Primary Paths

    The primary paths of Thaumaturgy must be learned to allow the learning of other Thaumaturgical paths.  These are also the allowable paths for the use of rituals.  The level of the primary path defines the maximum level ritual that can be cast.  There are a few rituals that may be limited to a particular path of Thaumaturgy.  Common sense will dictate these.  If the ritual would be no use to any but the normal possessors of that path then it requires that path. The primary paths are Blood Thaumaturgy, Demonic Thaumaturgy, Earthly Thaumaturgy (not defined yet coming soon), Godly Thaumaturgy, Spirit Thaumaturgy and Vitae Thaumaturgy.
    There is also a list of a few ideas for other paths of power.

Blood Thaumaturgy
    The path of Blood is the path that most vampiric Thaumaturges follow.  It allows for manipulations of blood to power magic.  Included below are the levels that were sufficiently changed from their original form.
    Note: Lillanite vampires may use the path of Blood.

O          A Taste for Blood
    This ability is a variety of perception based abilities that require touch or blood to use. You may determine how much blood a mortal has, how much blood is in a kindred, how powerful the blood is, or where the person the blood came from is at that very moment. The practitioner may also identify the sire or parent of the person this is used on. The use of the ability requires touch or fresh blood from the person.   The vampire makes a Magical + thaumaturgy (difficulty character's Will rating +10). The number of successes determines how much can be told.

OO         Blood Rage
    With but a touch, the character can force another to spend their blood (if they are a creature capable of spending blood). The blood is spent as the thamaturgist wishes. The practitioner rolls Magical + thaumaturgy (difficulty equal to target's Body Type rating +10) to effect the character. Each success is allows the thamaturgist to make the victim spend one blood point as the thaumaturgist wishes.

OOO     Blood of Potency
    You may perform manipulation on your blood. Roll Will + thaumaturgy (difficulty 15) successes must be spent to decrease generation and create a duration in hours. If no successes are spent on duration the effect lasts for one turn.  A practitioner may learn disciplines of higher than normally allowed level. However, the disciplines only function when under the effect of Blood Potency. Add +3 IP/level to the cost of any disciplines learned in this manner.

OOOO   Theft of Vitae
    You can mystically transfer blood into your system from a distance. The practitioner rolls magical + thamaturgy difficulty 14 for nonliving object or target's Will + 10 for another being. The number of successes determines the number of blood points transferred. The thamaturgist may limit the number drained willingly. The source must be within 50 feet and in clear view, and the victim will feel something drained from them in the general direction of the thamaturgist (though most don't know what it means).

OOOOO  Cauldron of Blood
    You are capable of manipulating others' blood. By touching another, you are able to boil her blood, not only causing aggravated damage but also removing blood from the system.
    The Character rolls Will + Thaumaturgy against a difficulty equal to the number of blood points the vampire wishes to boil + Target's Will +10 . The victim takes 1/2 d6 points of damage to a random location for every point boiled.

Demonic Thaumaturgy
    Demonic thaumaturgy disguises itself as the other forms of magic. Therefore, the magus spends the most common primary path of magic. Blood Thaumaturgy for Vampires, and Vitae Thaumaturgy for others. It does not have any of the special abilities but the powerpool is the same.  Demonic Thaumaturgy recovers at a rate of 1 per 8 hours giving an average of 3 per day.

O          Reveal
    This power reveals the character to the demons from Hell. The character can sense Hell's influence on another. On a Magical + Thaumaturgy (difficulty the target's Will +8) the practitioner can detect various bits of information.
Successes Effect
flub completely false information
1 success Target's remaining self. This detects any loss of self from many different sources. (Essence loss, vitae drained recently, soul loss recently, recent Beastial gains)
2 successes Target's strength of self. (Beastial rating Willpower rating within 1, Will rating within 1)
3 successes  Target's primary path of thought (this works much like auspex level 2 except it only reads the deeper ways of living and thinking)
4 successes Target's master. (this will detect any mystical bonds between them and another.) 
5 successes Target's place in the heirachy. (Where are they in Hell's view? who do they serve. Whom does this give them command?) 

 OO      Recieve
    This power allows the servant to gain additional demonic power to cast spells. To decide the exact number of points gained roll Will + Thaumaturgy skill + Beastial by a difficulty number decided by the demon master's pleasure with the character. Each success gives one extra demonic power for that day.
    The practitioner may also give away the soul of another or himself for 1 demonic power/10% of the soul. Gaining the soul of another usually requires torturing them until they give it to you or blood binding them. The demonic power gained in this way does not go away until spent.
Difficulty Circumstance
Dif 30 Practitioner has worked against the demon's wishes recently.
Dif 20 Practitioner has not done anything in the demon's interest recently. (last month or so)
Dif 18 Practitioner is working slightly towards the demon's interest.
Dif 15  Practitioner working actively to accomplish the demon's goals. 
Dif 12  Practitioner is a zealot. Working and risking death constantly to accomplish the demon's goals. 

