What is Diablerie
    Diablerie is the absorbing of the soul of another being through a process of draining it after draining out all the blood.  Only vampires can be victims of or commit diablerie without the aid of special powers or rituals.  The being so drained must exist on the same plane of existance as the creature draining.

How is it done
    To commit Diablerie the vampire must drink all of the blood remaining in the victim and then continue to drain.  This requires a Body roll difficulty 15 + 2 per blood volume point over full the vampire committing diablerie is.  The character must accrue 5 successes in an extended action.  If the character at any point has more flubs than successes (total) the soul is considered to have drained away first and the character gains no benefits.

What are its Effects
Note 1: Mummies and Immortals cannot be Diablerized.
Note 2: The diablerist may also gain mental or supernatural merits and flaws from the victim at the storyteller's discresion.
Note 3: The only effect that carries over to Childer is that of lower generation and becoming a Fairykin.  This is not a justification for the creation of a bloodline.
Note 4: the effects are substantially different depending on the supernatural nature of the victim.  Therefore, each creature has their own list of effects.  You can simply scroll through them all or you may link to individual sections by following the links that follow.  Victim is: Cainite Vampire, Demonkin, Fairy or Fairykin, Lillanite Vampire, Psychic, Spirit, or Werecreature

* Thaumaturgy is not considered to be a discipline and cannot be gained through diablerie (though thaumaturgy affinity may be)
** The diablerist may gain enough Temporary Beastial to lose a Permanent Beastial point (in fact more than one) by diablerizing despite the normal rule against such actions.  These costs are added to the normal cost for diablerie listed in the Beastial rules. (see Beastial rules)
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