River's End

River's End is both the palace and the mercantile hub for the A'arn kingdom.  The palace district completely covers the space

River's End

Welcome to River's End.  River's End is a port city between three rivers.  These rivers travel the entire length of the continent and allow River's End to be a haven of trade from every corner of the continent.  The information included in this document are the easily discovered things.  Many of the PC's have probably traveled there as a child much as a farmer travels to the market.

General Map -- This section links to mapes of the area.
Description of the City -- This is a basic description of the city split up by major sections
The politics -- How do things seem to work in Rivers'End
Places of Note -- A few special places that the most people know about.  Probably as the PC's visit more locations more locations will be added
People of Note -- Famous people from Rivers'End.  For people important to the PC's look at the People section.

General Maps
Large Scale map

Description of the City

Rivers'End is a city located in the Basin where 3 primary rivers meet and form a larger waterway to go to the ocean.  Rivers'End is with good reason the trading hub of the continent.  Practically every people travels through Rivers'End to trade.  Rivers'End also acts as the capital city of the A'arn kingdom.

Rivers'End is split up into several sections.listed and described below.  Each district has interactions with all other districts.

The Docks
All river trade must go through the docks.  The dockmasters charge a passage fee and a trade fee for all items that pass through.  No traffic can go on to the ocean without passing through the docks.  The docks despite the incredible amount of wealth the owners hold is one of the poorer areas of the city.  The shipmen spend their money there and those with special taste or two little money go there. It is the place that practically anything can be bought and sold even things that are not legal.

The Royal District
The Royal District is the wealthiest district.  Primarily for ancestral ownership of the land.  All moneys that are made on the docks are returned to the Royal District.  The Royal district has a gate around it and guards from entering it.  Only royalty and their chosen travel in the primary royal district.  The Royals also require that the Guildhouse be housed near it.  The Guild house is the place where laws of Rivers'End are decided.  The palace houses the Generational Ruler (King or Queen) and his/her advisors (all persons who enter the castle must be of Royal blood down to the lowliest servant.  The Ruler holds public audience in a specially created house in the Temple District.

The Standing Army District
The standing Army district is housed beside the royal house.  The standing army is made up of all highly trained persons and the stored weaponry.

The Slums
The Slums are the poorer version of the docks.  The slums hold all the people that are undesirable.  If they would kick you out anywhere else you can survive and thrive in the Slums.  The slums holds the Thieves' Guild and the Assassins' Guild.

The Laborers district
The Laborers district is where those that keep the city running live.  Some are relatively poor some are relatively well off.  They are the sewer workers, the farmers, the bar wenches and the like.  Not all are honest but there isn't enough money there to make it especially valuable for crime to be there and there is enough law enforcement that its not an especially great place to hide.

The Police district
Simply looking for a place to hold them the police is next to the laborers district.  The police are responsible for maintaining the city roads and keeping the peace in the city.

The Market District
The Market District is where the legal trade takes place.  The merchants often own shops or rent stalls in this section of the city.  It is very expensive to buy a place on the market district so there are businesses in all other locations as well but the ideal is to own a shop here.  The market district runs 24 hours a day and is heavily patrolled.

The Merchant District
The Merchant district is where all the wealthiest traders and craftsmen live.  The edges of the merchant district maintain the skilled laborers workspaces.

The Merchant Guards
The merchants maintain a strong military force responsible for keeping the peace and maintaining control in the marketplace nand the Merchant District.

The Temple District
The Temple district offers representation to all the gods and even the more tolerable devils.  Each person if free to worship in any way that doesn't break the laws of the Kingdom or City.

The Temple Guards.
The Temple maintains a small force of warriors to assist in keeping the peace in their district.  They are usually volunteers from the temples.

The Politics

Rivers'End is a city controlled by money and trade.  There are two completely different governments living side by side.  The first of these is the Royal Court a collection of Lords and Ladies from around the country headed by the King.  The second government is the Guilds' Council.  The Guild's Council is made up of the heads of all of the Guilds.  By law the Guilds' Council actually controls Rivers'End and the Royal Court only resides there.

The Royal Court
The Royal Court is the home of the Royal Palace an ancient Magical Structure Created to protect the King and his Family.  The King controls the Lords and Ladies by requiring periodic visits to his Court.  All greater Lords are required to have one member of their family present in the Royal Court or lose their title and lands.  The King also controls all marriage within the Court.  Only sanctioned marriages can retain title.  The Royal Court is also the best and only suitable place for association between the royals.  Many Royals send their teen children to the court to socialize with their social equals and train in the Royal Arts (mathmatics, history, leadership, battlecraft, heraldry).
The Royal Court is a place to make royal weddings.  No Lord or Lady can marry and retain title and land.  Most marriages happen in the Royal District within the palace.  The king's direct sucessor is the Lord of the Province of Rivers'End.  He or She controls all that is not directly ruled by the Guild's Council.

The Guilds' Council
The Guild's Council is a government made up of the heads of all councils.  Each Guild's Master recieves 1 vote for each Master and 1 vote for each 10 apprentices and temporary members (round down in case your interested in being that exact).

Places of Note

People of Note

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