Gavin's Character History

(Deceased) Mother: Megan (shorttree) Anderson, Half-elf rogue, died in fire, age of death: 65
(Deceased) Father: John Anderson Sr , human rogue, decessed, died in fire, age of death: 56
(Deceased) Brother: Edward Anderson, human fighter, died in fire, age of death: 20
(Missing) Brother: John Anderson Jr, elfblood rogue, currently missing after chasing suspect in family
murder, age when missing: 30
(Missing) Brother: Bobby Anderson, elfblood fighter, Missing after going to search for missing brother
when sister died, age when missing: 18
(Deceased)Sister: Stacy Anderson, elfblood rogue/mage, killed in battle protecting Gavin and Bobby. age
of death: 25 died a year after the fire

The family died in a fire cause by a hired assassin paid by Howard Melfield a rivial of John
Anderson from the family bussiness of gem cutting and apparsing. The assassin's name is
David Potter, a local mercenary.  Gavin was of the age of 15 when the fire happened. The fire
that killed most of his family took place 7 years ago.

Childhood:  Gavins childhood was a both calm and turbulent. He started to learn the family
business at the young age of 8.  He was happy but had few friends.  One friend he had around
the age of 14 he liked alot, in fact he knew that one day he would marry her. Her name was (moved)
Cindy Whitetree, a half-elf of the same age.  She moved with her family at the end of the summer just
before the family fire. She moved to a city far away to the North, but they made a promise on her
last day in town that they would find each other before they turn 25.  His only other friend was
(deceased) Billy Clothspinner. He was a friend from the first day they meet around the age
of 10. Billy's Father, Tim Clothspinner, was an old friend of his father that moved back to town.  Billy
and Gavin became friends fast and learned the ways of the rogue from thier fathers and from there own
experiences.  It was Billy's father that took over the Anderson's business after the fire as well as
took in the remaining kids.  Tim has become a father-figure and a rolemodel to Gavin since the
time after the fire.  Tim looks at him as the son he never had.  Billy is not alive any more
since the day he died saving Gavin from the sword of Lenny Melfield (the only child melfield).
Lenny's father had passed away just after finding out that he had not killed all the Andersons.
Lenny wanting to finish what is father started tryed to kill Gavin, Billy, Stacy, and Bobby one
afternoon but was only able to kill Stacy before he was run down by the colthspinners
and the city guard just out side of town.

Religion:  Gavin worships the gods Borlan and Dalma.  He was raised by his parents under the
religion of Dalma, and Borlan was tought to him by the Clothspinners.  He has taken up a path
that follows both religious path by only stealing from those who are rich or evil.

Character reactment: Gavin is like by many in the town for his kind heart.  He is known to give
a coin or two if someone needs it.  Gavin treats others with respect, but does not trust
anyone who has not proven theirself in his mind.

Personal Info
Hieght: 5'9"
Weight: 142
Eyes: green
Hair: brown
Alignment: nutral good
Phobias: none
Mental problems: none

Habits:  Gavin has a small habit that he has done since the day of the fire.  Every 15th day of
the month he prays to borlan for guidance in his quest for justice in his family's death. he prays
for 2 hours, and will not stop till he does.  If he is not able to pray on the 15th of the month
he will go on till he can and for each day he misses he will pray for an extra hour.  He will not
eat or drink during this time.

Gavin can and will kill a person if he finds out that they had a part in the death of his family.
Other then that he will not kill anyone unless they try to kill him.

Relationships: Here is a list of all Gavin's current relationships.
Clothspinners: He looks at them as his new family.
David Potter: Gavin feels that one day he will find this man and will have it out with him for
killing his family.
Brothers that are missing: Gavin hopes to find what has happen to his brothers.
Cindy whitetree:  Gavin's childhood love, he has made a promise to find her
Melfield:  the family that hired a person to kill gavins family and gavin vows to find out if
they are all still out there since they left the town right after the fire.

Daily routine
Gavin's daily routine is to work in the family shop with the clothspinner's daughter. He sometimes
leaves to join the city guard on a patrol of the out side of the city.  He cares not to much
if the routine is interupted as long as it will result in finding one of his brothers or the
murder of his family.

Goals: These are Gavin's goal's. Adventuring will help out by letting him find them instead of
using messengers to see if they are out there.
1: find those who killed his family
2: Find out where his two brothers are or what happened to them.
3: Find his lost love and hope she is free to marry.

In closing Gavin carries with him a will that apon his death that the family store goes to
the clothspinners and that his body be returned to the Clothspinners so that they can bury him
the why that they know he wishes to be buried.

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