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The Skinwalker (BCE 10,000 approximately)


  The skinwalkers are an ancient breed of vampire, extending back into mists of time deep enough that some wonder if they come from Caine at all... certainly they are strange by kindred standards. They have been known by many names, and have been responsible for many of the myths attributed to other vampires. But the truth is that these abilities have merely been similar to those of the others. What the skinwalker is, can be more terrifying.  The Skinwalker of times past spent most of their time wandering the lands of the Americas taking new bodies as they needed.  In modern times the Skinwalker can be found among any walk of life though they are very rare.

Nickname: Slicks

    The skinwalkers can have almost any appearance though they tend to prefer beautiful, smart people to ugly stupid people.

Character Creation
    When creating a Skinwalker one must remember to first create themselves and then create their body using the mortal rules. Any points they spend on themselves are considered to be abilities and attributes that will go with them.  All relevant rolls will still have to take place so don't make a stupid body unless you want to chance losing intelligence.

Clan Gift

    The skinwalker are reborn with the ability to Walk into the flesh of others taking their identity, their memories, their very life essence.  Walking is a will roll base difficulty the victim's current willpower x4.  On a failure the skinwalker and the mortal both take 1/2 d6 damage generalized (no resistance) and are stunned for several turns.
    On a successful roll the skinwalker's body now is a perfect copy of the victim's body (including DNA and fingerprints).  The victim's soul is absorbed into the skinwalker and infact is what is used to help the skinwalker remain alive for the rest of the victim's natural lifespan.  The victim's body remains but with no skin or mind left.
    The skinwalker gains the body and memories of the victim. This is a powerful ability, but has some limitations. All talents, knowledges, and skills are gained in full *while in this body*. The skinwalker also rolls Will + Magical Diff 8; each degree of success modifies one of the skinwalker's mental attributes towards that of the victim (so don't Walk into stupid victims!). Mental attributes include Intelligence, Will, Sanity, Technical, Magic,  Empathy, Perception, Wits, and Willpower, **OR** each degree of success may give the skinwalker a mental merit or flaw! (storyteller's choice though merits and flaws should approximately equal out at the end)
.  The character also rolls a skill roll for the victim (Magical + Skill) for each skill that the victim has higher than the skinwalker.  The difficulty of the roll is 18 for each degree of success the skinwalker now has a permanent point in that ability that will travel with him to new bodies as well.   (It is suggested that this occur after the game for any bodies the character Walked into. For simplicity ignore all skills that the character already has higher than the victim since only new skills travel).  Example Joe Blow the chosen victim of Jane the skinwalker has an occult of 4.  Therefore, for a permanent skill Jane rolls d10 + Magical + 4 difficulty 18 and gains 1 degree of success.  Now she adds one point to her occult (as long as she had less than four in occult).
    A skinwalker may take the body of an animal as well but because of the extreme difference the personality shift tends to be more confusing and upsetting.  Very few skinwalkers would willingly take an animal as permanent host a second time.

Clan Curses

Of the Body
    The skinwalker continues to age normally and must take the flesh of another to prolong their existance.  However, other than that the skinwalker possesses all the merits of the vampire's body.  A skinwalker's body may be ghouled (by another) or immortal in some other way (though they must purchase this with the immortality merit from the merits and flaws section also remember that Quickening immortals cannot have their lifeforce drained so they are not valid victims).
    Skinwalker ghouls continue to age but gain all other advantages of a ghoul.

Of the Mind
    The skinwalker chances the loss of mental attributes and abilities each time they Walk.  They also chance gaining new mental flaws.  For each permanent skill the character has roll 1 die a botch takes away one point from the skill during the Walk.

Of the Spirit
    The skinwalker accumulates lives and experiences with each life they walk into.  A skinwalker's personality tends to be a rather confusing thing with conflicting aspects from many different sources at different times. -- with each life they Walk into, another "ghost" is added to their unconscious memories. This means that skinwalker's personality tends to alter quite a bit from Walk to Walk.  The ghosts can also take control of the primary body under extreme circumstances.

Example Gifts
The Servant's Walk GF 7 level 5
    The Skinwalker can produce a Walk in one of their chosen servants.  The servant must be willing and must have been ghouled for at least a year.  The skinwalker must be touching both the victim and the ghoul and the ghoul must be touching another. All other rolls are identical for Walking as above except they use the ghoul's willpower.
The Short Walk GF 7 level 3
    The skinwalker can actually temporarily take the body of another as if Walking (without the possiblity of gaining mental attributes or skills or losing them or gaining memories  of another).  The original body is left behind in its original shape without a mind.  This Walk can last for 1 hour/ degree of success on a Will roll versus the  victim's willpowerx3.  The victim of this ability is left unharmed after this ability is used.  All damage done to either body is done to the character and the character dies unless they get at least as close as required to Walk normally.  This where most of the legends of skinwalkers taking over the bodies of animals come from.
The Long Walk GF 7 level 2
    The skinwalker normally must be within a few feet (willpower in feet).  However, the skinwalker may actually be further away when Walking.  Each time this power is bought add 5 feet to the distance they can be from their chosen victim.  Note the skinwalker must always be able to see the victim to Walk.

Clan Structure
    The skinwalkers have no real clan structure.  There is a respect for elders of the clan primarily because after their long lives they are likely to be frightening beings who could trounce you.  They have a similar opinion of most obnoxiously powerful beings.  Almost all Skinwalkers are Anarchs within the vampiric society but they aren't even really connected in that way.

Clan Power
    There isn't really enough clan structure to gain clan power for the Skinwalkers.

Gathering Days
    There are no gathering days.
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