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This is a link describing the people that the character's have met in the course of the game or heard about. As the characters learn more about the characters the entries under each charcter will get larger. As NPC's fade from notice I will probably do a secondary page if this page gets too big. Any player can ask that other person's be added to the list. (Go back to the known world) Characters that the pcs met alone are not included in this list but I'm keeping up with them for future reference. I might add that to the personal pages.
In case you are curious about the former NPC's look at Deceased NPC's

Home: Dargon's Haven
Apparent age:17 to 19 years of age
Race: Human
Purpose: Priest of Areona, adventurer

Alea is a rather mysterious priestess of Areona. She has stark white hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is one of the most beautiful people you have ever met. She is friendly and it is almost impossible to take offense at anything she might say. She appears to be taking some sort of personal interest in assisting you in beginning your quest.
She hired you to carry a crystal to Rivers'End and take it to Jakes' Enchanter's Son and then bring back a response to her back to Dargon's Haven. She is a Red Dragon member and has a safety box that you can leave her package in her box. She is headed to the Mountains for some mission.

Home: Nonhuman Slums human town
Apparent age: adult
Race Elven
Purpose: barkeeper

She works in the nonhuman slums selling ale and a little bit of happiness to the nonhuman visitors in town.  She also has contacts with the thieves' guild in town and occasionally uses it to help someone escape from the authorities when she can.

Bridget (Werefeline)
Home: Tower beside the Village in the Swamp
Apparent Age: 16 years of age
Race: human (wereleapord)
Purpose: Dru's Leutinent

Bridget strongly desires to share her animalistic nature gift with her younger sister. She is torn between her desire to help her sister and her lack of desire to injure her parents. She assists Lord Dru in maintaining the status quo in the town.
Bridget was systematically sexually abused by her parents and has desperately wanted to save her younger sister from the same fate.

Home: Unknown
Apparent age: Unknown adult
Race: Dark Elf
Purpose: Mysterious Mage

Creon is on some mission that involves tracing down as many of the ancient magic items from the time of great mages as.  He appears to possess some rather unusual magical abilties related to mages as well as some intimate knowledge of demonlogy.  He was also trapped in the human city and needed to get out.

Drahen and Runa
Home: Currently Dargons Haven
Apparent age: 19 and 17
Purpose: Warrior and Scout

Drahen and Runa are brother and sister. Drahen is obviously a warrrior while Runa is obviously a scout. They have a mysterious past that they had hired on to assist in protecting the crystal but it appears that they caught something when they were traveling down river and are sick in bed being cared for by a local healer. The priest of Areona.

Home: Unknown
Apparent age: between 65 and 90
Purpose: Traveling potter Merchant

Duagan is a potter that has hired the adventurers to protect them He is traveling between Dargon's Haven and Rivers'End. He owns a wagon, his pottery and two mules to pull the wagon. He is a brusque invidual that appears to pride himself on the dwarven trait of telling it like it is. According to what he told the PC's he plans to trade some of his wares in Rivers'End and then travel back through Dragons'Haven and probably from there back home to make more pottery.
Duagan was transported with the PC's to the Swamp and is currently caring for Jen.
He is also an able trapper.

Dwarven Servant
Home: Humancentric city
Apparent age: 75 years
Race: Dwarf
Pupose: Merchant's slave

The party was accused of killing a merchant in a human city.  The merchant had a dwarf who ran into the nonhuman slums when the merchant was killed.

Elven Maids attacked
Home: humancentric city
Apparent age: unknown
Race Elven
Purpose: victim to the human lust.

The elven maids were rescued by the party and taken into the Bartenders bar to hide in the back.  They were being attacked and mistreated by the human guard.  Currently one of them was mostly catatonic last time they saw them and one was bravely enduring and answering questions.  Ri'ka and Hawk slaughtered the guards who were attacking them.

Home: Undercity
Apparent age: Unknown
Race Mixup Men
Purpose: Guide

In the undercity the party has a guide she is a minor priest and uses her priestly powers to assist her tribe.  She has a human mouth and the bottom parts of a lizard.  she also has splotches of green patchy skin on her face.  Her left hand is human but her right is a bird's claw.

Guildmaster Thieves
Home: Human City
Apparent age: Unknown
Race Unknown
Purpose: Unknown

The guild's master in the human city met them shrouded in darkness with a deep modulated voice.  He agreed to help them in exchange they must go into the undercity and defeat the evil demon that poisons the town.  They must also bring him the shards from the destroyed gem.  In exchange he will get them out of the city and arrange passage down the river.

Home: Unknown
Apparent age: unknown
Race: unknown
Purpose: great mage

The party when journeying in the undercity came across an old humanoid rat claiming to be able to tell fortunes.  This rat turned out to be a shape shifted mage.  He claims to be one of the great mages of the ancient past.  His power definately shows to be frightenly powerful but it is unkown whether his claims are true.

Jakes Enchanter's Son
Home: Rivers'End
Apparent age:Unknown
Purpose: Unknown

Jakes is the son of an Enchanter in Rivers'End. You have been hired to carry a crystal to him in Rivers'End and bring back a package from him to Dargon's Haven.

Home: Unknown
Apparent age: Adult
Purpose: Creon's bodyguard

Jax travels with the mage Creon as he goes about some secret mission.

Home: Currently Dargon's Haven
Apparent age:30 years
Purpose: Herbalist/Traveling salesperson

Jen is a handsome middle aged woman having red hair with grey tints. She carries around a collection of 10 bags full of herbs on the wagons.

Home: Tower near the Village in the Swamp
Apparent age: 11 to 12
Purpose: Crazy werespider

Jill is a young girl who has been changed into a werespider by the Smiling Lady in the mirror.  Her moods range between incredible moments of rage where she generally kills something and playful childhood playing.  Jill recently killed the half-bugbear lieutinent of Lord Dru.
She has the ability to change into the form of a large humanoid spider and a mass of smaller spiders.

Kostra Torellain
Home: Dargon's Haven (currently retired adventurer)
Apparent age: 35 years
Purpose: Healer Priest of Hale

Kostra is the adoptive father of Kazai. He is currently the village healer.
He gave up adventuring to raise his adoptive son but he is very happy with his current life.

Class: Aristocrat/Priest
Race: Dwarf
Purpose: adventuring partner

Appearance: Rudin is tall for a dwarf, standing nearly 5 feet tall and leaner.  He has burning bright blue eyes and a manner that suggests he's trying to dominate you if he askes for something in the softest possible way.  His cragy face and plantinum beards suggests age far beyound his years.

Sallie Hastas
Home: Dargon's Haven Currently
Apparent age: 14 years old
Purpose:Serving Girl

She has been a long time member of the community having grown up in town. Her father owns The Inn. Her mother is a retired adventurer though few speak about exactly what she did. She has freckles on her cheeks and shoulder length red hair. She has pretty much run the inn for the last few months.

Home: Currently Dargons' Haven
Apparent age: 23
Purpose: Scribist

Tranilon is fairly new to running the Red Dragon's office in Dargons' Haven. He is matter-a-fact. For a short while he was a scout until his true gift for organization was discovered. He runs the Red Dragon's  temporary membership's for the Red Dragons

Half-Bugbear (everone thought was an ogreblood) Rude from the Sign
Home: Unknown though he is currently found in Dargon's Haven
Apparent age: 18
Purpose: Warrior

He showed up at Dargon's Haven at about a week ago Currently he is looking for work and getting more and more time passes. The longer he has stayed the more sparse his equipment has gotten.
He started out with nice armor now he is wearing worn leather armor and has procurred a club instead of the nice sword he had when he arrived

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