OOO             Call Imp
     The practitioner may call a minor spiritual servant from Hell. Roll Will + Thaumaturgy (difficulty 15).  This servant does have his (or his master's) own reasons for accepting the call.  They will not work against the practitioner's interests but they may have their own mission while out of Hell.  Also the imps must be allowed some freedom of movement while in the outer world or they will not return when needed.
    The Imp's power level is effected by the number of successes. The imp appears for one day per success.
Successes Effect
flub The Imp is angry with you and will travel with you for one day working against your interests.
1 success The Imp is as powerful as a typical mortal.
 2 successes The Imp is as powerful as a typical ghoul.
3 successes The Imp is as powerful as a strong ghoul.
4 successes The Imp is as powerful as a weak vampire (newly created).
5 successes The Imp is approximately pc base level.

OOOO           Flames of Hell
    The practitioner may lace other physical rituals with Flames of Hell. Any ritual cast in this way is harder to resist. Only supernatural resistance counts (Fortitude, Werecreature's gained BTM from changing shape). The practitioner may also spend points from their demonic pool to up the damage of these rituals +1d6 die aggravated damage/2 points spent.
    However, for anyone who can detect it is obvious. Therefore, it must be cautiously used. (Auspex level 2 when on detects, spirit sight detects, etc).  To those able to see the Flames of Hell it resembles a redblack tint to the spells effect.

OOOOO       Hordes of Hell
     The practitioner releases a small number of relatively small spirits from Hell. They range in size from midsized dog to rat. The Horde has the equivalent powerlevel of these creatures except they are only as solid as they wish to be. Roll Will + Thaumaturgy (difficulty 18). Each success gives the equivalent power of a midsized dog (about 4 rats). the horde remains for one turn/success.
    The hordes are under the practitioner's command though they tend to interpret the commands in a way that allows them to cause the most mayhem. The hordes may be fought with hands and claws and with supernatural affects but otherwise are noncoporeal creatures.

Earthly Thaumaturgy
    These magics are reserved for specific types of shamanistic training found most often among the Native Americans and Eco Spiritual traditions.  Earthly Thaumaturgy uses either the blood or vitae pool depending on whether they would use blood or vitae by their supernatural nature.

O            Avatar
    The practitioner's Avatar is Awakened.  The Avatar is usually in the form of an animal.  This avatar guides the character and cannot be destroyed.
    Game effect: 1/game session the practitioner can ask advice of the Avatar. (Though the Avatar might have a higher purpose in mind and may not know.)  The Avatar has knowledge of all of the practitioner's past lives as well as his time as a spirit.

OO         Sense the True Form
    The practitioner can sense the true form and supernatural nature of any person they can see and talk to closely.  This requires a Magical + Thaumaturgy roll (difficulty equal to the target's Will rating +10)

OOO       Take the True Form
    The practitioner can take their avatar form.  The Avatar form is an idealized version of the real animal.  It has all the capabilities of the animal simply extended slightly.  This takes 1 turn and costs 2 vitae to shift.  (Imaginary animals are possible but the storyteller should strongly consider game balance when allowing these animals).

OOOO     Travel the Summerlands
    The practitioner can take the form of a spirit and travel to the summerlands (or anywhere else but the summerlands are easy to them).  They gain all advantages of an astral creature when traveling in this way.  The character's body is left behind when they travel in this way.  To take spirit form is a Will + Thaumaturgy skill (difficulty Gauntlet of the area +10)
    The practitioner can borrow or give energy to the Summerlands while there.  The character gains power from the Summerlands equal to 5 vitae per success.  The character rolls Will + Thaumaturgy (difficulty 15).
    The practitioner can also travel the summer lands for solace and protection.  When in the Summerlands add +10 to any resistance or countermagic effects.

OOOOO   Become
    The practitioner can take the form of any natural animal that they have studied (100 IP/form).  The practitioner is a member of the species in all effects though he may become human again at will.  The process takes 1 full minute to take any form (including human).  When the practitioner gains this ability assume he has access to two forms (chosen by the practitioner) all others must be purchased.

