Werecreatures in Talorian
Children of Gaia

   Werecreatures are the physical descendents of Lillith and her various lovers among many species. Lillith after her boredom with Caine decided to try living lives among many of the animal species of the world. She lived full lives among these species bearing young who were of herself with her human form and her animal lover.
    Due to this demonic nature they found that they could assume human form as well several forms inbetween the animalistic and human form. Some of the children of Lillith had children and these children also shared her gift and curse. Due to their demonic nature they had great difficulty controlling their passions and angers. The Goddess Gaia felt sympathy for them and gave them a powerful Avatar to go with this powerful Beast. In exchange for this healing she gave them a list of guidelines and laws.
    Werecreatures through the ages have had a rough history.  Constantly at war from many sides; fighting with humans, the creatures of the other Gods and those that would harm that they were sworn to protect.  In the year 2000 CE Gaia stopped speaking to them.

Index (note this is broken into two files. This index includes links to both.
Werecreature Basic Abilities
Additional aspects (Rage and new Vitae abilities)
Werecreature specific Skills -- these are special skills required for playing a werecreature.
The Spirit World
The Becoming
Unique Werecreature Backgrounds
Unique Werecreature Merits and Flaws
Society Notes


    For an unknown reason the Werecreature can change their shape and enter the Umbra without having any difficulty with Cyberware.  The Cyberware disappears when the Were changes shape and in its place the original body part comes into being in all forms that are considerably different than their normal.  Therefore, a Werewolf with a cyberarm has a cyberarm in Human form, and in Glabro form but loses it in Crinos, Hispo and Lupus form.  However, they do not lose the leg in any of their forms.

Werecreature Basic Abilities


Additional Aspects

    The basic Rage pool is equal to 10 - Empathy rating (use current Empathy rating including any loss from Cyberware).  Rage only regenerates through Anger.  Anytime the character is angry the character has a chance of gaining additional Rage even over and above the Base Rage.  (However, between adventures it is assumed that the character's Rage returns to the base rage).
    Rage has two primary affects:

    Rage can be spent to: Vitae
    Werecreatures have the following special abilities that cost Vitae: Index

Werecreature Specific Skills

Will/Willpower Skills

Shifting (1) The ability of the werecreature to change his shape.

Umbral Travel (2)  The skill of entering and leaving and traveling in the umbra (but not knowledge of it)

Empathy Skills

Animal Understanding (1) or (3)  The ability to communicate understand the social signals of animals by accessing the animal within yourself.  The x1 multiplier only applies to a specific species while the x3 multiplier applies to entire families of creatures (cats as compared to felines).  The character always has a +2 to rolls with their own species.

Spirit Understanding (2)  The skill of understanding the spirits in the world.  Works as human perception.

Intelligence Skills

    Nonspecies Tongue (3) the ability to speak and understand the language of any other species of animal.
    Species Tongue (1) the language of your own species of animal
    Werecreature bodylanguage (1) - a set of basic signals designed to be possible in any form to communicate very basic ideas
    Werecreature language (4) - the language used for common communication between werecreatures.  Includes a double linguistic style that allows those both in homid and those in animal form to use it.  Crinos werecreatures still cannot use it.

Litany (1)  The knowledge of the common folklore and history of the werecreatures.

Magical Skills

Klaive Bonding The skill of bonding and creating the proper spirits for a Klaive

Node Care The skill of caring for and accessing a caern node.

Rage Gifts:  The skill of focusing gifts that require the expenditure of rage.

Vitae Gifts:  The skill of focusing gifts that require the expenditure of vitae.

Willpower Gifts  The skill of focusing gifts that require the expenditure of willpower

Reflexes Skills

Klaive Dueling (2)  The ability to use a Klaive -- a bladed weapon with a long thick blade.

Martial Art Kailindo (4)  The Shapeshifter martial art of combat that includes throws, strikes, leaps and controlled shapeshifts to deadly effect.  Each different werecreature type has a slightly different version of this martial art depending on their particular forms.

Strike Kick Block/Parry Dodge Throw Hold Escape Choke Sweep Grapple
+3 +2 +2 +4 +1 +0 +4 +0 +2 +0

The Spirit World
   Werecreatures have a close tie to the spirit world.  Each Pack possesses a spirit totem and the character may have a connection the species/caern totem as well.  This spirit totem gives them certain gifts and expects something back in return.  If a character leaves a pack they must sunder this bond (all points put into the spirit totem are lost).  Some werecreatures also may possess a personal totem spirit, a Jamak (jamak work much like totem spirit but limited in time) or a spirit friend.

