Cainite Vampires in Talorian
The Sabbat Vampires
Cainite Basic Abilities
The Embrace
The Disciplines
The Clans
Merits and Flaws
Sabbat Society

    Vampires cannot use Cyberware at all without the added benefit of the fusion discipline.  If a vampire were to add a cybernetic arm the arm would not function at all until they used the abilities inherent in fusion.  However, with the discipline if the vampire can change shape the cyberware can change as well and will continue to function.

Sabbat Basic Abilities


    A vampire is dependent on blood for their very existence and in many ways it affects their powers.  For this reason I'm going to spend a little time talking about blood and the feeding on blood.
    There are two aspects of blood.  Blood Volume and Blood Strength.  Both of these ratings combine to create a rating called the vampiric Blood Pool.  An average mortal adult contains 6 points of blood volume and with a blood strength of 1.5 giving them 9 blood points.  If you wish to ignore these rules both all the time or at specific times assume all mortals have 9 blood points that immortals, werecreatures and demonkin have 15 blood points (note this is much lower than the number you will get if you use the system).
    Vampires can hold a number of Blood Volume points equal to 3 + Body Type damage taken modifier (as a positive). Processed Blood (explained below) is beaten down to its essential components and stored in the vampire's body. How efficiently this is done is affected by the vampire's generation. The rating for the amount of power in the Blood stored as a total is called the Blood Pool.  Blood Pool powers the vampire's body and is what is spent to power almost all vampiric abilities.
    A vampire when his Blood Volume is full cannot have less blood points than listed on his generation background.  However, depending on the strength of the blood drunk he can have many more blood points.

The Kiss
    Any victim of the vampire's feeding experiences an incredible pleasure.  In fact it is so pleasurable that the victim must spend willpower to move or break free.  This effect lasts until the vampire releases the Kiss.

The Hunger
    A vampire must make rolls versus The Hunger is a consideration anytime his number of blood volume points is below 2 he must roll each minute. The actual number of blood points the vampire has is irrelevant.
    To roll to resist Hunger frenzy the vampire rolls Cool + Resist Hunger (a special vampire cool skill) with a difficulty equal to the target number defined below plus any Beastial modifiers.  The vampire may spend willpower to resist the effects though this only lasts for one turn.  The vampire must reroll each minute and anytime more blood points are spent.  When in Hunger frenzy the vampire will not spend blood points unless a target seems nearby.  The only exception to this is if the Vampire has plenty of blood points but less than .25 blood volume in his blood.  Under this situation the vampire will spend blood in the most visible way to get to food.
    When in hunger frenzy the vampire may not engage in any strategy his only goal is food.
Blood Volume 
(resist frenzy)
Blood Volume
(resist frenzy)
.25 *
No Resistance allowed
* no matter how many blood points a vampire has they cannot resist blood frenzy when they have no blood in their system.

Drinking Blood
     A vampire can hold two points of blood volume in his stomach.  These points of blood volume take 1 minute to be processed by the vampire's body.  If the vampire wishes to speed up the processing of blood he can immediately (1 combat turn) process the blood in his stomach for a cost of 1 willpower point .
    Once processed they count as blood points in the vampire's blood pool.  Explained above.  A vampire can drink 1 blood point per combat turn (about 3 seconds).  The vampire holds the blood in his stomach until it is processed it cannot be spent for any purpose.  Drinking blood of weaker strength does not lessen the amount of blood a vampire can hold though drinking more powerful blood does increase the number of blood points the vampire can hold temporarily.
    Blood Volume regenerates fairly easily.

The System
    Blood Volume is the actual amount of blood found in a target.
    Blood Strength is how powerful this blood is.

Blood Volume Chart of examples:
(in points)
(in lbs)


(in points)
(in lbs)
rat, mouse
average adult, deer
cat, baby 0-1), small dog
very large adult
midsized dog, child (2-6)
large dog, child (7-11)
small human (12-15)
small adult human 
blood bag
Blood Strength Multipliers chart:
Effect Modifier Effect  Modifier
Young and Very Healthy  x 2.5 Reptile/Fish x 1/10
Young x 2 Mammal/Bird x 1/5
Very Healthy x 2 Human x 1
Average x 1.5 Immortal (assumed young and very healthy) x 2
Sickly x 1 Werecreature (1) x 2
Deathbed (or dead) x 1/2 Demonkin (2) x 2
Blood Bag x 1 Vampire (3) as per blood pool
(round nearest .25)
When drinking from various supernaturals the effects may vary slightly this only has effect until the blood leaves the vampire's system:
    (1)Werecreatures add +1 to Beastial and add +3 to initiative +1 to Body Type and +2 to Reflexes until the points are spent.
    (2) Demonkin add +1 to Beastial and gives the drinker a passion rating like a demonkin until the blood leaves their system.
    (3) Drinking from a vampire gives the blood bond (if they have that ability) Also drinking from the most powerful blooded vampire (generation under 6) gives you a version of their blood flaw as if you were a ghoul until the blood leaves your system
    (4) Drinking from a psychic gives you all of their psychic gifts but out of control until the blood fades from you system

