Mehrkat's Worlds
A set of unique Roleplaying Worlds 

    Welcome to Mehrkat's Worlds.  This is a roleplaying resource dedicated to creation of brand new roleplaying worlds.  For years I have gained a great deal of enjoyment out of creating worlds for roleplaying. Currently only Talorian is included on site but there are no worlds using MADD at this time.  Each world will include everything necessary to run a game in that world including links to the primary system with special rules included.  playing in the world making each a completely self-contained game. Eventually each game system will also include conversion notes for converting the world into other game systems.

    Currently this site contains 2 worlds:

    Currently this site includes 1 game system.     Many of the concepts found in these worlds are altered from other people's creations and hopefully combined into a unique whole.  If you want to check out the original concepts check out my disclaimer's page.

Check out my links page.  This is a list of links designed for the roleplayer.  This link includes: roleplaying links, a few links related to supernatural studies, and a few general research links.

Check out my Webrings page.  This page is dead but hopefully that won't continue long.  This is my webrings list.  All of these are dedicated to world creation, roleplaying or specifically dedicated to World of Darkness.

Formating Notes.  This page explains my formatting work.  I have finally added a navigation toolbar.  This page explains the navigation toolbar.

E-Mail me and let me know what you think.  Also I've done my best to prevent them but if you find any links that don't work drop me a line.
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