Pack Totem Spirits
    Werecreature packs have a totem spirit that they have a partnership with.  The totem often gives them certain abilities and asks certain favors.  Many totem spirits are animal spirits.  To gain a totem spirit the total cost of the spirit as an advantage is shared by all pack members and in fact each member of the beginning pack must spend at least one freebie point to be part of the pack (the later members must spend 10 Improvement points to become part of the pack).
    The totem is created by taking the total number of abilities and required favors and convert it to merits and flaws.  That cost must be paid between the pack.  However, each pack member does not have to pay the total cost.
    All totems must be approved by the storyteller and the storyteller may alter them as needed.   To create a new totem costs 10 experience points per freebie point spent on creating the totem.  A pack can only possess 1 totem.

Species Totem Spirits
    This is taken care of by the Totem Spirit background.  The more points put into this backgound the closer their bond to the species totem.  All that is required of these totems is fulfilling the species purpose.

Caern Totem Spirits
    This is taken care of by the Totem Spirit background.  The more points put into this background the closer their bond to the caern totem.  All that is required of these totems is protection of the caern and its purpose.

Personal Totem Spirits
    An individual werecreature who wishes to have a personal totem adds up all the abilities and banes of the totem and pays 1/2 that cost to gain the pack totem.  To gain a personal totem after the beginning of the game by spending points costs 10 experience points per 1 freebie point put into the spirit.  If this is gained through roleplay there is no cost.

    Are individual short term bonds between two individuals one a powerful spirit and one a werecreature.  Both gain from the association.  The individual does not gain an always on advantage but instead tends to gain things like teaching and knowledge from the spirit.  As long as the individual completes what they agreed to do other Jamak of similar power will tend to come to them (no need to spend extra points) and trade favors again.

Spirit Friends
    These are individuals who travel with the pack (or and individual of the pack) and assist them.  Use the spirit friends merit
under supernatural merits and flaws.  The cost for a pack spirit friend may be shared by the whole group.


The Becoming
    Each werecreature is born a werecreature even if they do not know it.  Most if not all nonmetis werecreatures are ignorant of their origin.  There is only one thing that wakens their true nature.  A stressful event of such magnitude that the character can no longer control themselves at all.  This stress can be anger or fear or any other overpowering emotion.  When an event of this sort occurs their nature awakens. (If you decide to roleplay this part and need a little systemeze assume 5 failed willpower roll during one extended action).
    Most of the werecreatures were Become by being kidnapped and taken into the woods and hunted by a pack of werecreatures.  When they Become the pack stops chasing them and tells them the truth and why they were chased.  This is a time of great honor where the werecreature to be can show much about who they will be.  However, not all Become by being taken by those who understand.  Some Become in times of stress beyond their control and must fend for themselves until a pack finds them.


    Each werecreature has a special gift that they can use in any form despite the normal physical limitations of the form.
    The werecreature may also chose to buy gifts that they can use using the Psychic Gift system.  The gifts are all assumed to power level 8 or less in power.

The Forms
    The forms are included in the text of werecreature types. All added attributes are given elsewhere.  From storyteller the number of attributes gained is double.

The Werecreature types
    Werecreatures possess a nature that comes from breed and species.  Breed is the character's parentage.  Was their parent: human (homo), werecreature (metis) or animal (natura).  The werecreature also possesses a species which defines what their animal form is as well as each of their species gift.

Unique Werecreature Backgrounds
    This defines the special backgrounds that only Werecreatures can possess.  The special Werecreature backgrounds are: Denrealm,  Jamak, Kinfolk, Past Life, Pure Breed, Renown and Totem.

