Gavin's Character Notes
Clothspinners: He looks at them as his new family.
David Potter: Gavin feels that one day he will find this man and will have it out with him for
killing his family.
Brothers that are missing: Gavin hopes to find what has happen to his brothers.
Cindy whitetree: (missing)  Gavin's childhood love, he has made a promise to find her
Melfield:  the family that hired a person to kill gavins family and gavin vows to find out if
they are all still out there since they left the town right after the fire.

(Deceased) Mother: Megan (shorttree) Anderson, Half-elf rogue, died in fire, age of death: 65
(Deceased) Father: John Anderson Sr , human rogue, decessed, died in fire, age of death: 56
(Deceased) Brother: Edward Anderson, human fighter, died in fire, age of death: 20
(Missing) Brother: John Anderson Jr, elfblood rogue, currently missing after chasing suspect in family
murder, age when missing: 30 somehow he is "trapped by duty on the ocean" per Welin (see below)
(Deceased) Brother: Bobby Anderson, elfblood fighter, Missing after going to search for missing brother
when sister died, age when missing: 18 age of death 22 unknown circumstances.
(Deceased)Sister: Stacy Anderson, elfblood rogue/mage, killed in battle protecting Gavin and Bobby. age
of death: 25 died a year after the fire.
(Deceased) Billy Clothspinner (adoptive brother) Killed saving Gavin from Lenny Melfield
Tim Clothspinner (adoptive father) acts as father figure but is very busy running the family business.

hired assassin paid by Howard Melfield a rivial of John
Anderson from the family bussiness of gem cutting and apparsing. The assassin's name is
David Potter, a local mercenary.
Lenny Melfield (the only child melfield).
Lenny's father had passed away just after finding out that he had not killed all the Andersons.
Lenny wanting to finish what is father started tryed to kill Gavin, Billy, Stacy, and Bobby

Gavin's Conversation with Welin the Priest of Moure and oracle.
Welin stands in silence for a moment and makes a silent prayer.  "My Lady tells me that unfortunately your youngest brother has been taken to his resting place with Borlan.  He has been resting for the last 4 years.  Your older brother is still alive and somewhat well but unable to return to you at this time.  He finds himself unexpectedly trapped by duty on the ocean. Seek knowledge of him at the docks at Rivers'End and at least you might gain some knowledge of him."
He pauses and sighs.  "You will meet your young love again soon.  She will need your help but you could not accomplish what she needs done until you work within the world for a time gathering both experience and friends within the world.  One year hence she will come to you and ask your help and then you will learn her fate.  To allow you to learn of it earlier would not help her or you."

Continued conversation with Welin
Gavin: After a short pause he turns his head slitly towards welin still looking at the ground with his fist tighting in rage around the small mounds of dirt he made ( the rage that is building within him can be heard in his voice)"can i know how he died?""and who killed my brother?"
Welin stands quietly for several minutes.  No one appears to move or react in any way to your display of emotion.  After several minutes of grief.  Welin looks at you.  "Now now Child, I understand.  However, the time for grief must pass for a bit for some things are private.  Pain is the most private of emotions."
He pauses for a moment.  "I do not know specifically why he died but he did die in honor defending a cause he considered to be right by one who was hungry and wished to eat.  He went to rest in Rivers'End. If you wish to know more of your brother's end inquire in the golden bucket in the poorest district of Rivers'End."


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