Easy to read chart of examples (for those who simply don't want to figure it out).
Creature Blood 
Treatment After
Young Very Healthy Mouse 1/4 1/4 NA dead
Young Very Healthy Cat 1/2 1/2 NA dead
Average Cat 1/4 1/4 NA dead
baby 2 1/2 2 1/2 1.5
small child (very healthy) 5 5 2 3
small child (avg) 4 4 1.5 2
small child (sickly) 1 1 1/4 1/2
Adult human (young,very healthy) 15 6 3 6
adult human (young or healthy) 12 4 3 6
Adult Human (average) 9 4 3 5
Sickly adult human 6 3 2 3
Adult human deathbed 3 1/2 1 2
Young very healthy cow 25 2 10 15
Avg cow 15 15 5 10
Sickly cow 10 1 3 5
Young healthy horse 15 2 4 7
avg horse 9 1.5 3 6
Immortal 30 12 NA unconsiousness

Blood Pool and Blood Points
    The vampire has a rating called Blood Points and Blood Pool.  The number of Blood Points a vampire has comes from the amount of blood volume he can hold and the blood strength of that blood.  The Blood Pool is literally the amount of blood a vampire can hold in his body. Both ratings must be kept up with.  Blood volume is only kept up with to the nearest .25 of a blood volume point for simplicity.
    The the most recent blood taken is always the last blood to be spent by the vampire.  A blood volume point are spent in .25 segments.  However, all .25 segements must be spent for the blood to have left the vampire's system. (when considering the effects of supernatural blood upon the vampire who drank it)
    The minimum blood strength of processed blood is always equal to the character's generation blood strength multiplier (given by the generation background always round numbers to nearest .25) the vampire simply makes it more powerful during processing.  If the blood is more powerful than his multiplier that strength is not lost (it is added as is to the vampire's blood pool).
    A vampire can hold an amount of blood equal to his body type modifier (as a positive) +3.  When his Blood Pool is full the stomach cannot hold but 1 point of blood volume.
    This number is not guaranteed and can be subtracted from for large amounts of cyberware (though alterations that do not subtract a lot of body mass has little effect).  Subtract 1/2 point of blood volume per cyberlimb.  Linear frames do not add to the character's total blood volume pool take the body type modifer from his natural Body.

    A vampire does not bleed normally but if enough damage is done they do lose blood from their blood volume pool (always the last taken first).  For each full block of damage after the first remove .25 blood volume from the vampire's spendable total.  After the initial damage the vampire does not take any additional blood loss.

Getting Blood
    There are two system methods for getting blood.One is done anytime there is a time skip while the other is done during game time.

The D6 system
    The storyteller at the beginning of the game rolls 2d6 for every blood volume point the character has.  Each roll of 4 or 5 add .5 blood volume points to the vampire's blood volume (minimum multiplier for that generation)  For each six the character rolls assume that some of the blood rolled was more powerful blood.  Roll an additional d6 for the multiplier on the powerful blood if you roll a 6 reroll and add.  If the character does not roll high enough to be more powerful blood for one of their generation then use their minimum multiplier.  Roll a d6 for the placement of more powerful blood in the blood volume pool.  Roll one d10 to decide whether the blood in their system is supernatural and has side effects.  If you roll a 10 reroll on the following effects chart.
d10 roll supernatural creature d10 roll supernatural creature
1 vampire (your breed Lillanite or Cainite) 7-8 demonkin
2-4 psychic reroll 
1-5 minor 6-9 major 10 very powerful
9 immortal
5-6 werecreature 10 vampire opposite breed (Lillanite or Cainite)
    The herd background adds to the success of this roll

The Hunting system
The character says they are going hunting and describes the method.  The hunting may be roleplayed out or the storyteller may simply roll 1d10 + 3 points per hour spent hunting (the number cannot exceed the character's attribute + appropriate ability decided by the method).  Difficulty decided by situation.  Each success made on the roll gives the character 1 victim to feed from.


    The vampire is created by taking a mortal human and draining all their blood from them.  As the lifeessence fades away from the victim the Embracer takes some of their blood and feeds it to the one they wish to make.
    The Embrace of a Sabbat vampire is different than the Embrace of those Awakened within the Camarilla.  The Sabbat feel that there must be put into the earth and the newly created must have the power and fortitude to escape from the earth.  Therefore, immediately after being given 1 blood volume point they are konked on the head, dropped into the earth, and buried.
    The vampire spends one day dead within the Earth.  The next night is spent digging their way out.  While involved in this task the human life they had known is played before them as confusing images and dreams usually from an entirely different point of view.  The newly emerged vampire will tend to be quite different from the human who entered the hole in the Earth.
    For this reason Sabbat vampires begin the game with 3 points of Beastial but only lose one point of Temporary Beastial for a controlled frenzy (see the document on Beastial)


    The power of diablerie is probably the power that scares most low generation vampires.In the Sabbat society it is considered perfectly reasonable for a vampire to diablerized a vampire from outside the Sabbat or one who has been accused of a crime within the Sabbat and in fact that is a respected way to gain power
    Diablerie is the ability that vampires have to absorb the soul and power of other vampires (diablerie file).


