Reigne Character Notes

Appearance: She has pale skin with pitch black hair and dark eyes. Slender in size though very tall for her age. She does have a scar on her left thigh from an accident as a child that she got from being stabbed by a pair of sharp scissors and another scar on her chest where she had fallen on a clay pot that shattered and cut her leaving a tracery of scars.
Her normal daily routine: pray/meditate and sing, then clean/wash, then eat, then do whatever she needs to do, then relaxes, and then sleeps.
Everything in her daily routine is negotiable and flexible with the exception of her early morning habits. She *has* to pray and she *has* to clean/wash or feel uncomfortable until she can do those two things.
Her dreams and ambitions is to someday get away from her little world by becoming rich and famous and a lady and to live the life of the nobles. She wants to be a part of the world of fairytales that she has read since she was a little girl.
She plans to go off into the world and make her way somehow. Expand the old merchants work and create a merchant empire for herself.
She wants to explore and adventure in the world and earn honor and glory for her name so that people will pay attention to her.
She does want her family and friends to enjoy things with her so she will return someday but she also wants a family of her own when she is grown up. It's just not high on her priority list at the moment.
She's never considered that she could die. She thinks of it but like all youth it seems distant and in the far future. As such she has no will but anything of hers she plans on giving to her grandmother and family.

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