Rika's Character History

Ri'ka was raised by her parents Sa'chi and Ma'ti Sharpeye. Growing up her best friend was a jungle elf named Surii. They met in the forest near Ri'ka's homeland, and became fast friends, they had similar personalities: reckless, carefree, and were pranksters. Surii and Ri parted ways when Surii heard that her tribe had been attacked by some orcs, she went home to see what she could do to help.
They have not seen each other since. Ri has an older brother and a younger sister, she's not really close to either of them. Both think she's too irresponsible and if she
leaves the tribe she will get herself into trouble (which is probably true). Ri learned much of the surrounding wilderness from Surii and the rest of Ri's tribe. Surii taught Ri how to use the long bow. Ri's father schooled her in the proper fighting techniques of the shortspear, dagger, and unarmed combat. Her father is one of her tribes warriors.
She left home in search of adventure, with the hopes of being able to show off her abilities, and maybe get some money or some cool item to show off at home.

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