The Disciplines
    A vampire has access to special powers called disciplines.  A beginning sabbat vampire has 4 dots to place in any of their four clan disciplines.  The disciplines list is quite long and is described in a document on disciplines. No vampire 8th generation or higher may learn disciplines over 5.  See generation background for additional discipline limitations.
    See the file on disciplines.


Vampiric Clans
    Each vampiric clans possess special disciplines that they are best at as well as a clan flaw that travels down the line of vampires.  See the list of clans  within the Sabbat
    The list of clans up to the year 2006 CE are:

Merits and Flaws
 see the file on Cainite Merits and Flaws.


Vampiric Backgrounds

These traits describe the backgrounds reserved for vampirics.  It also includes societal backgrounds for those within the Sabbat and the Demonkin specific backgrounds.  Any background that is society specific is valid only in that society.
As a storyteller I limit the backgrounds to level five for most games unless the extra background is gained through roleplay.

Black Hand Status/Membership
    This is the vampire's status within the Sabbat Inquisition.  The higher one's rating in Blackhand status the higher one's ability to control others within the sect.  A character with Black Hand status has the power to question any who are not a member of the sect. (though the other can still attempt to use their own power and status to make the character uncomfortable).  Most character's start with no points in Black Hand Status.  Level 0 is no status within the Hand  Level 1 is a beginning Black Hand member who is still being tested.  Level 4 and up may be put in charge of missions (though usually the most dangerous)  Level 5 may be in charge of the inquisition in a maintained city.  Level 10 is the Black Hand master.
The Black hand are the movers and the shakers within the sabbat community.  They have enormous power. Black hand members must answer when called by the leaders and must obey the leaders of the black hand
Dots Effect
-- You fear them like everyone else
O Lowly grunt you run errands
OO You've done your training and accounted for yourself
OOO You have rank essentially sargent
OOOO You may lead a small force of black hand members on specific missions
OOOOO You may have a permanent assignment with a small force
5 + O You have permanent assignment in an important and only moderately dangerous assignment
5 + OO You have permanent assignment in a well established pack
5 + OOO You make decisions for an area made up of several packs
5 + OOOO You make decisions for a large area with many packs
5 + OOOOO You are one of the inner circle of the black hand (sharing power equally with 3 others)


Bloodline is only purchased by demonkin. Bloodline is how strong the character's tie is to their demonic parentage. As a standard this is how many generations from the character's demonic ancestor the character is. However, the character's demonic nature would be stronger if any of his ancestors were the child of two demonkin.  Demonkin are generally second class citizens within the Sabbat due to their inability to take part in many of the rituals of the sabbat.
Dots Generation First Aging rolls Vitae Max Pool Magic Affect
 - sixth generation 
(great great great great)
85 years vitae pool 10 magically susceptable (-2 difficulty to have magic cast on)
O fifth generation 
(great great great)
100 years vitae pool 11 magically sensitive, magical susceptable 
(can detect magic within 5 feet more powerful magics possibly futher)
OO fourth generation 
(great great)
125 years vitae pool 12 magically sensitive, magically susceptable (-1 difficulty to cast magic on)
OOO third generation
150 years vitae pool 13 magically sensitive
OOOO second generation 
200 years vitae pool 14 +1 difficulty to cast magic on, magically sensitive
OOOOO first generation 
250 years vitae pool 15 +2 difficulty to cast magic on, magically sensitive
Clan Status
The character is well known and respected among his clan within the Sabbat.  Within the Sabbat the lines of control for members of the individual clans is very weak.  However, there are many lines of control open to those within the city usually based on persuasion and power.  The more points in status the more control they have.  Level 0 is the base level for any member of a clan.  Level 5 gives you control of the clan within the city, level 8 is the clan Inquisitor while level 10 is the clan master (may be the progenator or not)

This trait is only taken by vampires. This trait describes how far the vampire is from Caine or his vampiric brothers. The further you are from them the less powerful your blood is.  Vampires of higher than 10th generation very rarely survive the Embrace within the Sabbat
Dots Generation Minimum full 
Blood Pool BTM 2 (1)
Strength (2)
Spendable / Turn
Discipline Cost
 -  13th  10 x 2 1/turn 5 normal
O 12th 11.25 x 2.25 1/turn 5 normal
OO 11th 12.5 x 2.5 1/turn 5 normal
OOO 10th 13.75 x 2.75 2/turn 5 normal
OOOO 9th 15 x 3 2/turn 5 normal
OOOOO 8th 16.25 x 3.25 3/turn 5 normal
5 + O 7th * 20 x 4 5/turn 6 normal
5 + OO 6th * 30 x 6 6/turn 7 normal
5 + OOO 5th * 40 x 8 8/turn 8 normal
5 + OOOO 4th ** 50 x 10 10/turn 9 -2 IP/level less to buy disciplines
5 + OOOOO 3rd ** 75 x 15 12/turn 10 -4 IP/level less to buy disciplines
10 + O 2nd *** 100 x 20 15/turn 10 -6 IP/level less to buy disciplines
10 + OO 1st **** 200 x 40 20/turn 10 all disciplines cost 8 x level to buy