Godly Thaumaturgy
    This path of Thaumaturgy is practiced primarily by Priests of different religions.  This magic only works as long as the magus stays true to his god's code.  This code may differ slightly depending on whether the magus is a priest or layman as well as differ by sect.
    Losing sight of their code has differing effects.  The primary system affect is the loss of ability to gain additional power.  Subtract one from holy power gained for each major transgression.  These may be gained back by repentence as well as appropriate personal sacrifice.
    Godly Thamaturges gain power from worship.  They gain 3 Additional Power  (ie Vitae) per day from a daily regime of prayer.  The number of Power that can be held differs depending on how true they are to their code of conduct.  Any day their is a major transgression they gain no Power for that day they also can gain no additional Power (except for the vitae recovery) until that transgression is forgiven.  The mages' Power+Vitae maximum is equal to 10 x their true faith rating.  .

O        Ritual
    The practitioner of Godly Thaumaturgy may increase the effect of a single cast ritual by casting it with fellow worshippers and an excepted holy ritual (baptism, communion etc).  The holy ritual must be one that the worshipers believe in though they do not necessarily have to believe in the magic itself.  The magical incantation cast must be one that the worshipers would agree. Double the effectiveness of any ritual cast in this way.
    An example of this use would be a ritual to heal one of the congregation's worshippers while the magus is doing a baptism or song of dedication.  The magus must do the holy ritual and be accepted as appropriate to do the holy ritual.

OO     Prayer
    The practitioner of godly magic may ask a god's blessing for a particular endeavor.  The endeavor must be one that fits within a holy mission (strictly up to the storyteller).  However, all rolls directly affecting the success of the mission are treated as if the roller possessed charmed existence.  The length of time that this blessing lasts may be quite long though the mission must be direct.  An example of a suitable mission:  Defeat that vampire's attempt to take over our city.  An example of an unsuitable mission:  Defeat evil in the world.
    The practitioner rolls Magical + Thaumaturgy difficulty normally 15.  For each success one additional person may be under the effect of the prayer though the mission must be the same.
    The magus may only have one prayer going at one time and the prayer continues until complete.Therefore, they tend to be cautious and direct with their prayer.

OOO   Bless Object
    The practitioner of Godly magic may put the power of a ritual within a holy object.  The ritual may not be over level 5 the magus must be able to cast the ritual.  This object is considered to be a holy object.  Difficulty is equal to 12 +4/level of ritual.  The object remains magical for 1 week per success.  Occationally an object may remain magical due to a god's direct blessing during the casting.  Often the magus does not know the object is one of these blessed.  Use of this ability costs 5 Power.

OOOO  The Holy Power
    The magus may gain Power at a faster rate directly from a worship service.  The worship service must be one compatable with the magus's code.  However, by simply attending the magus can gain Power at a variable rate depending on the number of true worshippers (this is more common than true faith in an average service 1 in 15 worshippers is a true worshipper).  They gain one Power per true worshipper.  For unknown flocks of worshippers roll one die per 10 persons attending the service.  For each roll of  8 or more there is one true worshipper.  For a simpler method for truly gigantic worship services roll a die for each 100 worshippers add all the dice together.
    This number may exceed the practitioner's normal Power maximum.  The practitioner then loses one Power per hour until all the extra Power is gone.

OOOOO        Call Avatar
    The magus may for a holy mission request the direct intervention of a minor avatar.  The avatar usually assists in very subtle ways however, this is only a preference.  The avatar may also fly down with wings blazing.  The angel is one of the many lower minions of the god.
    Roll Intelligence + Thaumaturgy + (storyteller's modifier based on the nature of the mission -5 to +5) difficulty  18 the number of successes defines how quickly the avatar arrives and how powerful it is.

Spirit Thaumaturgy
    The practitioner's of spiritual thaumaturgy access the primary vitae source of the character using either the vitae pool or the blood pool to cast rituals.  However, they gain none of the special abilities.

O               Spiritual Awareness
    The practitioner may sense the presence of spirits and objects with unusual umbral existence.  Roll Magical + Thaumaturgy with a variable difficulty (difficulty starting at 12 for incredibly easy tasks and 25 for incredibly subtle differences).  This gives very basic information.
Successes Effect
flub Completely false information
1 success The practitioner knows that a spirit is nearby.  He gets a chill down his spine near powerful umbral objects.
2 successes The practitioner has a general idea of the origin of the spirit whether it is Angelic, Demonic a servant of another god or free.  The practitioner also understands the very basic nature of umbral objects (Destruction, Creation)
3 successes The practitioner knows the spirit is nearby and more specific area.  The umbral object is obvious to the touch.
4 successes The practitioner knows a spirit is nearby and a sense of the spirit's purpose (attack, mope, contemplate). 
5 successes The practitioner knows the spirit's name (not true name but a name to call it.)

