Dargonís Haven
Dargonís Haven is a fairly large village about 100 miles from Riverís End.


Three hundred years ago a human warrior received a land grant from the King to build and support a village.During Dargonís lifetime the people who were allowed to live there was strictly controlled.After his lifetime his village grew into a village of about 1000 people.Many of the people are peasants and serfs from the nearby countryside.However 200 years ago a small mercenariesí guild was invited to live there by Dargonís son.They have taken up residence there between jobs.The mercenaries guild (Called the Red Dragons) has always had an ability to get unusual members that are not accepted by most guilds.This means that Dargonís Haven is a hodgepodge of small minded country folk and misfits from other races.They live in an uneasy peace kept alive by the strict greed from the taxes the guild brings to the land.
Dargon's Haven was built and organized by Dwarven Smiths who were believed to owe Dargon a favor.
Dargonís Haven is controlled Dargonís Great Granddaughter Ellen.She is in her upper 30ís and a very regal sort.She has a voted council that handles much of the daily business.All land and shop owners may vote on the council.

The Mercenaries Guild
The mercenaries guild is both part of the town and not part of the town.  The mercenary guild land is responsible protecting the village in exchange for land and certain small taxes.  They act as the entire police force and local army of the village.  This does mean that there is always a portion of the mercenary guild in the city following those duties.  The mercenaries guild is made up of many different  mercenary bands that owe their primary loyalty to the merecenaries guild and pay the mercenary guild dues.  Many beginning adventurers form bands and use their various adventures to pay to avoid the police duties no one is exempt from the army duties if drafted. 

Just about any race can be justified as a second generation member of the community.  However, almost everyone has some connection to the guild and this is most common among the nonhuman races.  Many of these have traveled and spent time among their own people depending on the relationship they have with their birth people.



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