* these generations must be bought with the generation merit under kindred ties
** these generations are unavailable for pcs
*** this generation is only obtained by the originator of a clan, any vampire who reaches thisgeneration gains and loses a new clan flaw based on his personality. Any childer createdfrom that vampire later and his childer will share the new clan flaw.
**** this generation is posessed only by Caine and the originator of the different Lillanite vampires.  As far as is known all the Lillanite originators are no longer in existence.  Caine, however, is never seen except when he creates a new childer which forms a new clan  He is rumored to have complete control over the physical forms of all vampires (though in actuality this is only from that are his progeny).
(1) This assumes a character with a Body between 5 and 7.  After multipliers are taken into account this is the minimum blood points the vampire can have.  If a character has a body type that is different this chart must be altered.
(2) This is the minimum blood strength multiplier that a character from that generation has on any blood processed by the vampire.

You have built up a number of normals that you can feed freely upon but they may not know what is happening. They are not useful for any other purpose but they also do not call upon you for assistance. Example the hooker who feeds upon her customers. The Herd must be defined as a group.  The herd background is quite rare among the Sabbat.
Herd are assumed to be average healthy humans 1/10 very healthy 1/10 sickly. The character may raise the actual number of beings within your herd if this is not so.
Dots Effect Effect on D6 system cumulative
 - You feed by your own devices good luck. +1 die
O 4 people readily availible when needed +1 die
OO 8 people readily availible when needed 3 and above gives blood point
OOO 16 people readily availible when needed +1 die
OOOO 24 people readily availible when needed +1 die
OOOOO 32  people readily availible when needed 2 or above gives blood point
5 + O 48 people readily availible when needed +1 die
5 + OO 65 people readily availible when needed +1 die
5 + OOO 85 people readily availible when needed +1 die
5 + OOOO 110 people readily availible when needed +1 die
5 + OOOOO 150 people readily availible when needed you have blood unless you are gone from your area

The character has status within the Sabbat.
Level 0 is the starting status.  Level 1 is for those who are starting to make a good name for themselves.  Level 5 has the ear of the leader (city cardinal) whenever he wants it.  Level 6 is one of the leader's chosen in the city.  Level 7 leads an area.  Level 10 is a well respected methuselah.


Character Creation
   Character creation involves several steps but very few that are any different than those involved with creating a normal mortal character in Talorian.

Game Concept
    What are the limitations set by the game?  The Storyteller will set the point limits for the game as well as any character limitations.  From these limitations and your own imagination you will create a Character concept.

Character Concept
    Who were you born as?  When were you born?  When were you Embraced?  Who Embraced you?  How do you survive?  How involved in vampiric society are you?  How involved in mortal society are you?  What are you good at?  What do you like to do? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself.  Make sure to keep the answers reasonable for the game concept.

The Points
    When creating a vampire character you will have a number of statistic and skill points (see talorian basic system).  All vampires' games automatically include all ten attributes. The chart below includes a list of guidelines for character points.  The storyteller may ignore or modify these charts at will.
Character's Place
Basic Stats Points 
Basic Skill 
Points *
total pts 
special skills
max skill level
regular skills
max skill level 
special skills
Ancient Elder
Newly created
 * Add Reflexes + Intelligence to the number of skill points given.

Freebie points are assigned at the beginning of the game as well.  A beginning game should include 15 freebie points.  Follow the rules outlined under the Basic Talorian System for the spending of all points.

Sabbat Society
    The society commonly called the Sabbat began in 1400 CE.  During the first 10 years of the Camarilla all the Children of Caine were called to Egypt by a powerful work of magic.  At this meeting the vampires discussed the necessity for the vampires to go into hiding.  For almost 2 years they argued about the rules that they should live by and in the end there was a schism among the groups.  The Vampires of the Celestial Court sent representatives and offered those that wished to join neither group asylum.
    Some left but others refused to join the Camarilla or move to the orient and moved to the holy land of Romania under the protection (and blood bond) of Dracule the sect had its humble beginnings.  For 100 years the sect lived under Dracule's control until they made an accidental discovery.  By partaking on one another's blood regularly they could reduce the power of the blood bond.  However, this created a new bond to one another   This bond is commonly called the Vinculum.  After this occurred the 12 (those vampires unliving with Dracule plus John Smith the Demonkin) began to plot a way to kill Dracule.  It took almost 25 years to kill and replace Dracule but in the end they won out.
    The Sabbat became obsessed with the idea of avoiding control and exploring their new superiority both over mortals and over all other vampires.
    The Sabbat believe that vampires are a higher form of being and we should embrace that superiority and worship nothing. The Sabbat declared war upon the Camarilla and held Transylvania.  From this point they used the inquisition and the exploration of the other worlds to gain more power.
    The Camarilla still controls much of the European world while the American Continent, the African Continent and the Australian Continent are pretty evenly spaced between the two groups.