    The werecats are the most likely to have this background.  In fact all difficulties to use the abilities are +3 for all other werecreature types.
    A denrealm is an umbral space over an area that is attached to a specific character.  Multiple Denrealms can cover the same physical space.  A denrealm is best thought of as a two dimensional umbral pocket that covers the physical area defined by the Denrealm background..  However, anytime denrealms overlap add +1 to the difficulty for each overlap.  For this reasons werecreatures tend to be protective of their denrealms.  This over time has caused the claiming of an inner location that no one is allowed to build.
    Possessing a Denrealm has the following effects:

Dots Base Gauntlet size country size city
O  10 1 square mile midsized house
OO  15 2 square miles mansion
OOO  20 5 square miles city block
OOOO  25 10 square miles 2 city blocks
OOOOO  30 20 square miles 5 city blocks
5 + O  35 30 square miles 10 city blocks
5 + OO  40 50 square miles 20 city blocks
5 + OOO  45 75 square miles 30 city blocks
5 + OOOO  50 150 square miles 50 city blocks
5 + OOOOO  55 300 square miles 75 city blocks

    The background cost is as per the highest costing aspect.  Therefore, if a werecreature wishes to have a higher gauntlet but doesn't wish to have a 10 mile square radius because it doesn't fit the character they still would have to pay for 4 dots.

    Jamak are spirit friends who give favors to the character.  Jamak are obtained for a specific amount of time usually a deal is made at the onset.  Jamak differ from spirit totems in that the time for the bond is limited.

Dots Description Example
O  Minor Spirit Butterfly
OO  Lesser Spirit Bonescrapper
OOO  Major Spirit Dreamspeaker
OOOO  Respected Spirit King of Monkeys
OOOOO  Revered Spirit King of Cats
5 + O  Weak Totem Spirit Termite
5 + OO  Powerful Totem Spirit Grandfather Thunder
5 + OOO  Celestine Luna
5 + OOOO  Avatar Silver Unicorn
5 + OOOOO  Gaia Gaia (this level is not reachable after 2000CE)
    This background is the number of your nonwerecreature kinfolk that you can have access to.  They do not have to all be your breed.  The more kinfolk you have the lesser the connection of each is to you. If the character possesses the family special ability then assume that most of the kinfolk are in the tribe. Kinfolk have the following advantages:
Dots Effect
O  1 kinfolk (average human) or 2 weaker kinfolk (average cat or dog)
OO  2 kinfolk (average human) or 4 weaker kinfolk (average cat or dog)
OOO  1 very powerful kinfolk or 5 kinfolk (average human)
OOOO  10 kinfolk power level of individuals may vary (assume not close to more than 5)
OOOOO  20 kinfolk power level of individuals may vary (assume not close to more than 7)
5 + O  35 kinfolk power level of individuals may vary (assume not close to more that 10)
5 + OO  50 kinfolk power level of individuals may vary (assume not close to more than 10)
5 + OOO  75 kinfolk power level of individuals may vary (assume not close to more than 10)
5 + OOOO  100 kinfolk power level of individuals may vary (assume not close to more than 10)
5 + OOOOO  150 kinfolk power level of individuals may vary (asume not close to more than 10)
Past Life
    This is the character's connection to their past lives.  For each dot in this background assume the character has close connection to one of their past lives.  This connection is so close in fact that the character can borrow the skills and ability of that past life.  For each dot also assume that the character has knowledge of 5 past lives.  He cannot roll to gain extra skills but the information they possess can come in useful.
    To use the past lives ability roll Will + Past Life (background) difficulty 15 for each point over 15 you roll add 2 points to skills possessed by the individual past life.  These extra points last for 1 full scene.  The character cannot access a particular past life more than 1/week. The player must define the primary past lives they possess.
    To access knowledge the character has roll Will + Past Life (background) difficulty decided by the information.  On a success the character has some knowledge of the situation.  For each success thereafter, the knowledge becomes more exacting.

Pure Breed
    This background determines your pedigree.  It is how pure your ancestry is.  The purest ancestry is one that mated from man to animal, to man, to animal throughout history.  After the 1950's pretty much no one had a completely pure breed.  Pure Breed is shown primarily by the way the character carries themselves.
    Pure breeds bonuses to rolls with your species, all werecreatures, and werecreature connected spirits.

