A new storyteller reality - note this is not necessary for the unique storyteller creatures and aspects that I have created. Though if some aspect confuses you hopefully this will help clear it up.

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    In my storyteller games I found a need for the ultimate reality of the world to be defined. For that reason I set out to find a way that the reality of the game could make sense with the reality of all the different supernatural creatures.
    Note: I have not read Wraith and have only skimmed Changeling and Mummy.
    I will be writing this from the point of view of a very gifted researcher after almost a 1000 years of research begun in the 1980's.



    Steven Hawking in the late twentieth century was searching for a theory of everything. The hope for this theory was to make it capable of explaining all aspects of reality. For centuries I simply saw small aspects of a total theory until at last I looked for the common factor describing them all.

Metareality an overview

    There are two primary realms of reality. There is the physical plane of existence. This is the realm that mortals inhabit. The primary physical plane that we exist on is connected to the realm of the spirit. This spirit realm also connects to other physical realms of existence though only three are close enough to be reached and even those are quite difficult to reach (The realm of Heaven, Hell, and Arcadia have a physical existence, I have also theorized that due to natural balance there is a fourth close physical realm). The spirit realm and the physical realm are closely connected. Both are capable of affecting the other to some degree.

    The spirit realm exists on the normal four dimensions known to science. These dimensions are the three dimensions that create volume as well as the dimension of time. It is normally only possible to move forward along the time axis. In the spirit realm, however, the boundaries forcing beings to move forward along the time axis are slightly weaker. The spirit realm connects to the physical world along all four of these dimensions and in fact allows some creatures to manipulate all four of these dimensions, the first three easier than the last.

    However, the spirit world also exists along a fifth dimension.  This fifth dimension of the spirit realm is best imagined as a dimension of depth. All planes with a physical existence are relatively speaking at the center of this dimension and surrounded with a spherical bubble (See visual aid). The fifth dimension divides the spirit existence by closeness to the physical realm. The closest spiritual realm is what is called the astral realm.

    Many different creatures live and travel through the astral realm. Most astral travelers simply access the astral realm. The astral realm copies and perceives the physical realm exactly though thought is more powerful in this realm. The astral realm is the realm that the spiritual manifestation of self lives. The phenomenon is known as the aura. Those that percieve the aura are recieving sensory information from the astral realm even if in a very limited sense.

    The next closest spiritual realm is the realm known as the near umbra. The near umbra reflects the physical world for the most part though it can differ. Because of the nature of the reflection of physical self in the spiritual realm all reflected surfaces are repeated in the near umbra and these reflective surfaces become a pathway between the two for those that can travel it. The near umbra contains few creatures other than those that exist part time on the physical realm or have a great interest in the physical realm. Werecreatures are the most commonly known travelers of this realm though far from the only one. The near umbra separates the astral realm and the creatures who are tied to the earth. Most creatures could enter this realm with the proper training, however, Cainnite vampires are one example of a creature that cannot enter this realm under normal circumstances. Due to the curse they gained from Caine.

    The next spiritual realm is the pathway to other physical realm as well as other realms that do not have their own physical existence. This realm is known as the deep umbra. The deep umbra is a realm primarily of thought and dream -- these things take on their own reality here. Then, once created, these things can continue their own reality without their creator. Because of this (and nightmares), the deep umbra is a realm inhabited with dangerous creatures wandering freely.

    Some of the realms in the deep umbra have their own physicality; that is, something brought from there to here (here being the "real" world), the something would have a physical element as well as a spiritual element! The opposite also holds true -- if you travelled there, you would interact with the reality physically as well. Currently there are only three known physical realms to be found in the deep umbra: Heaven, Hell, and Arcadia. Presumably, Earth is also a physical realm in the deep umbra.

    It is interesting to note that a if you traveled to a realm without a physical reality you might still believe it was and interact with it as if it was. The real difference comes with anything that you might bring with you. If you went to Heaven you could actually bring the famed Horn of Gabriel back with you presuming you could obtain it. However, if you obtained a golden ring in a spirit realm you could carry it back with you but it would not leave the astral realm to the physical world it is simply not there.