The Sabbat Ideology
    The Sabbat hold several ideals as most important to their sect.  It is, infact, what separates them from all other groups of vampires.

    The Sabbat consider themselves to be superior to all.  They are better than the mortals for they have been given immortality.  They are better than the Camarilla for they don't spend all their time trying to be mortal and pretending they are.  Instead they spend their time finding and reveling in what they are and the morals they should hold.

    The Sabbat are fanatically loyal to their sect.  No Sabbat vampire would betray the sect and many would die to protect it.  This is their greatest strength.  The Vinculum prevents the Sabbat from becoming easily bound to any beings from outside the sect.  The Sabbat always put the sect first and this is the expectation.  Only by remaining loyal can they remain strong.

    Beside the ideal of loyalty is the ideal of freedom.  The Sabbat's entire purpose is to allow the members to remain free.  All the rules, paradoxically, are designed for this purpose.  There are splinter sects within the Sabbat that carry the ideal to extremes.  They believe that they remain most loyal to the Sabbat by not obeying any leaders.

    The Sabbat believe that Gehenna is coming and they are the only vampires that have the chance of saving all vampires.  The Sabbat are in a war against the Eldest vampires.  Gehenna is a prophesied time in the future when all the eldest vampires will come forth and attempt to destroy or control directly all vampirekind.
    The Sabbat believe that the Camarilla are tools of the Gehenna.  However, the Sabbat believe that they are free from Gehenna since they alone value freedom from the eldest.  The Sabbat wage attempts to kill and take power from the oldest vampires.

The Holy Crusades
    The Sabbat fight a holy war against the Camarilla.  Since they are tools of the Gehenna they are to be treated with no mercy.  For only through taking their power can you weaken the Gehenna.  The Sabbat have crusades designed to weaken the Camarilla's hold on cities.  They use the Camarilla's respect for the Masquarade to destroy their hold on cities.

The Pack
    The Sabbat have one primary social unit that is their strongest strength.  This social unit is called the Pack.  A Sabbat has 3 to 15 pack mates.  All members of a pack were Embraced at the same time.  When they first were brought out of the ground they were forced to engage in the Vinculum with one another. However, very rarely a new member will join a pack or a new pack will form.  However, a packmember never leaves a pack except by final death.
    The pack is responsible for and to one another.  They have a strong loyalty to one another.  If one member of a pack commits a crime then all members of that pack are colored by it.

Unlife with the Sabbat
    All members of the Sabbat are given freedom and protection within the sect.  However, this is balanced with responsibilities for the furthering of the Sabbat's holy purposes.

Fun and Games
    The Sabbat engage in games that range from relatively mean to sickening.  These games take advantage of their superior powers over mortals.

    The Vinculum is the most sacred rite among the Sabbat.  However, it is also the bond that holds the sect together.  All members of a pack must engage in the Vinculum with one another on a regular basis (1/week under normal standards).  They also must regularly recite the oath of loyalty to the sect while drinking the blood of all vampires present in the City (usually 1/month).
    All Black Hand members also trade blood with one another while reciting the Black Hand Oath (1/week with those they are on mission with and 1/year with the entire membership).  Treat the mission members as an additional pack.

    All Sabbat have two additional ratings called Vinculum (Black hand members have three).  There is a pack and a city rating in Vinculum.  To gain the Vinculum rating roll a d10 each time a Vinculum is engaged in.  Consult the chart below for the effects of the Vinculum ratings.  This rating is considered to be accurate for all members of the target group  The chart below is from the point of view of one who is experiencing the Vinculum.  The highest rating always takes presidence. Use the Effective rating as the number when deciding the highest rating.
Rating Effects Pack Effects City (effective rating) Effects Black Hand (effective rating)
1 Virtually no bond.  Normal rules for fondness exist Virtually no bond.  Normal rules for fondness exist (0) Virtually no bond.  Normal rules for fondness exist. (0)
2 You feel a sense of kinship is felt for the individual, but not strong enough for you to go out of your way for the individual Virtually no bond.  Normal rules for fondness exist (1) Virtually no bond.  Normal rules for fondness exist (1)
3 You feel a sense of loyalty for the individual as long as it does not interfere with your plans. Virtually no bond.  Normal rules for fondness exist (1) A feeling of kinship is felt for the individual, but not strong enough for one to go out of their way for the individual (2)
4 You will aid the individual if your are asked to do so and there is no personal danger involved.  You feel a sense of kinship is felt for the individual, but not strong enough for you to go out of your way for the individual (2) You feel a sense of loyalty for the individual as long as it does not interfere with your plans. (3)
5 You respect the individual and help her when you can even if it involves minor risks. You feel a sense of loyalty for the individual as long as it does not interfere with your plans. (3) You will aid the individual if your are asked to do so and there is no personal danger involved. (4)
6 You have strong feelings for the individual and help him even at costs to yourself.  You will gladly fight for the individual. You will aid the individual if your are asked to do so and there is no personal danger involved. (4) You respect the individual and help her when you can even if it involves minor risks. (5)
7 You are willing to put yourself in danger for the individual and will kill for the individual. You respect the individual and help her when you can even if it involves minor risks. (5) You have strong feelings for the individual and help him even at costs to yourself.  You will gladly fight for the individual. (6)
8 You will gladly donate any resources or influence you might have to aid the individual. You have strong feelings for the individual and help him even at costs to yourself.  You will gladly fight for the individual. (6) You are willing to put yourself in danger for the individual and will kill for the individual. (7)
9 You will do virtually anything for the individual even put yourself in great danger. You are willing to put yourself in danger for the individual and will kill for the individual. (7) You will gladly donate any resources or influence you might have to aid the individual. (8)
10 You will readily give your unlife for the individual. You will gladly donate any resources or influence you might have to aid the individual. (8) You will do virtually anything for the individual even put yourself in great danger. (9)