OO         Percieve Spiritual World
    The practitioner can percieve the spirit world with all five of his senses.  This only allows viewing of the near umbra and astral realm since the rest is too far from the preceptions of the character.  This ability must be turned on and causes a +3 difficulty to all perception rolls in the physical world.

OOO         Call Spirit
    The Thaumaturge may call a minor spirit.  The spirit may take almost any form and remains for one scene per success.  The spirit must be called for by purpose.  The Thaumaturge sends a message into the Umbra.  "May I borrow the assistance of a spirit who can ...."  or "may I borrow the assistance of a spirit who knows ...."  The spirit may ask for some of the character's vitae depending on the spirit and the task. Roll Will + Thaumaturgy (difficulty 15).  The spirit takes 5 turns - 1 turn/success to get to the character.  Especially esoteric tasks may have both a difficulty modifier and a time modifier.
    Note: as an alternate rule specific spirits may be called and a number of spirits may be possessed at 25 IP for weak spirits and 50 IP for medium power spirits and 100 IP for powerful spirits  This would be an addition to the call general spirits power above.  The IP are an example of a spirit's fondness and willingness to come and help the character.
Successes Effect
flub The Spirit is angry with you and will travel with you for one day secretly working against your interests.
1 success The Spirit has generally the abilities and knowledge you asked for.
 2 successes The Spirit has the abilities and knowledge you asked for
3 successes The Spirit has the abilities and knowledge you asked for and some you did not anticipate needing.
4 successes The Spirit seems to anticipate the needs you had.  The spirit is the power level of a powerful ghoul.
5 successes The Spirit was a gift from the heavens.  Everything you could need from them they have.  The spirit is the power level of a base level vampire.

OOOO           Sacrifice
    The practitioner at this level of power gains two abilities.  The first is the ability to gain power from friendly spirits by trading favors.  Roll Will + Thaumaturgy (difficulty target's will +10).  Each success gives the practitioner one spiritual energy that goes into their spell vitae pool.  This spiritual energy fades after one day.
    The practitioner may also cash in on the death of another being.  Anytime a being dies they release a great deal of vitae.  The practitioner by preparing himself may take that energy from them.  The target creature must be killed by the practitioner's own hand (small hand held melee weapons count).  The target must have a mystical symbol on their person.  The practitioner must have had at least 5 minutes to prepare himself for the ritual (this may differ depending who the spirit thaumaturge's teacher was)
    A few examples of preparation:  Draw mystical symbols on the forehead, wrists and feet; make a long slash in the palm of their hand drink a bit of the blood; drink a cup of the target's blood.   Any power gained from sacrifice never goes away until spent.  It is contained at the bottom of the power pool.  Many spirit mages use sacrifice to prepare for major magical efforts.
    Turning someone into a vampire does not count.  The target's spirit is not consumed simply his lifeforce.
Vitae Gained Creatures
5 bat, rat 
7 spider monkey, eagle
8 cat, small dog
10 large dog 
15 cow, horse, greater cats, bears
20 human
25 psychic
35 werecreature
45 poweful werecreature

OOOOO        Control Spirit
    The practitioner may summon unwilling spirits and control their actions.  The practitioner defines the task they wish done.  The practitioner rolls Will + Thaumaturgy (difficulty target's Will +10).  The spirit will remain for one turn/success.
Successes Effect Spirit's Power level
Flub The spirit is enraged and attacks the character. The spirit may not be compelled by the character for the duration of the scene. The spirit is as powerful as an average ghoul.
Failure The spirit does not come.
1 success The spirit is compelled to remain and to refrain from attacking any creature without the character's permission.  The spirit must answer questions truthfully though they may twist the truth.  The spirit must do minor tasks. The spirit is as powerful as an average mortal.
2 successes The spirit is bound to do as the thaumaturge says though they may twist the meaning of what is said. The spirit is as powerful as an average ghoul.
3 successes The spirit is bound to do as the thaumaturge says and must be honest about what abilities they possess. The spirit is as powerful as a powerful ghoul.
4 successes The spirit is bound to remain peaceful, answer any questions without twisting the wording and perform any task that they are not strongly adverse to (ie kill something when they are strongly against killing).  The spirit is as powerful as a neonate vampire.
5 successes The spirit is bound to remain peaceful and obey the character completely. They may spend one willpower point per turn to act on their own volition. The spirit is as powerful as a base level vampire.

