Rika's Character Notes

Physical Description:
Ri'ka stands 5'5" tall. She is well muscled. Her fur is a tawny color much the same as that of a cougar. Her eyes are gold with a slight touch of orange to them. She dresses in browns and greens usually with a darker brown cloak. She has leather armor but rarely wares it. She is never with out her favorite dagger. Ri'ka has a small scar over right eye, it's not that noticable through her fur though.

She's 153lbs,is 18 years old, and is a chaotic nuetral.

She is reckless, naive, strong willed, and has a good sense of humor. Most people think she is irresponsible and flighty- but that's only because she gets bored easily and then goes off to find something fun to do. She likes eating and sleeping, but she's very active and almost always in motion. She is quick to fight, and quick to laugh. She always enjoys a good joke or prank. She is rebellious and dislikes being ordered to do thinks, though she will most likely do what is asked of her if you ask, nicely that is. She is loyal to friends and family and will defend them and their honor at all costs (her own honor as well). Ri is the most dangerous when cornered and threatened- she will fight tooth, nail and claw (literally) to escape or get rid of her enemy. She trusts those who treat her well, and treats those who don't or who are suspicious of her with suspicion, though not enmity.

"Come on! It'll be fun!"

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