Sabbat Rituals

The Rules of the Sabbat
    The original twelve formed the basis of Sabbat society; the pack.  Each Sabbat belongs to a pack and their emotional loyalty to the pack is very strong.  The original 12 form what is called the Counsel.  The Counsel very seldom meets but on those dates they can change to course of the Sabbat.
    There are two seperate controls of the Sabbat.  The Sabbat Inquisition and the Secular control.  The Cardinals are the master's of a city while the Inquisition is charged with justice within the clan.  The representatives of the Sabbat Inquisition are called the Black Hand.

The Hierarchy of Power
    The highest control within the Sect rests in the hands of the Pope.  The Pope acts as the representative of the Counsel and in fact can be replaced at anytime with a majority vote among the Counsel.  The Master of Counsel is considered to be the overall leader of the Sabbat and can in fact affect the entire policy of the sect.  The Pope always has his face and body altered for his tenure as Pope.  The Counsel itself has very little power except through its emmisary.  In fact most members of the Counsel have alternative identities that allow them to move freely among their kind.
    The Next level of power is among the Regents.  The regents are the masters of gigantic geographical areas.  They control the overall policies of that area.  They are in charge of coordinating the Sabbat wars with the Camarilla and negotiating difficulties between cities within an area.
    The Next Rank is called the Prisci.  The Prisci have a duty to watch the Cardinals of individual cities.  The move around regularly and make sure the Cardinal is doing his job.
    The next rank but almost equal to the Prisci is the Cardinal.  The Cardinal's rule each individual city or particularly large nomadic group.
    Under each Cardinal is the clan representative.  They have authority over the individual clans.

The Hierachy of the Black Hand
    The Hierachy of the Hand works along side and Hierachy of the Sect.  There are 4 ranks among the Hand.  The first is the Head Inquisitor.  The Head Inquisitor is also chosen from among the Counsel and is altered for her tenure as Head Inquisitor.
    The Head Inquisitor has the power to do whatever they deem necessary for stamping out demonology among the sect.  The Head Inquisitor is alway appointed for 5 year tenures and may only be removed after that time is past.
    The next level of power is the Archbishops.  The Archbishops run the large geographic areas and may question anyone in that area. (In fact they have permission to torture many of lower rank).
    Under the Archbishop is the Bishop.  Each Bishop acts as spiritual advisor and inquisitor within individual cities.
    Technically any member of the Hand may question anyone who is not a member and any higher rank Hand member may question any Hand member of higher rank.  However, the lowest members of the hand may find themselves paying a high price from using this power on those of highest rank.
    All members of the Black Hand are chosen by other members of the Hand.  Once chosen the canidates are rigorously tested.  If they pass these tests they are branded with a brand of a blackened crescent moon on their right hand and begin working as a foot soldier for the Hand.  Black Hand members are considered to have sacrificed their rights to personal freedom so that all others may have theirs.  A Black Hand member is expected to obey a superior completely.

The Cardinal
    The Cardinal rules an individual city.  He and his pack are normally the most powerful and ruthless vampires in the city.  The Cardinal holds power only as long as he can keep the respect (or fear) of other vampires within the city.  The Sabbat are quite obsessed with personal power and a Cardinal who wants to keep rule will minimize the areas that his use of power touches while keeping those that are essential.  Technically it is the Cardinal's duty to see that the other vampire's freedoms are respected while protecting the city from harm.
    The Cardinal  the technical right to order any member of the sect to do anything they desire and punish as he sees fit any who do not obey him.  However, he must answer to the Prisci and the Bishops of the Area.  The Cardinal may freely appoint others to any post he deems fit.
    However, though technically a Cardinal may do whatever they wish they must be able to back up any play they make.  The Bishop has the power to countermand any order when she believes that it involves the Inquisition.

The Bishop
    The Bishop has the power to question any member of the Sabbat.  In fact, most members of the sect may be tortured to obtain confessions.  However, the Bishop who annoys his Cardinal does not long stay in power.  Any Cardinal may at any time call in the Archbishop before any questioning is done while the Bishop may call in the Prisci of the area against any decision.

The Elders
    The Bishop and the Cardinal must listen to the elders of the city.  They form a counsel of advisers to the Cardinal though only when the Cardinal calls them.