Vitae Thaumaturgy
    Vitae Thaumaturgy is the power of magic that exudes from the world itself.  Life holds this force.  The vitae Thaumaturge learns manipulate the force within himself and then to access the force from outside himself.
    Unless otherwise stated all creatures have a Vitae pool of 10. Vitae returns natually at a rate of 1 vitae per 8 hours (double this rate when sleeping).  This gives an average recovery rate of 4/day without touching ley lines.

O                 Taste of Aura
    This ability requires a piece of a person (or the person present) and 5 minutes spent in a meditative trance. The thamaturgist may examine that creatures aura to tell supernatural origin and basic power of the aura. The thamaturgist must have knowledge of the supernatural type to recognize it.

OO              Mage Sight
    Roll Magical + Thaumaturgy difficulty 15 to percieve the environment's vitae levels. This allows detection of nodes, ley lines, and vitae in an area.
    This ability also allows detection of those that manipulate vitae (vampires when spending blood, werewolves when spending vitae or gnosis, psychics when using their abilities, and magus and thamaturgists when using magic.

OOO           Grounding
     Roll Will + Thaumaturgy difficulty 15
     The thamaturgist may ground herself to the vitae of the world making her very difficult to affect psychically or to use any affects that affect her mind. Grounding takes one minute and is in effect as long as she remains in the same area.
     Grounding's primary purpose is to allow the connection to energy sources without harm to the magus. If one success is gained this is possible. However, the secondary affect is that for each success the thamaturgist gains on grounding adds 3 to the difficulty to affect the thamaturgist with mind affecting or psychic attacks. If there is normally no roll given the person attempting to affect the thamaturgist must make the roll at difficulty 15 +2 difficulty per success.

OOOO         Connection
    Roll Magical + Thaumaturgy difficulty 15 for ley-line difficulty 18 for node. Special circumstances and guarded nodes may alter this difficulty occationally.
    This ability allows the thamaturgist to connect to vitae sources outside of himself. These sources must be nearby (within 50 feet). The thamaturgist may connect to ley lines, nodes and some natural vitae producing items.
    The thamaturgist must be grounded or they take 1 point of damage per turn per 3 vitae gained from the source. Thamaturgists may use these energy sources by spending them immediately or they may replinish their vitae pools this way. They may also create an extra pocket inside of themselves and hold extra vitae. The extra vitae holdable is equal to the thamaturgist's willpower.
    Nodes have between 15 to 20 vitae per turn while Ley Lines have between 1 to 5 per turn.
    This extra energy may be held for a length of time decided by the number of successes rolled on the Connection roll.
successes Time energy remains
1 success energy lasts for 10 minutes or until spent 
2 successes 1 hour or until spent 
3 successes 5 hours or until spent 
4 successes 1 day or until spent
5 successes 3 days or until spent

OOOOO     Life's Vitae
    The thamaturgist may take into himself living vitae of an area or take his own vitae and place it into an area. (This area is about 25 foot radius).
    The thamaturgist must enter a meditative trance which takes about 10 minutes to achieve. Once this trance is achieved the thamaturgist may drain 1 point of vitae per minute
    An area can fully replinish the affects of having 2 vitae drawn from it per hour. An area has 7 vitae in most cases. Once the areas replinishable vitae is exceeded the area stops giving vitae until the time period named below is passed.
    If more than two vitae per hour are drained from an area all living things in the area that cannot move will die. Nothing will grow in the area for a period of time dependent on how much vitae was drained.
Vitae taken from Area / Hour Effect on Area
2 no foreseeable affect the area is able to replinish within an hour
3 nothing will grow in that area for 1 week takes a week to regrow vitae
4 nothing will grow in that area for 1 month takes a month to regrow vitae
5 nothing will grow in that area for 1 year  takes a year to regrow vitae
6 nothing will grow in that area for 10 years  takes 10 years to regrow vitae
7 nothing will grow in that area for 100 years takes 100 years to regrow vitae

    To replinish the vitae of an area that has been drained the 5 vitae must be spent per day for a  period of time equal to one down on the time scale. Example 7 vitae drained means someone must spend 5 vitae daily for 10 years while 6 vitae drained means someone must spend 5 vitae daily for 1 year to help it recover.   The land recovers slowly once the vitae is returned and plants must be assisted to help the area grow.

Other Primary Paths
    This is a list of a few ideas for other paths of Thaumaturgy.
Moon Magic -- gaining power from the moon.  vitae gained varies dependant on the moon phase
Sun Magic  -- gains power from the light of the sun
Beastial  Lillanite Vampire Camarilla Vampire Sabbat Vampire Anarch Vampire

World of Dimness
Game World
Sundering World
work in progress