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Tides of Evil

Welcome to the Tides of Evil main game site.
The Tides of Evil game is a game set in the Game world.  A world that was long ago beset by powerful war mages who took over the world and manipulated its magic and its races in a twisted War game for mastery of the world.
The website is split up into several main categories at the top of the page:  If you are interested in the game drop me a line at.

The Character creation section includes all the information you will need to create an initial character concept for the game and the rules necessary to set your character's race, class, attributes, skills and feats.

The Character's section has general information the characters in the game.

The World section includes maps of the world, the pantheon of gods and devils, information on creatures and persons the players have met or have knowledge of.  It includes information about the races and the locations you have traveled.

The Adventures-So-Far section will include links to a narrative account of what has happened in the game so far.  This section may be updated somewhat slowly as what is going on currently and keeping the game flowing is more important to the continued enjoyment of the game.

The House Rules section is there for links to specialized rules for my game.