Combat Trials
    Any vampire within the Sabbat may question any order given to them by a superior.  If neither the superior nor the questioner will give way then a trial by combat will occur.  A trial by combat involves superior and the questioner facing one another in a ring with several weapons placed around the circle.  The winner has complete control over the losers fate for one month.  He can order the loser tortured to death over that month or simply let him go and order him back to work.  He can kill the loser during the combat.  The combat trial lasts until one or the other combatant cannot move (usually death but perhaps unconsciousness).  The winner may also take the loser's rank and in fact must chose the successor if he kills the loser.
    An agreement among the Cardinal and the Archbishop can declare that no combat trials may take place for one month.  However, both are asked to justify their actions.  This may occur during any Camarilla attacks or attacks from outside but very little else will justify the action.

Sabbat Justice


Other Vampiric Groups
    Vampiric society has four primary social groups.  Three of which control most of the occidental world while the other has very little dealing with the occidental world.  These groups are the: Sabbat (what we've been looking at), the Anarchs, the Celestial Court, and the Camarilla.

    The Anarchs are those vampires that do not follow any of the rules of any of the clans.  They follow only the right of power and individuality.  Technically any vampire who lives in this way is an Anarch.  This by definition includes any of the free Lillanite clans who wander the occidental world as well.  Few large cities are controlled by the Anarchs though many of the smaller cities are (simply because it is too much trouble for any of the other groups to hold from each other)
    Anarch controlled cities may accept a vampire from any group the controller of the city desires.  Anarch cities tend to be incedibly violent and dangerous for vampires as well as any mortals who finds themselves in the way.

Celestial Court
    The Celestial Court controls much of the oriental and eastern world.  They originally come from China but have expanded outward since that time.  The Celestial Court sided with the Sabbat vampires during the choosing of the original Masquerade and formed a cold war that continues until this day.  No Camarilla vampire found in Celestial Court territory is safe and no Celestial Court vampire is safe within the Camarilla.  Most Camarilla vampires know nothing about the Celestial Court.  The Celestial Court can cause fear in most Camarilla vampires with any sense.
    The Sabbat have a mutual exchange pact with the Celestial Court.  It is not all that unusual to see a Cardinal, Bishop or other elder with contacts within the Celestial Court.  However, all the exchanges are with individuals there are no written treaties.

    The Sabbat and the Camarilla constantly fight over territory.   The Camarilla is considerably larger than the Sabbat but grows and changes very little.  Camarilla follow a complicated set of rules called the Masquarade which among other things requires hiding their nature from humans.  The Sabbat are a constant source of threat to the Camarilla control of most cities. They are constantly waiting for a moment of weakness so they can take over.
    One of the Sabbat's favorite tactics to cause difficulty to the Camarilla is to produce many new vampires in Camarilla territory and leave the Camarilla to deal with the problems.  Members of the Sabbat are called Antitribu by any within the Camarilla.  Therefore, a Bathory would be a Bathory-Antitribu
    The Clans of the Camarilla are essentially the same though some clans are more common in the Camarilla and some are more common in the Sabbat.  The clans that are most common in the Sabbat are:  Bathory, Dracaens, Followers of Set, Giovanni,  Samedi and Wanderers.  There are no Tuhadan are Virtualite vampires within the Sabbat before 2200 CE all others can find representation among the Sabbat though some may be quite rare..

The Servants
    See the file on the servant groups for the abilities of these groups.  The following are common servants to vampires: Constructs, Ghouls, Ghoul Families (Revenants) and Spirits.

The most common possessors of constructs are Settites and Giovanni-Andrise and Demonkin. The Samedi-Antitribu have a great number of Construct monsters to protect their clan havens.  To possess a construct requires either sufficient magic to create the creature on your own or paying a merit cost for a powerful ghoul (the catchall for all powerful servants)
Constructs are spirits who have been taken from the spirit world and placed in a physical form created by the use of powerful magics. Constucts may look like anything though the humanoid constructs are more successful.

A Ghoul is a mortal who drinks vampiric blood regularly. Due to this they have several advantages. Most vampires use them as servants and the blood bond tends to keep them loyal.  Sabbat vampires use very harshly their Ghouls.   All clans have their ghouls except for the Demonkin who cannot produce ghouls.

Ghoul Families (Revenants)
A ghoul family is a group of humans who are the progeny of two persons who were ghouls. The ghoul cannot bear or sire children while drinking vampiric blood however, the ghoul may allow the blood to fade from their system and produce children normally. The first child does not have the special abilities of a ghoul family member. But if that person mates with a ghoul as well then their child is a ghoul family member (or revanant). Ghoul families are common among all the vampiric clans except Samedi
To have a revenant as a personal servant requires paying merit points or paying extra background points depending on the power of the ghoul.

Spirits are most commonly the servants and slaves of the Dracules, Giovanni-Andrise, Settites or Demonkin that specializes in spirits. Rare individuals also have spirit friends so they are included here.
There are two primary types of spirits. There are spirits that are some sort of elemental force (called elementals) and their are spirits of deceased beings (called ghosts). The difference in these two types of creature is shown by the type of psychic gifts the character has, the physical form they hold, and the type of skills they possess.