  • A=Earth
  • B=Heaven
  • C=Arcadia
  • D=Hell
  • E=various dream realms
  • F=Other projected physical realm
    spiritual dimensions
  • 1=physical space
  • 2=astral space

  • 3=near umbra
    Just as the world itself has two aspects of existence so to do the physical creatures living in it. They have a physical existence but they also have a spiritual existence as well. Just as physical existence has a great effect on the spiritual world so also does the spiritual existence have a great effect on the physical world.

   The spiritual existence of all creatures includes two separate aspects. These aspects I have named the Avatar and the Beast. The Avatar encompasses all that makes a being what he is other than his passions and desires. It is the rational and many would call higher self. The Beast encompasses all of a person's passions, lusts and wants. These aspects control the creatures actions depending on which aspect of their spirit self is strongest. Normal mortals are unaware of this interaction or explain it away scientifically (ID Ego Superego).

    However, all supernatural creatures interact with their Avatar and Beast in a more direct manner. Aspects of their Avatar or Beast or aspects of both have been Awakened. This Awakened state allows the supernatural creature to manipulate the physical and spiritual world by extending the Awakened aspects of their spirit self.

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A supernatural Glossary

    An adept is a very powerful magus who has achieved a great deal of power.

    The emissaries of the One known as God or Yahweh. They live in Heaven a place where God takes all beings who are dear to Him (ie any who hold belief in his teachings). The angels after the rebellion of Heaven had their Beast removed from them. They are very powerful but incredibly loyal to the One. An angel never touches the ground except in Heaven. Angels may move freely through the umbra and bring their physical form to any realm they wish though they are only as solid as they wish in any realm. The current way to define their power is mage spheres and true faith. They use primal and high levels in mage spheres as well as true faith to explain their power. They are immune to paradox.

    A magus in training. They have not yet learned any of the levels of thaumaturgy but are beginning to learn the theory and
practice that allows its working. Some magus may officially be considered apprentices even after the first level of Thaumaturgy
has been learned since it is also a political title as well.

    One of the physical realms.  A world altered from its original form by the Wyld as a home for the fairies.

    Arcane is a mystical veil that helps keep a person's supernature from being immediately known to the mundane world. Arcane is believed to originate from the Weaver to save the mundane world from the evils of the supernatural world.

    The Avatar is the aspect of spiritual existence relating to logic and reason. The Avatar is one of the aspects of spiritual existence that allows supernatural creatures to manipulate their environment.
Some creature's Avatar is Awakened and has a limited physical existence of its own. Many Newage psychics have Awakened their Avatar as spiritual guide.
    Most supernatural creatures have some aspects of their avatar awakened.

Awakened, The
    This is the term defining all supernatural creatures who had a former mundane human existence.

Awakening, The
    The moment that the someone Awakens their Avatar as a seperate entity. This process is usually quite unpleasant since the
Avatar knows all secrets of the true self  and manipulates these as necessary to complete the Awakening process. It is unknown whether an Avatar has an actual seperate desire to live but once Wakened at all the Avatar goes to great deals of effort to remain that way over and above the physical minds processes.

    This is the aspect of spiritual existence related to passions.  In any being with Demonic ancestry (or alteration by Hell or denizens of Hell) the Beast has been twisted to become more malicous than normal.  These beings include: Vampires, Ghouls, Revanants, Demonkin, Demons and many more.

    Demons inhabit the region known as Hell. The demons are fallen angels whose Avatar has been weakened until it is almost
non-existent.  To guarantee that demons would no longer disturb the peace of the other realms (and because God wanted to) they were locked in their realm unless they could inhabit another's soul. When these vessels are destroyed the demon is banished back to Hell. Demons can manipulate all the gifts of the supernaturals who owe their existence to a demon (disciplines, werecreature gifts, lillanite gifts) as well as mage spheres and primal.  The demons are strongly controlled by the twisted Beast of the realm of Hell.  Demons desires have become twisted and evil.

    Demonkin are the prodigy of beings possessed by demons and a human female. They have some of their father's gifts and
curses. They exist on the earth but due to the strong tie to the other realm they may enter the Umbra. However, their other
home calls to them so they cannot go towards Heaven without great deals of effort. The demonkin are also a strong member of both the Camarilla and the Sabbat.  Due to a strong breeding effort they have grown into a strong family of Demonkin within these groups.

