Arranging for housing for college students can often be very stressful.  The student is leaving home for the first time and will be responsible for his/her own actions without the intervention of a parental figure.  Many colleges offer on-campus housing for a lower price than even the cheapest off-campus housing.  For the most part admission into on-campus housing is possible for any enrolled student taking more than 6 hours.
Most on-campus housing requires taking a roommate and offers a few single rooms for a larger fee.

The only new issue that a home schooler may potentially have to deal with involves going to college early.  Many colleges allow those that are 17 or older into their residence halls.  Most off-campus housing available require the student to be 18 to sign a rental contract.

Primary forms of housing available to all students:

Often the housing office on the campus you plan to attend is a good source of information about about living opportunities in town.
Another link that you might want to consider using is campusrent.com it is a rental property search for off-campus living opportunites.  You can search by state, college and residence type.  There are also other apartment search pages (apartmentsforrent.com , apartmentrenting.com , apartment.renting.net are a few but you can find more relatively quickly by doing a search on the web).

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