The mortals
    The Sabbat consider themselves vastly superior to mortals and use then for complicated games involving torture.  However, while claiming they don't care about mortals they go to some effort to hide their existence.
    The Sabbat in a city control their numbers by constant warfare on the Camarilla.  However the number of vampires that it is safe to have is listed below.
Timeperiod Safe number of 
vampires / mortals
Reasoning Timeperiod Safe number of 
vampires / mortals
dark ages 1 / 1,000 no reason to hide 2000 to 2020 1 / 15,000 psychics and werecreatures public
1400 to 1600 1 / 20,000 deep hiding no infrastructure 2020 to 2075 1  / 15,000 ditto
1600 to 1800 1 / 10,000 hiding but scientific age begins 2075 to 2200 1 / 10,000 ditto but more so.  Concentration on space travel
1800 to 1900 1 / 10,000 ditto 2200 onward 1/ 10,000 seemingly impossible things happen regularly
1900 to 1950 1 / 10,000 ditto
1950 to 1975 1 / 15,000 cameras
1975 to 2000 1 / 20,000 advanced cameras

Anytime the number exceeds the number above roll 1 d10 once / week per doubling of the desired vampiric population.  If a one is rolled there was an accidental discovery that must be covered up quickly.  There was no hiding of identities within the smaller communities before the 1400's.


Their Origins

    The fairykin are any fairy that was Embraced and any of his progeny.  Despite the fact that the Fairykin do not owe their origin to any second generation vampire the curse (or blessing) that is part of their fairy nature continues down their line.
    The oldest known Fairykin line had its origin in the Dark Ages (the vampire was Embraced by a Hataerae in the year 1098).

Nickname:  Kooks

    Fairykin's primary appearance affect comes from their clan.  However, fairykin will tend to appear to be slightly odd ducks even among their clan.  Many of the Fairykin have altered appearance.

Character Creation
    Many of the Fairykin who are not true fairy themselves tend to have character histories very like their counterparts within the clans.  The primary difference is once the change has taken place the character is slightly different.  One should keep in mind when creating a Fairykin that they do not think as we do.  Most other vampires consider them to be cursed with Fairy Logic.

    All fairykin have access to the Mytherceria discipline as if it were a clan discipline.

Their History
    The fairykin have a unique relationship in the World of Dimness.  Since the first Fairykin quite a few lines have had their blood altered by the presence of fairy nature.  Fairykin can be found among any of the clans though they feel some tie to one another as well as their clan.
    After 2005 when the Tuhadan came into existence many fairykin joined their ranks.  Making them probably one of the most unusual clans.

Fairy Logic
    Fairy Logic is a system of logic that does not use the normal rules for logic.  In our system of logic A + B = C then C - B = A.  In fairy logic this is not necessarily so.  C - B = D or H or J.

Alterations of the Blood
    It is unknown exactly why this is so but Fairkin are mishmashes of traits of many of the Fairy types.  This is created in game system by a special set of merits and flaws reserved to them (or the Tuhadan).
     Fairykin also have some difficulty with Iron so are required to take Iron Sensitivity worth at least 1 point (though they do get the points for it)


Demonkin are the descendents of a mortal female and a demon possessed male. Due to this ancestry demonkin are very strongly ruled by their passions. Though demonkin are not technically a vampiric clan they hold clan status within the Camarilla.  See the Demonkin Clan notes for that information

Demonkin possess an additional virtue called passion. Passion begins at zero and rises and falls during game play anytime the demons passions are stretched. (Things like strong sexual desire, and anger raise passion. Quiet and rest lowers passion.)

Demonkin may possess vampiric disciplines (Except Mythceria), any primary path of Thaumaturgy (except blood Thaumaturgy) and gain 3 beginning dots that they can place into these. Demonkin may also be psychics but must pay freebie points for psychic gifts (must purchase merit to be psychic).

All Vampiric Disciplines are purchased as if it was a clan Discipline.  However, Demonkin cannot learn a discipline over 5 dots.

Demonkin have several advantages and disadvantages gained from their demonic heritage.

Passion Rating
+2 difficulty self control rolls 
+2 Reflexes
Eyes begin to reflect light
Eyes glow red, 
+1 Body Type
Eyes glow red 

+2 difficulty self-control rolls

Grows bigger and huskier, 
+2 difficulty on self-control rolls 
+1 Body Type
Grows bigger and huskier 
+2 difficulty on self control rolls 
+2 Reflexes
Razer claws come out teeth grow fanged 
+2 Reflexes
+1 Body Type 
-2 Intelligence
Razer claws come out teeth grow 
+1 Body Type 
-2 Intelligence
Skin turns red and hot to the touch (105-110 F) 
+2 Body Type
-2 Attractiveness
Skin turns red and hot to the touch (105-110 F) 
+2 Body Type 
-2 Attractiveness
Grows even bigger and huskier (about 100 lbs more with the average adult male) 
+2 to Body Type
Grows even bigger and huskier (about 100 lbs more with the average adult male) 
+2 Body Type
Storyteller decision generally extreme
Over 6
Storyteller decision generally extreme

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