Navigation Window

Here is an example of the typical navigation window that will appear at the bottom of all pages.  Middle box on the top will always include a link back to the main index of the homepage. The two side boxes on the top will include links to worlds on the site.  Also any additional boxes added after the second row will include links to main world index pages.
    The second row will include links to buttons directly related to the page being viewed.  Each button will have a title for the page being viewed.
Webring Links Index

World of Dimness
Game World
Sundering World 
work in progress

Downloading Instructions

    Periodically I find a page that I want so badly that I want to download it in its current form so that I can browse it offline.  This section is for people who feel that way about my page.  If you simply want the information and don't care about the buttons and the graphics simply download as normal and ignore the broken buttons and links.  However, if you aren't satisfied with that here is how to download the perfection that is my page (ah conceit) in its original form.

Step 1 create a directory on your harddrive doesn't matter what you call it.

Step 2 download the zipped vesion of the whole webpage. (Note I'll try my best to keep it current with the rest of the page)

Step 3. unzip the file and browse on your computer.