Under the original White Wolf rules the Beast is overlooked.  The Beast is considered only by its negative trait.  For my world that simply doesn't make a lot of sense. I've been fighting with the concepts of paths and humanity for a while.  Therefore, I decided to get rid of the Humanity/Path rating system completely and instead add a rating for Beastial instead.  There are both temporary and permanent Beastial ratings
    The Permanent Beastial rating is how strongly the Beast has control over a character.  The higher one's permanent Beastial rating the further one has succumbed to the Beast.  This means the more animalistic, instinctive, passionate and unpredictable one is.
    The only creatures who possess permanent Beastial are those who have a strong demonic ancestry (werecreatures do not because of Gaia's gift to them.  Their beastial rating was replaced with Rage).  These creatures are: demons, demonkin, vampires, and to a lesser extent revanants and ghouls.
    As a characteristic, permanent beastial ranges from 0 to 10. Vampires and demonkin start with a Beastial rating of 1.  Demons start with a Beastial rating of 3 while ghouls and revenants start with a Beastial rating of 0.  If a creature's beastial ever reaches 11 then the character is lost only the Beast remains.  It isn't completely impossible to regain one's self.  The few Morabu who have managed to do so are proof though they are little more than a tiny shred of hope.  Temporary Beastial ranges from 1 to 5.  Each time the character gains a 5 in temporary beastial their permanent beastial goes up 1 and their temporary beastial returns to 0.

The effects where relevant are as follows:

Gaining and Losing Bestial
    Beastial is fairly standardized as for as how it is gained.  A permanent point of beastial is only gained by gaining five temporary beastial.  Temporary beastial is gained by several different methods.  A character gains temporary points of beastial by:     Note a character should never gain enough beastial in one action to gain a permanent point of beastial.  Temporary beastial is removed from the character sheet at a rate of 1/week or alternately the character can spend a point of willpower to remove 1 point of temporary beastial. This shows the character's ability to push the Beast back but not completely (ie the reason the permanent beastial sticks around).

    A revanant or ghoul have one advantage over vampires.  The gained Beastial of a revanant or ghoul is half that of a vampire, demon or demonkin (round up).  Therefore if a vampire frenzies then add 4 temporary beastial while a ghoul would only add 2 points.  Ghouls and revanants begin the game with a rating of 0 in Beastial while a vampire, demon or demonkin begins a game with 1 point of permanent beastial.

    The only way to get rid of permanent beastial is to buy it off.  A beastial point takes 50 IP and 1 willpower point to buy off (no more than 5 IP + Golconda rating may be gained towards this task per week).  When the character acrues sufficient IP to buy off the Beastial point the character spends 1 willpower point and the permanent point of beastial is removed.  The character may still learn and gain IP in other areas the Beast simply fights against losing control of the character.

Beastiality Roleplaying notes

    The more Beastial a character has the more like a beast he acts.  Therefore, here are a few ways in which one with a strong Beast acts.
Beastial Rating Maximum Empathy Effect
1-3 10,9,8 There is no discernable affect.
4 7 The character has developed some nervous mannerisms and is seen as "fidgety".
5 6 The character is subject to sudden mood change and is more tempermental and easily moved by emotion.
6 5 The character becomes more prone to violence and instinct.  The character will feel a need to engage in activities that involve confrontation and opposition on a regular basis.
7 4 The character is starting to become dangerous to be around, his mood swings are highly unpredictable.  He is prone to moments of "accidental" cruelty when the opportunity arises.  Sometimes his actions are purely instinct. 
8 3 The character's interest in violence is strongly developed.  The character tends to feel a strong need to engage in activities that involve confrontation and opposition almost daily.
9 2 The character's passion for violence is almost complete.  At this level the character would be considered to be sociopathic.  This does not necessarily mean that he will break the rules but he has lost all respect for them as rules.  The character may also be overwhelmed for short periods that they do not remember.  During these times the character will sate their needs for violence.
10 1 All concerns but those considered most fundimental to the character are forgotten and they spend most of their time revelling in violence and death.  They engage in violent and irrelevent killings around the area.
11 0 The character is the Beast or rather the Beast is the character.  Nothing remains of the character.  The Beast is pure instinct and passion.  The character can only speak in rare moments and even these will be gutteral Beastly things.  Most at this level are killed rather than endanger the Masquerade.  The Beast can access all former skills and may learn certain appropriate skills.  The character is considered to be accessing their Beast at all times except their times of lucidity.  (Note this does mean that the character has physical attributes of +13)

    Golconda is the spiritual acceptance of the Beastial rating.  Therefore, it alters the affects of Beastial. See Golconda file.
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