This world is in the center of a metaplaner universe with the gods having the primary ability to travel between these realms.  Surrounding midrealm (the actual game world) is the Astral Realm.  The Astral Realm is a realm that separates the Midrealm from the Godly Realms.  Each Council has their own Realm as does each God.

The Gods use the Primal Order system (a wonderful system created by Wizards of the Coast in their early days).  This is going to alter the way the priests work somewhat.  However, the Gods are very powerful within this system.  This makes the gods very powerful within the system.  There will be more indepth notes on them coming soon.  The gods arrived from two different realms 10,000 years ago.

The Magic of the world is somewhat wild.  Mana level varies in different areas.  This means that a spell can have slightly different effects in different areas.   However, along with this ability a Mage has a little more flexibility in using their spells and lowering the level voluntarily.  This also means that spells have a chance of failure   In the Ancient times magic was much more powerful and great mages created many magical races.  This was before the time of the Gods.  When the Devils arrived (first) they took control of many of the Magical races.  Later when the Gods arrived  they bestowed their blessings among the humans and tried to lower the Devils control.

'Aurora Mountain' by Charlotte Geier found at


Tides of Evil