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Roleplaying Resources

BJ Zanzibar's World of Darkness Resource
    This is probably the best WOD database that I have seen.  BJ has a gigantic encyclopedia of fan created material on World of Darkness and despite its size its well organized.  I take a peek at BJ's site probably once or twice a week.

Kaiden's Oriental WOD of Darkness
    I've been dreaming about this page for a while.  The page is dedicated to the Orient in the World of Darkness.  It includes cultural notes and ghost stories from Japan.  The stories section was nicely sized when I was last there but the legends and supernatural creatures section was still sparce.

The Tesarta Online resource library
    Some interesting links to online information to the roleplayer.  Including such things as heraldry, alchemy, weapons' guides and a multitude of other information.

World Builders Webpage
    This page takes a serious look at the science behind world building.  This is actually the main class page for a very special physics class.  It definately deserves a peek.

Shaezyra's webpage
    This page has several interesting things.  A set of Adventurer hazards is kind of neat.  Also he has a list of world design links.

Supernatural Resources

The Occult Sciences and Parapsychology Research Guide of the New York Public Library System
      This link includes a searchable database of occult and parapsychology reseach and information.

Miscellaneous Research Resources

Webring main page.
    This is the main directory of the webrings.  For those who haven't heard of them before Webrings are collections of similar sites linked together with a few extra search functions.  The webrings' main page is one of those functions.  This page has a searchable index as well as a category index.
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