butch and very male in appearance.  For a gay man they are very effeminate and have a killer fashion sense.   Characters may alternatively be very open about their preference and tell everyone (wear gay pride buttons teeshirts with "fuck abstinance try homolove" etc).  Characters with this flaw do not actually have to be gay nor do all characters who are gay have to have this flaw.  However, even when dating the opposite sex others believe you are pretending.
     In most situations add +3 to the difficulty of social rolls.  Add +5 to the character's social rolls in certain communities known to be "gay friendly".  If you are believed to be "pretending" both sets of rolls are +3 difficulty.

Slut -2 flaw
     You are perceived by others to either put out for almost anybody or sleep with anything that will have you in bed with them. In your chosen crowd add +5 to any dice rolls to pick someone up but on all other social rolls add 5 to the difficulty simply because people in the scene lack respect for you.  This is only a 1 point flaw for a Hetaerae since it is considered to be forgivable behavior due to the nature of their clan.

Transvestite +1 merit or -2 flaw
    Characters with the transvestite merit have an uncanny ability to appear as the opposite sex if they wish.
    Characters with the transvestite flaw feel a strong need to dress up as a member of the opposite sex and are fairly obviously dressed up that way.  Add +5 to the difficulty of social rolls at the storyteller's discretion.

Twisted -2 flaw
     Although most people have their little quirks, a character with Twisted has at least one that make other people's mouths drop. It is either obvious to others who get to know the character or they feel free to tell acquaintances as they see nothing wrong with whatever it is that merits this Twisted weakness.
     A few examples are necrophilia, a dead animal collection, extreme fetishes, being unable to sleep in anything but a coffin (for any society but vamp), or an emotional desire for small mammals, the character sees this as a perfectly acceptable and desirable way of life.
     Add 5 to the difficulty on any social rolls when others know of your "quirk"

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