    This is the world we inhabit.

Earth Realm
    This is the term used to define the physical world we all inhabit when discussing the entire universe that Earth inhabits.  Therefore, the sun and the moon are in the Earth Realm as is every other star we can see through a telescope.  Though there has been no investigation one can easily assume that each other physical realm has a similarly infinitely sized Realm of which it is simply a small part.

    Fairies are creatures of the Wyld. They originally lived on the earth. When the earth became more and more inhospitable for
them they moved to a land altered by the Wyld for them called Arcadia. They travel freely between Arcadia and Earth.  No creature can enter Arcadia without a fairy to give them access. They manipulate a freefrom style of magick that allows them many of the powers of legend.

    Ghosts are the spiritual remains of the dead. They are those that did not enter any of the realms of the dead contained in the
umbra. There are several causes for one to not enter their realm of reward: disbelief or a strong desire to remain alive are the primary causes.
    Ghosts have also usually Awakened some aspects of their Avatar and Beast through the process of dying and infact have more access to it than most creatures. Once they exist outside the Deep Umbra most ghosts are unwilling to take the long and dangerous journey through the Umbra to their final reward.

    Gods are the powerful beings responsible for the world.The Gods on the mortal scale are omnipotent and omniscient though
they usually act through emissaries of some sort. The Gods created or altered the worlds as we know it and may do anything they will as long as no other God contests the action.  There does seem to be some sort of rules to power that they follow but they are known only to they. They are all commonly presented as belonging to one sex or the other though  it is doubtful that thye possess sex in the normal sense.
    There are currently 6 gods in our realm:
God  The Being who supports the Christian church.   Its peace treaty with the Weaver in the 25 AD caused the growth of the path of logic.
Gaia The being who supports both the werecreatures and most naturalistic religions.  It is commonly theorized that she went to sleep or died in the early 2000's (CE).  This caused an extreme alteration in the werecreature society.
The Wyld The being who is the force that supports both the wild creatures asd well as wildness and change of the world.  She is also the support behind the Fairies.
The Weaver


This being is the force that supports and gains natural power and order.  His treaty with God made him arguably the most powerful of the Gods.  When this treaty ended during the rationalist period he continued to make steady strides in power. 
In one reality the Weaver and the Wyld warred and destroyed one another (taking Aracadia with them) in the early 2000's CE.  This caused the Awakenings of the Earth.
The Wyrm


This being is the force that supports all baneful things.  In the truest sense of the term this being is no longer sentient having been driven insane during the Age of Reason.  It instead gives large portions of its power to other beings who have managed to convince it to do so.  The strongest of these is Asmodeous Lord of Hell.  However, possession of this power tends to twist the holders of it.
The Wishbringer This being sleeps deeply for 1000 years and then wakens for 24 hours somewhere in the Earthen realm. (It is possible that he wakens more often but only comes to Human controlled space that often).The Wishbringer grants wishes to all who come to him within that 24 hours. 
    The realm of Hell is a slightly sentient malicious physical realm that is the permanent home to the Demons as well as other creatures.  Those that reside in Hell tend to have both their souls and physical forms twisted.  The twisting of the soul results in a lack of control over desires that become malicious while the twisting of their physical forms tends to make them repugnant.
    Some have theorized that this realm is actually the physical form of the Wyrm since few who have gone to this realm have returned this claim cannot be substantiated.  .

    Lillith is a unique creature that was first created by God as a wife to his creation Adam.  When she refused to obey Adam God removed her from the Garden of Eden.  She however, did not lose her immortality at this time.  She wandered around the realm (for several hundred years at least) until she was attacked by a demon called Liaus.
    This demon was bested by Lillith in a contest of wills.  Lillith absorbed the Demon into her body and fed on its power.  Lillith is also theorized to have gone to the Wishbringer and asked to never be bound.  Since that day she is known to be responsible for the creation of: the werecreatures, the vampiric species (both Lillanite and Cainite), and is believed to be responsible for the creation of the gods of Greece, Rome and possibly many others.