Own species
Bonus Spirits
You don't have too many skeletons in your ancestral closet
You don't have any skeletons in your ancestral closet
You have no skeletons in your ancestral closet.
You ancestors shifted breeds most of the time and generally chose well.
Your ancestors shifted breeds except for once or twice and generally chose well.
5 + O
Your ancestors shifted breeds except for once or twice and chose well almost all the time.
5 + OO
Your ancestors shifted breeds except for once or twice and chose well except for once or twice 
5 + OOO
Your ancestors shifted breeds except for once or twice and chsoe well all the time.
5 + OOOO
Your ancestors shifted breeds all the time and generally chose well.
You are a straight line of shifted breeds of the absolutely best stock
    see status section for more information.  This background it the renown that the character already possesses.  This background may be limited by the Storyteller.  I would suggest limiting this to three dots in the beginning for most games. Pack renown will still be decided by averaging the dots in this background.
Dots Renown Description
-- 0 Renown Unknown element, Novice Werecreature recently Become
O 1 Renown Trained but not barely blooded novice.
OO 2 Renown Blooded and known warrrior
OOO 3 Renown Fully integrated member of the community who is listened too.
OOOO 4 Renown Respected elder of the community
OOOOO 5 Renown Highly respected elder of the community
5 + O 6 Renown Species Leader in a Caern
5 + OO 7 Renown Silver Pack Member
5 + OOO 8 Renown Silver Pack Leader
5 + OOOO 9 Renown Caern Leader
5 + OOOOO 10 Renown Species Leader
    This background is the strength of the character's connection to the species and caern totem.  Only the Caern protection leader is allowed a Caern totem rating of 5 and only Species Leaders within an area can possess Species Totem background of 5. This background is purchased seperately for each type of totem.
    The possessing of this background gives varied effect depending upon the particular Species (listed with species) and Caern totem (decided at beginning of game). The dots gained in this background may be spent for totem connection (which ranges from 1 to 5).
Dots Effect Storyteller Notes
-- No special connection to either totem. 
O 1 point to spend
OO 2 points to spend Strong connection to the particular totem.  The totem may occasionally actively speak to the character
OOO 3 points to spend
OOOO 4 points to spend
OOOOO 5 points to spend Character may visit the totem and here the voice regularly.  They may occasionally be taken over by the totem speaking its will
5 + O 6 points to spend
5 + OO 7 points to spend A specially chosen one usually one per lifetime.  The totem has a special mission for the child usually chosen when they were born.  The child has been carefully groomed.
5 + OOO 8 points to spend
5 + OOOO 9 points to spend
5 + OOOOO 10 points to spend A specially chosen one usually chosen  for the child at birth and this mission will be world effecting and there may only be one every 400 to 1000 years.  The child has   been carefully groomed.
Unique Werecreature Merits and Flaws
    There are quite a few special merits and flaws that are only available to werecreatures.  These merits and flaws are listed in their own file.  (See Werecreature Merits and Flaws)

Character Creation
   Character creation involves several steps but very few that are any different than those involved with creating a normal mortal character in Talorian.

Game Concept
    What are the limitations set by the game?  The Storyteller will set the point limits for the game as well as any character limitations.  From these limitations and your own imagination you will create a Character concept.

Character Concept
    What type of Werecreature are you (breed and species)? Who were you born as?  When were you born?  When did you become (how old were you)?  What is your connection to werecreature society?  Human society?  Animal society? What are you good at?  What do you like to do? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself.  Make sure to keep the answers reasonable for the game concept.

The Points
    When creating a werecreature character you will have a number of statistic and skill points (see talorian basic system).  All vampires' games automatically include all ten attributes. The chart below includes a list of guidelines for character points.  The storyteller may ignore or modify these charts at will.
Character's Place
Gift Points
Maximum Gift Level
Basic Stats Points 
Basic Skill 
Points *
total pts 
special skills
max skill level
regular skills
max skill level 
special skills
Old One
True Member
Newly Become
 * Add Reflexes + Intelligence to the number of skill points given.

Freebie points are assigned at the beginning of the game as well.  A beginning game should include 15 freebie points.  Follow the rules outlined under the Basic Talorian System for the spending of all points.

