Werecreature Merits and Flaws

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Werecreature Society

    These merits and flaws are different kinds of supernatural benefits or detriments.

Banned Transformation -1 to -6 flaw (WPG)
    Some event prevents you from changing your shape. Some examples are:

Forced Transformation -1 to -4 flaw (WPG)
    Some event forces you to shapeshift beyond your ability to control it. You must spend a willpower point to prevent the change. Once changed, you cannot shift back until the condition forcing you to change has passed. The examples below are werecreature but any shapeshifting creature could have this flaw at varying level. Use the examples below for guess of cost. Some examples are: Werecreature Society
    These merits and flaws deal directly with how the werecreature relates to the society of werecreatures.

Favor -+1 to +3 merit (VPG)
    A more experienced werecreature owes you a favor.  The number of points given for a favor depends on the particular werecreature and the degree of debt she feels.  The extent of the boon owed you depends on how many points you spend. One point would indicate a relatively minor boon by a relatively powerful werecreature, while three points would indicate a very powerful werecreature owes you her very existence.

Negative Becoming -2 flaw
    In your Becoming ceremony you showed character flaws.  You threw your companions at the raging werecreatures or offered them a young child in sacrifice etc.  Anytime temporary renown within one of the areas is gained ( Bravery, Honor or Wisdom) subtract 2 from the renown gained.  This flaw can eventually be overcome.  At storyteller discresion give normal renown for specific actions also after the character reaches 5 renown remove this flaw.  Characters with this flaw cannot take no Becoming or strong Becoming.

No Becoming -1 flaw
    There was no Becoming ceremony and in fact you Became on your own.  Since this is a primary location that werecreature society learns about the character's limits others will tend to dismiss the things you do for quite some time. Anytime temporary renown is gained in one of the areas (Bravery, Honor, Renown) subtract 1 from the points gained.  This flaw can eventually be overcome.  At storyteller discresion give normal renown for specific actions also after the character reaches 5 renown remove this flaw.  Characters with this flaw cannot take no Becoming or strong Becoming.

Notoriety -3 flaw (VPG)
    You have a bad reputation among the Werecreatures  Add +5 to the difficulty of all dice rolls for social dealings with werecreatures.  A character with this flaw cannot take the merit reputation.

Reputation +2 merit (VPG)
    You have a good reputation among werecreatures.  Add +5 to dice rolls for social dealings with werecreatures. A character with this flaw cannot take the flaw notoriety.

Species Enmity -2 flaw (VPG)
    For some reason, something about you inspires contempt or hatred in members of another werecreature species. Add 5 to the difficulty on any social rolls dealing with that species. The species will also do you dirty if given the chance. Select the "enemy" species.

Species Friendship +3 merit (VPG)
    For any number or different reasons - appearance, bearing, background or demeanor - something about you appeals to the members of a species other than your own (player's choice). Add +5 to any roll involving social dealings with that species.  Also the species will assist you and expect you to do the same for them when possible. This can be a two-edged sword.

Strong Becoming +2 or +4 merit
    You cannot take this merit and any of the other Becoming flaws.  During your Becoming you showed exceptional courage, wisdom, or honor.  The +2 point version of this merit adds +1 to all renown awards within one area (bravery, honor, wisdom).  The +4 version adds +1 to all renown awards.  This merit can be lost with repeated actions that remove renown.

Twisted Upbringing -2 flaw (VPG)
     You were trained by someone who had twisted ideas about what a werecreature is supposed or someone who simply passed along to you twisted ideas about what a werecreature should be. The person who trained you could be a particularly twisted pack of werecreatures, a corporation or a twisted individual.  This effects most of your dealings with werecreature society.  It takes a long time and some painful leasons to overcome these ideas.

    These merits and flaws deal with your physical makeup.

Fair Glabro +2 merit (WPG)
    This merit may only be taken by natural shapeshifters that have a form equivalating human form and cannot be taken by werecreatures who have a bonus to or don't lose appearance in Glabro.
Your Glabro form can pass for human. You lose no social attributes when in Glabro form.

Metamorph +6 merit (WPG)
    You find it extremely easy to change forms. You do not need to roll to shift your form nor do you need to spend a rage point to instantly assume a desired form. In addition, if you are ever knocked unconscious you can make a Will + Shifting difficulty 15 to assume whichever form you wish instead of your breed form.

Mixmorph +1 merit (WPG)
    It is easy for you to transform certain body parts only. Example a hand to a claw while in homid form. The difficulty to do this task is only 10.

No Partial Transformation -1 flaw (WPG)
    You cannot take partial forms at all only full-fledged forms.  See species list for particular forms each species has.

Species Years -3 -5 to -7 flaw (WPG)
    This flaw may only be taken by those whose species has a short lifespan relative to humans. Gurahl and Ananasi cannot take this flaw.
    The character ages as their species.  The -3 version of the flaw are for character's whose lifespan is approximately 1/2 human normal (50 years or so), while the -5 version is approximately 1/4 human norm (25 years) the -7 version of this lives around 7 years if exceptionally lucky.
    Aging rolls begin at an earlier time for the character depending on the species.

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