    Magus are ritualist manipulator of the forces of reality.  Magus use complicated rituals to circumvent or manipulate the rules established by the Weaver.  This power is called thaumaturgy and there are 6 primary paths of Thaumaturgy.
    These primary paths are:
Blood This path is used almost exclusively by vampires.  It uses the special power of blood though most efficiently uses vampire's blood.
Demonic This primary path may be learned by any.  It uses power given to one by a demon.  The power gained usually requires service or payment of some sort.
Earthly This primary path makes use of the Earthly realm and its natural creatures to power magic.  It is used by many Native American shamans.
Godly This is the magical power of a God.  One gains power by worship and proper deeds by the creeds of your religion.
Spirit This path uses the power found in spirit life to gain extra power. 
Vitae This path accesses the natural power lines present in the world as well as the force of life itself.
Mummy (Storyteller's note this is not the Mummy from WOD)
    A mummy is one whose Ka is Awakened.  The Ka appears to include aspects of both their Avatar and Beast.  The strongest effect of this Awakening appears to be an incredible hold upon life.  Mummies live a constant cycle of life.  They are reborn (at the age of first death), grow old and die over and over again.
    The mummy became as they are through the casting of a powerful ritual known only to the Sons of Thoth.  A mummy may come from any era.

    Psychics are beings who have a psychic gift.  This psychic gift may take almost any form and is an Awakened aspect of the psychic's Avatar or Beast (or both).  Psychic gifts may improve but they always initially existed in that person as a potential gift.
    It has been discovered that psychic gifts also possess a particular electromagnetic signature that can be percieved by a particularly sensitive electrograph.  The psychics of the early 21st century banded together and went into business forming Psychic's Corporation (Psi Corp).  Over the next 200 years Psi Corp instituted a breeding program and research into psychic enhancers causing the invention of the Psienhancer drugs, The Dynamo, and The Tower.
    The term psychic generally refers to a mortal who possesses these gifts but may accurately describe any being who possesses a gift of this type.

    Residue is an incredibly strong memory caused by an intensely emotional experience.  This emotion is so strong that it Awakened an aspect of the Beast of the person having the experience and left a permanent mark on a place.  Those who can percieve the mark depends on the strength of the mark left.  There is no sentience behind a residue it is simply a replay of an event that has already occurred.

    These are beings who possess no physical body.  They only exist in the astral and umbral realms (though many eventually create a power that allows them to manifest to the physical realm.  These spirits may be ghosts, ideals or elemental forces.  Many shamans and werecreatures have a close relationship to spirits.

    This is the otherworld above that allows physical travel through other realms.  This is the deep space of the spirit world.

    A mortal who through a process known as the Embrace have had their Beast and Avatar partially Awakened.  Their passions have been made more powerful, they must live on the blood of mortals, and the sun burns them.  However, they are immortal and they may learn vampiric powers.
    Vampires originate from Lillith ultimately.  There are two primary breeds of vampire.  Cainites (one who comes from Caine) and Lillanites (one who comes from one of Lillith's other vampiric progeny).  Each of these breeds also possess many clans.  In a process that has been studied by many all the progeny of Lillith have a set of characteristics that travel from generation to generation.  Lillanite vampires and Cainnite vampires share some traits but in other ways differ completely.
    All Cainite vampires until the year 2005 CE were limited to the planet Earth.

    Werecreatures are the children of Lillith and an animal.  During several hundred years Lillith took the form of and lived lives among many of the Earthly animals.  These children have many aspects of both their demonic and their animal ancestry.  In days long past Gaia blessed them with a strong Avatar which allowed them partial control over their Beast.
    Werecreatures are capable of taking many different forms related to their animal they also gained a Gift related to their animal form.  Werecreature breeds most commonly possess the following forms: a human form, a larger brutish human form, a primary battle form combining the most powerful aspects of both, a brutish prehistoric animalistic form, and the pure animal form.
    Each of these werecreatures also possesses a purpose for which Gaia gifted them.  Before the 2000's Gaia occasionally appeared to werecreatures directly.  Since that time werecreature society has gone through a serious upheaval.
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