Gaia's Directives

    1. The rule of the land will be packs.  Each of you will bond together with a number of your own.  These bonding will be called Packs.
    2. Accept the assistance of the Spirits for only together can you fulfill your purpose.
    3. You will stay together even with those of different species for only together are you strong.
    4. Each species has its  purpose. It is your primary responsibility to fulfill that purpose.
The Social Units
    The werecreatures throughout all history have associated into three primary social units:  The pack, the tribe, and the breed.
    The pack is a group of werecreatures bonded together into a closely knit group much like a family.  They may disagree but they would never betray another in their pack.  The pack is the most important social unit in the Werecreature.  Packs have a totem spirit as proof of their bond.
    The tribe is a group of werecreature packs.  The most powerful and wisest pack rules the tribe.  The tribe is a collection of packs (and possibly a few without a pack) bonded together in a common location or for a common purpose.  Werecreatures from different tribes have a set of rules about the society as a whole.  They associate through meetings in the spirit world and different members travel at different times.  Most werecreatures associate around Caerns or places of holy power given to them by Gaia to protect.  These supply to them power and protection as well as an easy place to access the Spirit world.
    The Species is the last social unit.  The species is the only social unit that leaves the tribe.  The species is beyond the tribe and beyond the pack but less powerful.  Each type of werecreature has some tie to others of their type.  There is an inherent understanding of others who are like you.  This is less an official social unit than the fondness one feels when associating with those who understand.

The War of Rage
    There are three primary groups of werecreatures.  The Warriors of Gaia and the Children of Gaia still serve Gaia while the Servants of the Wyrm are a group of werecreaturs who serve the Wyrm directly.  Currently and throughout most of modern history (beginning in the 1800's) the Warriors and the Children have been at war due to a philosophical difference.  Both groups see themselves as the rightful protectors and leaders of the Earth.
    The Warriors of Gaia believe in something called the Impergium.  The Impergium is a sacred duty to hold humanity back to protect nature but only that which is under their wing.  For this reason the Warriors believe that any other supernaturals must be stamped out (except spirits) so that their control can be more complete.
    The Children of Gaia believe in protecting but not ruling.  They believe in closer cooperation between all beings including the supernaturals and the normals.  They will fight but only those that are obviously harming the world.  In fact other supernaturals are occasionally made part of a pack.  The Warriors and the Children have been at war since the 1800's.  There are few battles it instead is a cold war.  Each group attempts to steal Kine from the other.
    The Servants of the Wyrm are a small group of werecreatures who have betrayed Gaia to serve the Wyrm directly.  They are commonly called Black Spiral Dancers.  The Children and The Warriors are of one mind about the Servants.  The servants must be stamped out completely.  The servants work together with many other supernaturals and despite their small size manage to survive and even prosper.

The Mating Imperative
    All three groups of Werecreatures created a rule called the Mating Imperative after 1950 (plus or minus a few years depending upon year).  Each werecreature is expected to mate once with the Natura breed and once with the Homo breed in their lifetime.

    Status affects many things in werecreature society.   Status comes in two forms the Pack status and the Individual status.  Both are intertwined and effect the other.  Status is gained by deeds of bravery, honor, or wisdom.  Status ranges from 1 to 10.   Pack status is the average of the status of all members of the pack.  However, individual status may not be more than two points over the pack status.
    Status is accrued by gaining status awards from your peers.  No status comes from actions that the society does not know about.  Acts of Bravery Honor and Wisdom give what is called Renown. Renown acts much like temporary Beastial in the way it functions.  When five slots are gained the character adds 1 to their Status and subtract 5 from Renown.  If you go below -3 Renown return Renown to 0 and subtract one from Status.  This simply shows how easily newly gained status is to lose.  It is a fragile thing ready to be lost at the first mistake
    The chart below is an example of things that could give Renown.  This chart is for the Children of Gaia if it doesn't seem appropriate for a Warrior don't use it.
Renown award Action  Renown award Action 
+2  Fulfill species purpose 1 year faithful service to it +2  Mediating a dispute safely.
+2  Besting and enemy (weak)   +2  Supporting and innocent being accused of a crime that is later proven innocent
+4  Besting and enemey (powerful)  -3  Supporting one who is accused of a crime who is not proven innocent.  These points are added back if the accused is proven innocent during a reasonable length of time.
+4 Protecting tribe from a threat -2 Producing a Metis (no dishonor accues to the Metis)
+1 Protecting a helpless creature -1 Showing foolishness
+1  Pack as a whole reward for any of the above. -4  Showing cowardice 
+2  Strong service towards species purpose -3  Allowing a packmate to die unnecessarily 
+2 Creating a plan that worked -1 Failing at action within species purpose
+3  Keeping Caern safe  -4  Refusing to produce a child with either breed.  (Counts twice if refuses to mate at all does not count for metis) This award is lost only after others suggest it is time and people start to believe it.
+2 Protecting Kinfolk
Renown Background
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