The Adventure So Far

This page is an index page for the adventures that the pcs have taken part in so far.  Until the page gets unweildy the full story will be included on the page.

This is the origin story of the characters and how they began to travel together

Traveling to Rivers'End
The pcs began as simple wagon guards going to the great trade city of Rivers'End.

In the Swamp
The pcs found themselves magically transported in the middle of a swamp.  They have a few battles making their way out of the swamp.

In the Town
The town had its problems it was plagued by an evil necromancer who lives in the tower.  The pcs agree to go and defeat him.

The Tower
The pcs take on the tower.

Back in the Town
The pcs leave the tower and go to town

The Predjudice City
The pc enter a town that is highly predjudice against nonhumans of all types. 

The UnderCity
The pcs in order to escape the predjudiced city journey into the city that was buried under the current city. 

Our erstwhile travelers are from Dargon's Haven a small town about 3 days travel from Rivers'End.  They hire on to help guard two merchant's wagons on the trip to Rivers'End.  Before they leave they also agree to deliver a magical crystal to John Enchanters Son.

Traveling to  Rivers'End
The travel is very quiet if occasionally spooky experience until they came across a mage storm.  The mage storm transported them into the middle of a swamp and magically injured one of the merchants.

In the  Swamp
The travelers are attacked by a group of giangantic ants and meet Rudin and a small tribe of primative humanoids.  They eventually beat back the ants and escape into town.

In the  Town
When they enter the town they put Jen the merchant to bed due to her sickness at the local inn.  They discover that a necromancer has frightened away almost all animal life and comes into town to steal members of the town.  Some of the townsfolk he turns into his enforcers some never return.  The innkeepers own daughter is one of those taken.
The small town is controlled and terrorized by a the Lord of this old abandoned tower.  (Lord Dru).  Lord dru is a necromancer that has some goblins, some werecreature servants, and some apprentices. He also has a twin brother that doesn't agree with his policies. The transportation also damaged one of the traders you had promised  to protect.  The twin agreed to heal him in exchange for you going  to get rid of Lord Dru.  The pc's agreed (after seeing various proofs of Lord Dru's cruelty).  The other merchant is staying to protect the injured and the pcs are storming the tower.
They stay at a small inn and help protect the innkeeper, his wife and his daughter from one of Lord Dru's minions who has been turned into a WereLeapord.

The  Tower
The pcs have made their way into the tower.  They have already defeated the majority of the goblins troops.  They have discovered several ancient magics in the tower.  The sword that is currently being discussed and a magical mask that is locked in a magical box that you cannot open. The pcs picked up one of the servants of the lord (Reighne who appears to be a wereraven).  She has recently shared knowledge of the enemies. They are getting ready to go into the Lord's underground stronghold through a magic door where they are facing for a major battle.
The pcs attacked and defeated Lord Dru and his Minions.  Some of the minions escaped. Some turn on Lord Dru when given a chance.
They meet the Priest Welin while returning to town.

Back in the  Town
During their adventure the PC's discover that The innkeeper was molesting his daughters.  They defeated the innkeeper and help the daughter escape.  Lord Adain heals Jen the merchant but during the course of that removes his own lifeforce and dies.  Welin guides them out of the territory and they travel for several days.

The Predjudiced  City
The PC's come across a city at the edge of a river decide to sell some of the things they are having to carry both to lighten the load and hopefully to gain passage.
When they enter the city they find that it shares an incredibly strong predjudice for nonhumans.  All nonhumans are second class citizens and live in their own section of town.  The pc's split up one group going to arrange passage and the other to sell their supplies.
Ty and the two merchants remain outside the city
The group who are going for supplies are framed for murdering a human. A magic spell is cast over the town preventing escape and guards are raiding the nonhuman section of town.
The pcs escape capture and meet up with a thieves' guild representative.  They agree to help the pcs escape in exchange for defeating an evil demon gem supposedly giving power to the town leaders and twisting everyone's worst personality traits.  The evil gem exists in a buried tower in the undercity.  The undercity was a city buried by a great mages spell that dropped a mountain on the city.  The new city grew on top of it.

The  Undercity
The PC's enter the undercity and find that the undercity is inhabited by fearsome creatures and pitiful mismatched creatures who have never been out of the undercity and don't even know there is a world outside.  They gain a guide from among the tribe of mismatched creatures by agreeing to destroy the demon gem.
They enter one tower and meet someone who claims to be one of the great mages of the past.  Jace the diviner.  Jace offers each of them a fortune and then disappears.  They continue to explore the tower and find that the tower is haunted in various ways.  Hawk is taken over by a Spirit.  They also gain a great treasure a small chest filled with magical treasure chests.  They left this tower and were guided to a tower populated by plant zombies that house the demon gem.  


Tides of Evil