The Celestial Court
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    The Celestial Court is part of the is part of the Supernatural world of China and Japan.  They are the proud Children of Lillith and her time in China.  The Celestial Court despite its origin in China extends from China far into Asia and to the nearby islands.  The Celestial Court is lead by three Courts which are based primarily in the orient, Asia and the Islands. of the coast of Asia (Japan included).
    Throughout the ages the Celestial Court have very strongly believed in keeping their own ways and paths.  Only once in history has the Celestial Court broken this rule.  When the Sabbat was formed they left the Orient and banded together with the Sabbat against the Camarilla.  Some fledgeling vampires even returned and became part of the Celestial Court.  At least their Childer Did.

The Celestial Court Hierarchy

    Each member of the Celestial Court as well as being part of a Family (Clan) is also part of a Court.  The place among the Court depends most strongly upon your Birth and your Embrace.  Placement in a Court is a merit.  Without the merit everyone is part of the Court of Commoners.

    The Celestial Court is rulled by a three part counsel one from the group of leaders of each area (except for The Court of Blazing Waters).  The Commoners and Tradesmen have no representation on this Counsel.

 Chapter 1 Being A member of the Court

Lillanite Nature

    Celestial Court vampires are quite different from other vampires in a rather fundamental way.  The biggest of these is due to their ancestry from one other than Caine.  Due to this they did not inherit Caine's nature but instead inherited unique natures from their individual first generation vampires.  The other aspect is that the progenetors of the clans are ancient.  There are no clans that have come into existence since the birth of Christ.  Lillith simply has not returned in that age. See Lillanite vampires text.

Chapter 2 Families (like clans)
    Follow this link to the Celestial Court Clans/Families.  It includes cultural notes on each group.  As well as the type of vampire they are.  These will all be repeated in the Lillanite Families list as well when it comes into being.

Chapter 3 History
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Chapter 4 Gifts
    A list of example gifts for the Families.

Chapter 5 Unique Merits and Flaws
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