Nadalia's Character Sheet
As a warrior unlike other classes you have experience with a wide array of weapons.  This is more a roleplayed thing.  Most player character classes pick up a weapon they are unfamiliar with and must practice and get used to it if its not one they are used to (even within their normal allowable weapons within class).  You can switch weapons to suit the need and balance for the difference.  You do not have to take the exotic weapons feat unless its something truly different (example: a gun or a tinker weapon)

Another note.  Many of the upcoming adventures will be indoors I will try to include things that make your animal and animal handling useful but there will be times that the horse will be left behind.
Character Name: Nadalia Smyth 
Class: Fighter 
Race: Half Drow Elven 
Level: 2
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Gender: Female
Size:: M
Age: 29
Player: Silver'd One
Alignment Neutral Good 
Experience: 1900

Strength  15  +2  
Dexterity  15  +2
Constitution  15  +2
Intelligence  12  +1
Wisdom  11  +0
Charisma  11  +0
Hit Points Wounds./Current HP Subdual Damage
Armor Class Total 10+ Armor Bonus Shield Bonus Dex Mod Mis Mod Spell Failure % Check Penalty
 17  17  17  +5    +2  30%  -5
Saves Total Base Save Ability Mod Misc Mod Temp Mod
Fortitude  +5  +3  +2
Reflexes  +2  +0  +2
Will  +0  +0  +0
Initiative Total Dex Mod Misc Mod speed/base attack Total
+2 Speed: unencumbered 35 Chainmail 25 ft 
Base Attack  +2
Attacks Total Base Attack Bonus Str/Dex Mod Size Mod Misc Mod Temp Mod
Melee  +3  +1  +2  
Ranged  +3  +1  +2  
Weapons Critical Range  Damage type Damage  Armor/Protection Devices
Dagger 19-20/x2 hand Piercing d4+2 Chainmail
Longsword 19-20/x2 hand  slashing d8+2
Longbow 100ft Piercing d8
Skills Total  Skill Type Ability Skill Mod Ability Mod Ranks Misc Mod Skills Total Skill Type Ability Skill Mod Ability Mod Ranks Misc Mod
Gather Info   NC Int    +1  2.5        
Handle Animal   C Chr    +0  3        
Ride   C Dex    +2  3        
Swim   C Str    +2  3        
Cr: Blacksmith   G    +2  3        
Language (PP - from profficiency list) Points Language  (PP - from profficiency list) Points
Common   Read Write Common   
Read Write Elvish   
Feats Class and Racial Abilities
Feats: Ambidexterity, Two Weapon fighting, Dodge, Improved Inititative
Simple and martial weapon proficiency, light medium and heavy armor proficiency
shield proficiency
Feats and Class Racial Abilities 
4hrs required sleep each night, +15 resist sleep affects, 
Darkvision, +2 sensory checks,

Racial Flaw 
-2 to all rolls in bright sunlight (the sun makes the half-drow uncomfortable and it is difficult for them to concentrate)  They also sunburn much easier (about 3 times as fast)

Wealth weight -- 
Equipment Weight:  lbs (actual due to armor  lbs) 
Light carry weight 
Medium Carry weight
Heavy Carry Weight
Equipment Item Weight Number Total Weight Equipment Item Weight Number Total Weight
Longbow   1        
Quiver   1   cold weather outfit    
Arrows   12    peasant outfit    
Silver Arrows     sewing needle    
backpack   1   crowbar   1  
explorer's outfit     Winter blanket   1  
candle     Blacksmith tools    
chainmail  40 lb
25 counted
1  40 lb
25 counted
torch 6
chalk     Soap 1 lb 3
flint and steel 2 Bedroll 1
bullseye lantern 1 Light Warhorse 1
silk rope 50 ft 1 saddle bags 2
Sack large 2 saddle 1
manacles 1
Bit and Bridle 1
Flask 2 Chain Barding 1
Feed 8
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