Kazai's Character Notes

Overmaster Tres trainer and martial artist.  He and his adoptive parents thought he was dead for years until he showed back up in Dargon's Haven.  He finished Kazai's training.  Tres is incredibly fair with his students. Overmaster Tres since his return has shown some rather unusual abilities from his training.
Natural parents and their entire household was destroyed by unknown forces.  He was rescued by a traveling adventuring party at the age of 7.
Kostra Torellain, adopted father human priest of Hale, traveling through the area from Dargon's Haven. with an adventuring party
Ashlyn adoptive mother mage part of the adventuring party traveling through Dargon's Haven

He strongly wishes to know who killed his family though he currently realizes that he is not going to immediately be able to fight that battle.
As mentioned before, Kazai is a Thrallin.  He is dressed in simple attire: dark brown/green loose-fitting cotton pants and shirt, held in place with black silk sashes.  His hands are covered with leather fingerless gloves, exposing his claw-tipped fingers.On his feet he wears leather boots, suitable for long-distance walking.  On his back he carries a backpack and a bedroll.  The only thing visible as a weapon is a short bow hanging from one side of his backpack, with a quiver of arrows belted at his waist.

Would it be okay for Kazai to keep his jo sticks up his sleeves, held by straps to his forearms? What I was thinking was that if he wanted to use them he could       whip his arms out to the side with some force. The sticks would then slide out and into his hands, of course requiring that he catch them and that they don't go flying off. The idea is to make the action of drawing his weapon dramatic, and not just pulling out the sticks from a bag. I see martial artists in this campaign as being somewhat like in some Hong Kong kung fu films: over the top, flourishing action. When just sitting around drinking an ale or something, they are low key and subdued. But when in combat, they become larger than life. Just the very simple idea of them pulling a weapon should be awe-inducing, even to their enemies.

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