House Rules

Everyone knows that I do things a little differently.  This is a list of house rules that affect the game.  Normally in a tabletop game I would be able to explain these as they came up.  However, the PBEM format requires actually type it all out so PC's know  where I'm coming from.

Critical Fumble

The critical fumble table is used anytime anyone rolls a 1 a second die is then rolled to see what the additional affect is.

Attack critical fumbles
1 weapon breaks badly major repair (bow actually broke, sword bent)
2-3 weapon breaks but easily repairable (bowstring breaks, hilt reprositioned, 
4-6 attacker drops his weapon
7-9 attacker accidentally hits other pc if feasible.
10-13 bad swing, if applicable their second attack cannot be made
14-20 bad swing, but no ill effects.

Skill use critical fumbles
1 skill fails in the worst possible way. Making a sword ruins the sword and damages equipment.  a knowledge roll will give false dangerous information
2-3 skill fails and causes damage.  The sword and metal is ruined.  A knowledge roll will give false information but not dangerous
4-9 skill fails and causes inconvenience.  The sword takes twice as long to make and must be rerolled.  A knowledger roll gives minor extremely unuseful information
10-20 skill failed no other additional effect

This informatinn is elsewhere on the site but it seems to be difficult to find so I thought I would copy it here.

Each character recieves 6 points + 2x language bonus to put into languages.  At least 3 points must be spent on one language this simulates the native language.  Each race has a list of easily available languages to start with other languages may be added but require some justification.  For each level in addition to skill points the character recieves 1 skill point that much be spent on language.

Read/Write Language
Reading a Language does not require a skill roll under normal circumstances
1 -- pidgin barely able to read
2 -- may read slowly
3 -- fluent
4 -- scholarly language

Speak Language
Speaking a Language does not require a skill roll under normal circumstances
1 -- pidgin barely able to understand
2 -- approximately a 10 year old vocabulary and speech
3 -- fluent
4 -- scholarly language

Unless otherwise stated the skills in the player's handbook for class skills may be assumed to be class skills.  If the skill is listed in the general skill list it counts as a class skill for everyone when purchasing the skill.

There are three ways to gain skills.

When gaining a skill from leveling up the character must have some justification for the increase.  If the character has had no opportunity to practice a skill please don't try to level it up.  However, that doesn't mean that you have to have specifically used the skill during game time.  Don't try to increase your skill in ancient dwarven history if you haven't seen a dwarven historian since you last leveled up.

Skills practiced during game time for extra skill points must follow all the maximum limits by level.  These skill points are primarily for character development.  When spending them please keep in mind that for the most part they will be things you wouldn't normally spend your class points on.  If a person spends all of his time practicing thieving skills to allow him to gain a level and additional skill points he would probably want to practice something unrelated to relax.

All Feats must be taught by someone who knows it.  Sometimes people will charge money or future favors to teach a feat.  The more common ones are usually easy to learn but the more esoteric feats could cost a pretty penny.  Your former master will usually teach you a few additional feats just to help you out but that won't continue for more than a level or two.

A special note on item creation feats.  The only magicians who have item creation feats are part of the continent wide Enchanter's guild.  An enchanter's guild mage is a prestige class.  That allows study of item creation feats. The enchanter's guild spans the continent and has members in all countries.  Centuries ago they have removed all enchanters except their own (and much to their annoyance the dwarven smiths).  As such it might be possible but it would also be dangerous knowledge.

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